Javier Carballo September 2019 Chart

Javier-Carballo DJ Chart

  1. Javier Carballo – Loud Jam (Play It, Say It)
  2. Matt Star – Autumn Leaves (Underyourseat Label)
  3. Terence :Terry: – All Really Close (Raw Beats)
  4. Lose Endz – North Beac (Overall Music)
  5. Hector & David Gtronic – Calypso (Tervisio)
  6. Pierre Codarin – Late Tales (PC007)
  7. Javier Carballo -Padigton (Serialism)
  8. Shonky – Sonarise (Rawax)
  9. Subb-an – Type 3 (Sound Of Vast)
  10. Kevin Over – Try Minus 10 (We_r House)

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