Javier Carballo August 2019 Chart

Javier-Carballo DJ Chart

  1. John Dimas – 5putn1k (Original Mix) Half Baked
  2. Liquid Earth – Rhythm Remote (Original Mix) Terrafirm
  3. Matt Star – Autumn Leaves (Original Mix) Underyourseat Label
  4. Patrice Meiner – Woahman (Javier Carballo Remix) Druzhba
  5. Berna – Visions (Original Mix) Underyouseat Label
  6. Jamie Lie A Kwie – Kiwi Vatos Locos
  7. DJ W!ld – Trans Europe Express (Hanfry Martinez Remix) Roush
  8. Unknown – No Lies (Original Mix) – Retro 002
  9. Sepher – Cybermetic (Original Mix) Eon
  10. Unknown Artists – Roots (Original Mix) Silhoutted

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