Nanoplex July 2019 Chart

Nanoplex chart

  1. Vanucci – Sugar High (Felipe Fella Remix) (Hood Politics)
  2. Nanoplex – Broken Britain (IbogaTech)
  3. Matt Fear – Tough Break (Gloc Remix) (Grooverdose)
  4. Victor Ruiz, Alex Stein – I Used To Sleep At Night (Lo Kik)
  5. Out of Sorts – Worzel Gummidge (Audiomatique)
  6. Matador & ARTBAT – Visitor (Rukus)
  7. ARTBAT – Atlas (Diynamic)
  8. Underworld – Threat of Rain (Drift)
  9. Luis M – The Forest (IbogaTech)
  10. Dense and Pika – Amber (Hypercolour)

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Yehouda Silverman

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