Jason Patrick June 2019 Chart

Jason Patrick chart

  1. Uun – “Cruelty Is Nothing New” (Soma Records)
  2. Steve Bicknell – “Constant Movement (Oscar Mulero Remix)” (Granulart Recordings)
  3. Mod21 – “Wormhole” (Methodical)
  4. Alessandro Adriani – “Storm Trees” (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
  5. Rexilient – “Ludditas” (Aula Magna)
  6. Vladw – “They All Look Like Paper Tigers” (Dynamic Reflection)
  7. Jason Patrick – “Consiousness” (4trk)
  8. Flosense – “Sleepless” (Fullpanda Records)
  9. Black Plastic – “Stop The World (Black Asteroid Remix)” (Cleopatra Records)
  10. Antonio Ruscito – “Trance 3017” (Edit Select)

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