Luca Guerrieri June 2019 Chart

Luca Guerrieri chart

  1. Phantoms – Designs for You (Casablanca)
  2. Federico Scavo – One Heart (AREA 94)
  3. Nerio’s Dubwork meets Darryl Pandy – Sunshine & Happiness – Luca Guerrieri Remix (Claps Records)
  4. Fisher – You Little Beauty (Catch and Release)
  5. Weiss – Let Me Love You (Toolroom)
  6. Fabio Vela, Liz Hill – I Can Handle – Gianni Bini & Fabio Vela Remix (DFTD)
  7. Luca Guerrieri – Go Back – Paolo Martini Remix (Claps Records)
  8. Cassius – Rock Non Stop (Caroline)
  9. Alex Kenji – Shuffle (Hotfingers)
  10. Marco Lys – Raving (Circus Recordings)

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