Dudley Strangeways April 2019 Chart


  1. Oskar Szafraniec feat. Benjamin Yellowitz – Floating / Herck River remix
  2. Miller – Atsuen (Leftback)
  3. Foremost Poets – Pressin On (Dismal Future Mix part3 (Tijn Edit)
  4. Anaid – RV (Edit)
  5. Frazer Cambell – Gazette (Counterfeit Soul)
  6. Einzelkind & Giuliano Lomonte – “Civil Stretch ep” (Curtea Veche)
  7. Magnus Asberg – Life / Silverlining Remix (Romana Records)
  8. C – Lektro – 5 MT Cut (Original Mix) (C-Lektro)
  9. Luke Black – Dog Fish on Top
  10. Dudley Strangeways – Real Talk (Leftback)

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Yehouda Silverman

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