Javier Carballo January 2019 Chart

Javier Carballo

  1. Matt Star – Autumn Leaves (Priku Remix) Uys label
  2. Bolumar – Poxy Vox (Original Mix) Floorpiece
  3. Hector – MaƱana Means Heaven (Javier Carballo Remix) VL
  4. Kepler – +4420 (Original Mix) MOOB
  5. Huerta & S.Moreira – Metafiction (Original Mix) Slow Life
  6. Dan Ghenacia – Sunny Side Up (Original Mix) Apollonia
  7. Shatalov – Maybe Tomorrow (Original Mix) La Vie En Rose
  8. Terence: Terry : 1997 (Original Mix) DDS
  9. Julian Alexander – Asco 52 (Original Mix) Slapfunk
  10. Javier Carballo & Carlos Sanchez – No More Milk (Original Mix) Blindvision

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