Fernanda Martins August 2018 Chart

Fernanda Martins

  1. Flug – Device Focus (Newrhythmic)
  2. Israel Toledo – When The Pill Explotes (Analogue Audio)
  3. Paul Ritch – Inside The Hidden Room (Quartz)
  4. Fran Navaez, Avox25 – Different View (Labrynth)
  5. Industrialyzer – Balanced Motions (Suara)
  6. Gary Beck – Sythen (BEK Audio)
  7. DJ Emerson, Deraout – Murder Was The Haze (Andre Crom RMX) (Micro.Fon)
  8. DJ Dextro – Dark Void (Onh.Cet Records)
  9. Spiriakos – Who Knows (Submerge Remix) (Devotion Records)
  10. JLTZ – Dejection (Planet Rhythm)

DJs, submit your top 10 chart along with a photo and we’ll publish.

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