Deepak Sharma July 2018 Chart

Deepak Sharma

  1. Deepak Sharma – ‘Partition’ (Developer Synth Remix) (Hidden Recordings)
  2. Seleccion Natural – ‘Biological Fitness’ (PoleGroup)
  3. Tension – ‘Dos’ (Arts)
  4. Blawan – ‘North’ (Ternesc)
  5. Sigha – ‘Flare’ (Token)
  6. Rommek – ‘Obsidian’ (Blueprint Records)
  7. Christian Wünsch – ‘Variation Type A’ (Tsunami Records)
  8. Yuuki Sakai – ‘Uo Ta’ (Hidden Recordings)
  9. Kuf, Dold – ‘Mint’ (MindTrip)
  10. VSK, Conrad Van Orton – ‘Regional Variation’ (Soma Records)

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