Marc Maya July 2018 Chart

Marc Maya

  1. Alexander Alar ​- ​London (Original Mix) (Dear Deer Black)
  2. Marc Depulse ​- ​The Swarm (Original Mix) (Movement Recordings)
  3. Dizharmonia ​-​ Alchemia (Original Mix) (Ritter Butzke Studio)
  4. Hidden Empire ​- ​The Last Trip (2Fd Remix) (Metapop )
  5. Dusty Kid ​- ​Flight Of The Bumble Bee (Original Mix) (Filth On Acid)
  6. Claptone, Catz ‘N Dogz ​-​ Under The Moon (Catz ‘N Dogz Remix) (Different)
  7. Denis ​H​orvat ​-​ Paradón (Original Mix) (Exit Strategy)
  8. Der Dritte Raum ​-​ Hale Bopp (D3R-25 Remix) (Harthouse)
  9. Alexic Rod, Colombo ​-​ Drunken Monkey (Original Mix) (Low Groove)
  10. Sidney Charles ​-​ Dub Trap (Original Mix) (Intec Digital)

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