Sven Sossong June 2018 Chart

Sven Sossong

  1. Sven Sossong – We Are All One (Original Mix) Complexed Records
  2. Hermann Hesse – The Lift (Original Mix) Gryphon Recordings
  3. Daniel Cuminale – Black H & Blue E (Original Mix) trau-ma
  4. Vinicius Honorio – Heartbeat (Dub Mix) Liberta Records
  5. Marco Faraone – Stage Capture (Original Mix) On Edge Society
  6. Sven Sossong – Lightning Mirrors (Original Mix) Complexed Records
  7. Drigo – Introspeccion (Original Mix) Funk n’ Deep Records
  8. Beico & Mt93 – When I Close My Eyes (Original Mix) Renesanz
  9. Linus Quick – Drama (Drumcomplex Remix) Complexed Records
  10. Sven Sossong – Chop (Original Mix) Complexed Records

DJs, submit your top 10 chart along with a photo and we’ll publish.

Yehouda Silverman

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