Video Premiere: Kashiwa Daisuke – Deepblue (Slowmix)

Kashiwa Daisuke - Deepblue

Japanese artist/composer/remixer Kashiwa Daisuke has been exploring post-rock since his stint as a member of Yodaka. Since 2004 the Tokyo-based Daisuke has been taking his musical aspirations further as a solo artist by experimenting with electronic music and beyond.

This month sees Daisuke release his three-track april​.​#02 Live via Subcontinental Records.

We’re pleased to world premiere the music video for “Deepblue (Slowmix)” directed by Sharath U Holla.

What’s immediately striking about the video is that it was filmed around New York City before the COVID-19 pandemic reared its ugly head.

Over Daisuke’s heartfelt composition comprised of gentle piano and tender strings mundane parts of New York life – a squirrel jetting up a tree in the park, a subway train pulling into a station or street performers playing music – unintentionally take on a new meaning of a collective life once lived.

Hit the play button below and enjoy.

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Video Premiere: Vijunns – Overlay

VIJUNNS Overlay Video Premiere

Los Angeles-based Jeremy Raskin creates music and art under his Vijunns nom de plume. Raskin’s musical output is an intoxicating blend of warm electronica laden with ebullient synths, waves of atmospheric pads and bubbling melodies. It’s truly gorgeous stuff.

We’re thrilled to world premiere the evocative video for Vijunns’ “Overlay,” a piece of art that creates an experience of light, space and sound.

Filmed at Bombay Beach in California, the song and its accompanying video stirs the soul and briefly counters the present-day chaos we’re all struggling to survive within.

Raskin shared the backstory to the video with us:

“I worked with my friend, collaborator and VJ James Bishop on crafting this video. Out of all my friends, he knows my music the best as he’s helped me in the creation of the visuals set up for the A/V show. Originally when we were location scouting, we were looking at the super bloom in Anzo Borrego as a place to potentially shoot. The vibe wasn’t right, so he suggested we go find somewhere along the Salton Sea for a location. We both discovered Bombay Beach and we immediately knew that this town encapsulated the feeling of ‘Overlay.’ The feeling of desolation is highly present in the art as well as the urban decay happening at Bombay Beach. I wanted to have the staircase in the album art present at some point in this video. We were lucky to find that just down the road from Bombay Beach. Ivan Argote had his A Point of View installation at Desert X and we got his approval to shoot there.

“Celina Anderson (Cena Stardust) is the dancer seen in the video. She’s been a wandering performer and dancer at festivals all over the west coast including Lightning In a Bottle and Symbiosis Gathering. Her use of interacting with props as well as environments made her the perfect fit for this video. We wanted to invoke a character who was in a familiar but unknown setting exploring the landscape of Bombay Beach.”

Hit the play button below and enjoy.

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Video Premiere: HHNOI + Rachel Palmer – Long


Sonic explorers Nathan Moody and HHNOI (a.k.a. Marco Petracca) have teamed up to produce Future Rituals, an evocative forthcoming collaborative full-length that bravely explores the depths and fringes of electronic music. What’s even more interesting is that all of the sounds are derived from a custom-built sound library crafted by Moody.

Ahead of the album’s release on June 14, we thrilled to world premiere the stunning music video for HHNOI’s “Long” directed by the talented American visual artist Rachel Palmer.

Palmer juxtaposes pulsating otherworldly animated lightscapes and syncs them with the track’s soaring synth lines and beats unfurl. Believe us when we say that it’s quite the cosmological spectacle to behold.

Palmer had this to say about process behind making the video: “Having performed live with HHNOI, I‘ve been fascinated by the organic and unpredictable quality found within the repetition of rhythms, melodies, and sequences made by modular synths. Similar organically evolving mutations of structures can be found in my visual art. My concept for ‘Long’ pairs the track’s aesthetics with audio-reactive particles dancing to its granular, yet solid nature, forming detailed and complex patterns: lively organisms flourishing on a dark canvas, similar to the music.”

Hit the play button below and enjoy.

Video Premiere: FABRIK – Tesseract (NO SKIN Remix)


Birmingham, England-based four-piece FABRIKs sound is a sultry mélange of trip-hop and rock. In 2017 they released their self-recorded debut album, City Islands, and received plenty of critical claim. In fact, the LP was nominated for Best Album at the 2018 Birmingham Music Awards.

The foursome are back with Other Islands, a four-track remix EP out on May 16. We’re thrilled to world premiere the eye-catching self-directed music video for “Tesseract” remixed by NO SKIN, an underground California producer who they met on Bandcamp, off the release.

Amid a backdrop of stunning, borrowed slo-mo visuals, NO SKIN’s woozy, hypnotic remix boasting cut-up vocals and head-nodding beats soars into the cosmos.

Says the band of the clip, “The video is taken from a beautiful scene in an underground ‘70s punk film called Jubilee. The idea of a ballet dancer on wasteland seemed to visually echo NO SKIN’s juxtaposition of the ethereal vocal against a tough beat.”

Hit the play button below and enjoy.