RIP DJ Spank-Spank

RIP dj-spank-spank

According to a tweet by Chicago DJ/producer The Black Madonna, DJ Spank-Spank (a.k.a. Earl Smith, Jr.), a co-founder of pioneering Windy City acid-house outfit Phuture, has passed away. During his three-decade career he recorded a multitude of original productions and remixes for labels including Traxx Records, Strictly Rhythm, Emotive, Dance Mania, Force Inc, Djax Up-Beats and Music Man. In May, Spank-Spank (who was also known as Spanky) suffered a stroke and underwent surgery in June. On September 18, he declared on what would be his last post on Facebook, “I love my Church!”

He formed formed Phuture with DJ Pierre and Herb J in 1985 and was the lead drum programmer and main vocalist. Two years later, the group’s 12-minute track “Acid Tracks” laid claim to being the first-ever acid house record. We’ll have more on this breaking story as it develops.

Update: Phuture has posted a statement on Facebook about DJ Spank-Spank’s passing: “To our Acid House family and Music family at large we are very sorry to say that our friend and partner DJ Spank Spank has passed away. Spank is (was) a legend. We will for certian continue the work he’s started on his final album project and his innovations in music. Please for now: Pray for his family and DJ Pierre his brother. Allow them time to grieve. We will come back with news. Much love.”

Alex Niggemann Mixes Balance Compilation


After releasing brilliant mixes from Patrice Bäumel and Darius Syrossian, Balance has tapped German tech-house master Alex Niggemann for the label’s next compilation out October 28. Known for emotive releases on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth and Steve Bug‘s Poker Flat Recordings as well as helming AEON Audio, the 19-track brandishes cuts by Gui Boratto, dubspeeka, Aril Brikha & Sebastian Mullaert and Philipp Stoya.

Obligatory press release gush from Niggemann: “I think this mix is easy to listen to while doing something else, but it’s also something to trip out on; bringing you on a journey when listening to it very precisely with closed eyes. In this moment you’ll also find out about the little details that you maybe don’t hear on the first listen, but which I hope make this mix special.” Get a taste of the mix and check the track listing below.


  1. TVA – Radio Camaldoli Stereo
  2. Andrea Oliva – Empty Lips
  3. Dark Sky – Rainkist (Trevino’s Heartbeat Remix)
  4. Gui Boratto – Joker (Dave DK Mix)
  5. Ricardo Tobar – Garden (Daniel Avery Remix)
  6. Alex Niggemann feat. The Shadow Self – Hurricane (Club Mix)
  7. Trikk – Volta
  8. Dubspeeka – SK4
  9. Baikal – Pelican’s flight
  10. Philipp Stoya – Rula
  11. TVA – Stolen Jacket
  12. Speaking Minds – Monongahela (Denis Horvat Remix)
  13. MUUI – Rsrsrs
  14. Aril Brikha & Sebastian Mullaert – Illuminate
  15. Valent – Crisis of Faith
  16. Etapp Kyle – Opto
  17. Alex Niggemann – Divergent
  18. Antigone – Blue Note
  19. Ø [Phase] – Astryx

Scuba’s Fabric 90 to Benefit #savefabric


As fabric fights to reopen after its license was pulled, the London institution has announced the release of fabric 90 mixed by Hotflush Recordings boss Scuba, who was the last artist to play at the club on August 6, 2016. All proceeds from the mix — which is out October 21 — will go to the #savefabric fundraising campaign that is currently fighting the club’s closure. The mix is laden with tracks from an array of electronic heavyweights including Carl Craig, Ben Klock, Pearson Sound, Midland and Gunnar Haslam. A launch party featuring Scuba and Recondite is planned for October 22 at an unnamed London venue.

Obligatory press release gush from Scuba: “fabric has been a really important venue for me as a clubber and also as a DJ. The mix was put together over the course of a couple of weeks in my studio in London. At this point, I don’t think the method is really important to how a DJ mix is constructed: if it sounds good then that’s all that matters. There’s a variety of old stuff, recent releases and brand new music, and also a mix of established producers all the way through to people that no-one will have heard of because they’ve never released anything.”

fabric 90 Tracklisting:

1.1 Digitaline – Astronauten [Cadenza]
1.2 Patrick Cowley – Uhura [Dark Entries]
2.1 Dense & Pika – Crackling [Hotflush]
2.2 DXC – Qua Đêm [Hotflush]
2.3 Jason Cudmore – Crystal (Mike Servito’s 730 Reshape) [Honey Soundsystem]
3.1 Nathan Melja – Make Rekkurds [Opal Tapes]
3.2 G-Man – Fuchsia [Defrag]
3.3 Exercise One & Donato Dozzy – People Of Paprika [Lan Music]
3.4 Dense & Pika – Mooger Fooger [Dense & Pika]
4.1 Regis & Antonym – Simple Radical Practice [Downwards]
4.2 Blursome – Night [Hotflush]
5.1 Ben Klock – Point Blank [Bpitch Control]
5.2 Carl Craig – Demented Drums [Planet E]
6.1 Miss Fitz – Menternal (Villalobos In the Pipe Mix) [Raum…Musik]
6.2 Alleged Witches – One Skilled In The Black Arts [Unreleased]
07 Isaac Reuben – sas1711 [Hotflush]
8.1 Eric Cloutier – Palimpsest [Wolfskuil Ltd]
8.2 DXC – Sâu sắc [Hotflush]
9.1 Kamera – Consignia (Truncate Remix) [Phantasy]
9.2 Pearson Sound – XLB [Pearson Sound]
10.1 Donato Dozzy – Quadra Sette [The Bunker New York]
10.2 Glaskin – Ultra Deep Field [Hotflush]
11.1 Taylor Deupree – Untitled (Marco Shuttle) [Valence Records]
11.2 Surgeon & James Ruskin – Sound Pressure Part 3 [Dynamic Tension]
12 Isaac Reuben – Echo Pulse [Hotflush]
13.1 Literon – Freak Frequency [Clone]
13.2 Markus Suckut – Symbiosis [Figure]
14 Tallmen785 – Gear Shift [Hotflush]
15.1 Sciahri – Ambiguity [Opal Tapes]
15.2 DXC – Rạng Đông [Hotflush]
16.1 Tessela – With Patsy [Poly Kicks]
16.2 Wrecking Project – S-SONICS [LA Club Resource]
16.3 Gunnar Haslam – Overcomplete [Naïf]
17.1 Scuba – Protean [Hotflush]
17.2 Stenny – Consumer’s Tool [Ilian Tape]
18.1 Jonas Friedlich – Praise Your Name [Molten Moods]
18.2 Kloves – Eksibit [Shaping Music]
19.1 kuf – Konflikt [Under Molnet]
19.2 Les Gammas – Guauanco (Cinematic Orchestra) [Compost]
19.3 Midland – Decompression Suite (!K7|Aus Music)
19.4 Patrick Cowley – Uhura [Dark Entries]

V/A Fabric 90 Sampler (Hotflush, October 14th)

A1: Tallmen785 – Gear Shift
A2: Blursome – Night
B1: Isaac Reuben – Echo Pulse
B2: Glaskin – Ultra Deep Field

V/A Fabric 90 Vinyl 10” (Fabric, November 19th)

A: Scuba – Protean
B: DXC – Sâu sắc

Carl Cox’s Last Song at Space Ibiza Will Be A Tearjerker


Carl Cox’s historic 15-year residency at Space Ibiza will come to an end on September 20. Cox, whose final run at the famed club on the White Isle has been entirely sold-out, will go out with a bang with a 10-hour vinyl/digital set spanning tunes from his storied career. “At the start of my residency, of course I only played vinyl but now everything is digital and has been for some years. I wanted to take things back and pay homage to all those years at Space spinning records. I want to show respect to those older tunes, dig out some of my old vinyl and play them alongside new tunes. A lot of the crowd probably won’t have even heard them before, so it’s a way of showing the music is still relevant. I thought it was a fitting way to say goodbye.”

Adds Cox, “I also want people to know I can still DJ with vinyl and make the house rock! This music has been my life and I want to share it one last time at Space.”

Cox has been contemplating which final track he will play. “I do have a pile of records for the closing records, but what’s going to happen is as soon as they say ‘this is going to be the last record, Carl,’ it isn’t going to be the last record as they are going to want another record and another record. It could be the defining track but it might not be. But whatever I play, they are all going to be tearjerkers.”

Those not lucky enough to have a ticket can live stream his farewell bash over at BE-AT.TV.

Pioneer DJ Introduces DJM-450 Mixer


Pioneer DJ will unveil its DJM-450 mixer in November. The latest addition to the brand’s line is a two-channel mixer inspired by their DJM-900NXS2 unit. Boasting sleek lines that makes using the mixer’s EQs and faders as easy as Sunday morning, it also includes Sound Colour FX and Beat FX with parameter control, 64-bit digital signal processor for warm audio quality and built-in sound card to connect the DJM-450 to your PC/Mac with a single USB cable and use the bundled rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs Plus Packs (worth a combined €248) to DJ with tracks stored on your PC/Mac when using turntables and our control vinyl (available separately). Whew, that a lot of features! The DJM-450 has an SRP of €699 including VAT (around US $789). See full product specs and fancy promo video below.


Professional layout
Smooth channel faders and EQs
Isolator feature on EQs
Professional Magvel crossfader
USB Send/Receive
Sound Colour FX
Beat FX
High-quality, powerful sound
Includes rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs licences
Two headphone outs
Independent Mic section
Signal GND terminal

#SaveFabric Campaign To Keep Club Open Launches


Currently under threat of permanent closure after its operating license was suspended by Islington borough council following the deaths of two clubbers, Jacob Husley, a promoter and resident DJ at Fabric for the past eight years, has started an online campaign to keep the club open. The initiative is intended to let the council know of how much the venue means to the global dance music community. The council meets on September 6 and will share their reasons to push for changes to the license, suspension of the license or closure. Some of the biggest UK DJs — Sasha, Groove Armada and The Chemical Brothers’ Ed Simons — have taken to social media, asking London Mayor Sadiq Khan to save the clubbing institution.

“This is a time for all of us to have our voices heard together – and make sure we are heard,” stated the club in a missive. They’ve since started two hash tags — the appropriate #SaveFabric and ridiculous #nightlifematters. “Everything hangs in the balance. An enormous amount hangs in the balance right now and the world’s eyes are upon us all. What happens to Fabric happens to us all.”

Cameron Leslie, co-founder of Fabric, added, “Please take a moment to sign the petition on the link below and share with friends, family and fans, hopefully the London Borough of Islington and the Mayor will take note.”

So far the petition has received almost 85,000 signatures and needs another 65,000 to achieve its goal of 150,000 signatures. Show your support for the club by signing the online petition here.

August 30 update: The petition now has over 96,000 signatures.