Premiere: Lawrence Lui – Requiem For Vega


NYC music biz stalwart Lawrence Lui recently documented Belgrade’s underground electronic music scene for Big Shot. On his journey through Serbia’s capital, he discovered a coterie of DJs, producers, bands and record shops that are flying the flag of good music.

However, prior to his trip, Lui suffered serious injuries from a bike accident. While recuperating at home, he turned to producing music for solace. His noodling yielded Retroism, a stylistically diverse four-track EP.

“I was laid up at home for a while and started working on songs as almost a kind of therapy to keep my mind off the pain,” he says.

Now thankfully back on his feet, we’re extremely pleased to world premiere “Requiem For Vega,” the dreamy opening track from Lawrence’s EP.  The synth-driven cut arrives before the one-year anniversary of Suicide frontman Alan Vega’s death and the release of IT, a posthumous album of unreleased material that Vega wrote and recorded with his wife before his death.

Says Lawrence, “I’ve always been a huge fan of the band Suicide and wanted to write a track that reflected the brashness and simplicity of their early work, while gradually angling it into a more dance floor direction over the course of three minutes. The vocals were a kind of happy accident of just using what I had lying around the house.”

Listen below and share your thoughts.

Premiere: Quantum Collage – Lucid Dreaming

Quantum Collage Lucid Dreaming

Ibiza-based DJ/producer Olaf Gutbrod (a.k.a. Ohm-G) continues to expand his ever-growing musical repertoire with his work under the auspices of his Quantum Collage moniker.

Known as a purveyor of gorgeous chill out sets on the While Isle, Gutbrod embarks on a more uptempo path with his forthcoming Lucid Dreaming EP for Martin Gretschmann (Acid Pauli, Console) and Nico Stojan’s Ouïe label. (They became acquaintances after Quantum Collage performed at the legendary Acid Sundays event in Ibiza.)

We’re pleased to world premiere the gorgeous title track that’s a wash of gentle beats, worldly percussion, delicate horns, and spaced-out synths. Then there’s the quixotic female voice asking, “Are you dreaming right now?” The track defies categorization and is fully aligned with Ouïe‘s mission to champion dance music that draws outside of the lines.

Get a first listen to the dubby masterpiece below, and check out the full release on July 14.

Premiere: Ikpathua – Oboo (Machine Woman Remix)


Emerging London-based producer Ikpathua mines a heady sound that encompasses elements of dub, techno, bass and leftfield.

After making waves by way of his Tape Paranoia EP released back in summer 2015 on Noorden, the he returns to the Cologne-based imprint this month with his Oboo EP.

We’re extremely pleased to world premiere “Oboo” (Machine Woman Remix) forged by Russian born Anastasia Vtorova, a wildly talented sound artist who is highly regarded for her grizzled late-night sonic experimentation that thrives on the border of techno and experimental music.

On her remix, the Berlin-based Vtorova sculpts an utterly hypnotic and chilled groove that grinds along in an intensely mechanical fashion. It’s seriously good stuff.

Listen to the track below and scoop up Ikpathua’s EP on July 21 via Noorden/TwelveFour.

Premiere: Glenn Morrison – End Of Days (Melodic Dub Mix)


John Digweed and Nick Muir’s Bedrock label has been a hotbed for burgeoning electronic music talent since day one. Over the years Bedrock has given a leg up to a ridiculously long list of influential producers including Guy J, Henry Saiz, and Stelios Vassiloudis. What’s more is that Bedrock continues to look to the future and mentor tomorrow’s stars.

On July 14 the forward-thinking  label will present Bedrock Frequencies Curated by John Digweed, a massive three-disc, 31-track compilation featuring exclusive tracks. Divided into three musical moods — low, mid and high — the compendium brandishes cuts from assorted artists, including way-cool collaborations, label debuts, and new versions of songs from the labels amazing catalog.

We’re extremely pleased to world premiere “End Of Days (Melodic Dub Mix)” by Toronto-based Glenn Morrison culled from the release. Morrisson is a musical powerhouse who burns the candle at every possible end: he’s a globetrotting DJ, producer, musician, composer and label owner.

Hit the play button below and allow the warm, pulsating remix to gently envelope your mind, body and soul.

Premiere: Lafa Taylor & Aabo – Already Found (Great Dane Remix)

Lafa and Aabo-already found

The world is in a pretty messed up state right now, but one thing remains constant: It takes two to make a thing go right, and it takes two to make it outta sight. Those immortal words uttered by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock aren’t lost on the red-hot house twosome comprised of MC/vocalist Lafa Taylor and producer/instrumentalist Aabo (a.k.a. Aaron Bortz). Based in the Bay Area, the pair, whose sound calls to mind Disclosure’s smoldering R&B grooves, are getting ready to release a full-length album, Feel.

Ahead of the album’s release, the pair put their infectious new jam “Already Found” in the extremely capable hands of fellow Californian Great Dane. A Low End Theory regular in his hometown of LA whose influences range from trap to hip-hop, he projects their cut through his musical prism. The result is a soulful, ever-so-slightly wobbly re-rub that’s pure magic.

Check our world premiere below and be sure to check the entire release out on today via Mixto, featuring remixes by Roy Davis Jr., Mumbai Science, HWLS and Sage Armstrong.

Premiere: Phutek – Prodigious


Carl Cox and Jon Rundell’s Intec Digital dives headfirst into summer by releasing veteran UK DJ/producer Phutek’s debut effort for their esteemed techno label.

Stylistically aligned with his output on labels such as Yin Yang, Jumpstereo, and Element Recordings, The Edged EP is full-on proper techno. It’s clearly intended to be experienced on a big-room’s dance floor that’s powered by a massive Funktion-One sound system.

We’re pleased to world premiere “Prodigious” from Phutek’s hard-hitting two-tracker. It’s a dark, driving and deliciously relentless cut packing a rumbling bassline and swinging groove. Trust us when we say that it’s a real MONSTER.

Hit the play button below and pick up the full EP when it’s released on July 7.