Premiere: Norwood & Hills – Live ‘N Direct

Ibiza Closing Party Cr2

How does a label say farewell to an incredible season in Ibiza? You put together a killer musical memento. That’s exactly what Cr2 have done on their forthcoming Ibiza Closing Party 2017, featuring brand-new cuts from dance floor stalwarts including Camelphat, Max Chapman, Carl Cox, and Gerd Janson.

We’re pleased to world premiere “Live ‘N Direct” from rising Frankfurt-based DJ/producer house duo Norwood & HillsLeon Krupka and Lennart Seitz — off the comp. Only in their early ’20s, the guys have released tracks on Love & Other, Armada, Natura Viva, and King Street Sounds.

“Live ‘N Direct” is a down and dirty number wielding sinister bass, cracking percussion, soulful vocal samples and a gargantuan groove. The boys also baked a cool breakdown into the track.

Get an exclusive listen below and be sure to pick up the compilation on September 15.

Premiere: Halina Rice – “Drive”


London producer/multi-instrumentalist Halina Rice creates sonic soundscapes informed by bass, glitch, ambient, and experimental. After releasing her first EP in 2015, Rice is preparing to release her full-length debut, Redux, on October 20 via Blurred Recordings.

We’re pleased to world premiere “Drive” from the album. It’s a melodic pop-infused affair melding a chugging synth-driven groove, cool bass and ebullient vocals.

Rice says of the track, “I think, particularly with song lyrics, it’s about trying to capture fleeting moments and feelings that are hard to put into words and the result is like a tableaux of different moments or a series of photographs – maybe like the musical equivalent of memes with characters frozen in a moment. ‘Drive’ is about two people clinging together trying to drink and laugh their way out of a life they are trapped in – you say you are going to leave but you know you never will.”

Premiere: Drumcomplex – Gravity


Two decades of uncompromising and unwavering dedication to techno — we’re talking blood, sweat and tears, folks — is engrained in the core of Drumcomplex’s Gravity EP.

An acclaimed project led by Arnd and Daniel Reichow, the brothers’ upcoming two-tracker is an evocative career-defining musical statement.

We’re extremely pleased to world premiere the EP’s title track. It’s a take-no-prisoners Detroit-style assault built on pounding drums, razor-sharp hi-hats, squiggly synths lines and banging grooves. “Gravity” is tailored to when the lights go down and the unbridled roar of the Funktion-One is all that matters in that moment.

Listen to the evocative track below and check the full release out on September 11 via Complexed Recordings.

Premiere: Randomized Coffee – Baba


Brooklyn DJ/producer Nickodemus regularly travels the world, bringing his kinetic fusion of beats and grooves to clubs and festivals everywhere. This week his esteemed Wonderwheel Recordings, an imprint who’ve released music by a pelthora of amazing artists including The Spy From Cairo, Sid Vaga, Carol C and Nappy G, shines the spotlight on Italy by way of Randomized Coffee’s new EP.

Together, Massimiliano Troiani and Tommaso Checchi (who are also DJs) collaboratively craft a beautiful tapestry woven that’s together with elements from Afrobeat, Latin jazz and funk. They juxtapose African tempos and rhythms with house-grooves for a sound that’s both classic and modern.

We’re thrilled to world premiere their new jam “Baba,” an irresistible rhythmic funkfest full of interacting beats, chanted vocals and ecstatic saxophone.

Listen below and pick up the full release on September 8.

Premiere: Luigi Madonna & Roberto Capuano – Dark Soul

Luigi Madonna & Roberto Capuano

Since its inception in 2014 Pan-Pot’s Second State label has steadfastly stuck to its mission of exposing emerging talent. To date the duo’s platform has given rise to a wealth of artists including Michael Klein, BEC, and Amelie Lens.

This month the imprint is set to unleash a monstrous collaboration from Italian techno producers Luigi Madonna (Material Series, Drumcode, Plus 8) and Roberto Capuano (Drumcode, Analytic Trail, Phobiq) in the form of the Midfield EP, a hard-hitting three-track release.

We’re extremely pleased to world premiere “Dark Soul” from the Naples-based duo’s effort. The minimal track brandishes thunderous percussion and an impactful vocal sample. It’s case study in how less is always more.

Get a first listen below and peep the full EP on September 8.

Premiere: Sexy Lazer & Oculus – Thunder Striker

Sexy Lazer & Oculus

Copenhagen house DJ/producer Jón Atli Helgason (a.k.a. Sexy Lazer) is half of The Mansisters with Kasper Björke and a member of electronic glam group HumanWoman. He’s partnered with Icelandic producer/live performer Fridfinnur Sigurdsson (a.k.a. Oculus) to produce Sisters & Brothers Vol. 3 (hafendisko), an enthusiastic four-track EP boasting dirgey basslines and fun, functional dance beats.

We’re pleased to world premiere the EP’s hypnotic opening cut “Thunder Striker.” It’s a wonderfully sleazy vocal affair featuring backing vocals by Uni Stefson and an uplifting groove that rolls on a slow boil of live bass and clever synth lines.

Check out the raw digifunk of “Thunder Striker” below and the full release on September 8.