Premiere: WotD feat. PWEI – We’re Taking Control (Justin Robertson Remix)


Multimember collective Warriors of the Dystotheque was initially envisioned by Irish DJ Jonny McAllister. The project came together when Jonny met the future members on Facebook back in 2014. Their breadth of experience runs the gamut, from producing trailers for big-name movies and working on sound design for New Order to writing songs for icons such as Alison Moyet.

United by a love of lo-fi, downtempo, big beat and good ol’ fashioned electronic, WotD, who are signed to London-based label Tigre Fair Records who released their The Future Is Ours EP last year, take their career to the next level with “We’re Taking Control” featuring Graham Cobb of ’90s alt-rocker deities Pop Will Eat Itself.

If the collaboration with PWEI wasn’t enough wasn’t enough, they’ve tapped Justin Robertson of Lionrock fame to lend his acidic mixing touch to an absolutely stellar remix.

We’re extremely pleased to world premiere Mr. Robertson’s squelchy re-rub. So go on and do yourself a favor and hit the play button below and pick up the full release on June 2.

Premiere: Koiya – Tripped


New band alert! London-based electronic trio Koiya — brothers Dru (keyboards, guitar) and Kumar Grant (electronics, percussion), and Emma Wilson (vocals) — are rising from the underground and turning heads.

Brandishing a sound encompassing elements of downtempo, soul and digifunk, the threesome, who formed in 2016, will present their self-titled debut EP via Crunch Recordings on May 5.

Fresh from releasing “Brood,” we’re pleased to world premiere the absolutely mesmerizing synth-driven cut “Tripped” off their upcoming release.

“‘Tripped’ was one of the first tracks we wrote together as a group,” says vocalist Emma Wilson. “It’s a track that went through various shapes and forms before settling into the moody beast it is today. We often find that creatively we are drawn to beauty, sometimes shrouded in darkness and ‘Tripped’ depicts this wholeheartedly. Lyrically touching on the concept of life cycles and the beauty within death, which is so often the start of something new. We hope you like. Enjoy.”

Premiere: Monomood – Dronje


Born and raised in Dresden, Germany, Jens Tozzberg (a.k.a. Monomood) has been exploring music since he moved to Berlin a decade ago. After a stint forging tracks in the realm of drum n’ bass, he moved on to seeing what techno, house, dub, ambient and a host of other styles have to offer.

Now a devoté of dubby techno, Tozzberg will release Unexpected Perceptions, his three-track vinyl debut on the Dresden-based Etui Records, later this month. In addition to boasting three monumental cuts, the Unexpected Perceptions EP features artwork by Daniel Madlung that’s based on a photo of a rock formation at Sydney’s Bondi Beach by Oliver Hartmann.

Ahead of the EP’s release on April 28 we’re extremely pleased to world premiere “Dronje,” a spacious dub-ambient cut. It’s laden with razor-sharp strings and haunting melodies bathed with delay that invoke elements of all of the genres Tozzberg has investigated. Listen below and enjoy.

Premiere: Nubiyan Twist – All The Pieces (Wonky Logic Remix)


Last summer we introduced you to the up-and-coming London- and Leeds-based outfit Nubiyan Twist, a 12-person group founded by producer and guitarist Tom Excell.

Blending Afrobeat, soul, reggae, hip-hop, ska, jazz and dub with vocals, electronics and turntables, the group have been gaining fans all over Europe thanks to their energetic live show.

Nubiyan Twist just released a new EP on Wormfood Records featuring a terrific rendition of Super Cat’s “Dance Inna London” featuring new vocals from lead singer Nubiya Brandon.

The release also features the moody, jazzy gem “All the Pieces.” We’re pleased to world premiere Leeds-based mixmaster Wonky Logic’s interpretation that translates the cut into futuristic hip-hop.

Listen below and enjoy.

Catch Nubiyan Twist when they play Open, Norwich on April 22; The Wardrobe, Leeds on April 28; and Hoochie Coochie, Newcastle on May 26.

Premiere: The Third Mind – Consequences


Under the helm of Creative Director SnowSkull Sleep / Walk / Listen is an ongoing collaborative project pairing electronic music producers and visual artists. The seventh musical endeavor from S/W/L finds artists Jauge, Morris Cowan and Owls (a.k.a. Olly from Bodhi) uniting with SnowSkull to form The Third Mind.

The audio-visual project draws influence from ‘cut-up’ (or découpé in French), a Dadaist literary technique where existing text is cut-up and rearranged to create a new output.

According SnowSkull, “I wanted the artwork to represent the process that was used to create the track. The style resembles that of a sketchbook, where ideas were added and developed as a new element was added to the music. To consolidate the theme, cuttings from a William Burroughs book were used to doth a cap at the cut-up technique.”

He adds, “The Third Mind, is the name for a longer term project that will include the Jauge, Morris Cowan, Owls and the wider Sleep / Walk / Listen team. The name comes directly from this setup Third – relating to the three music artists involved, and ‘Mind’ relating to Sleep / Walk / Listen and my artwork for the partnership.”

We’re extremely pleased to world premiere the outfit’s debut offering, “Consequences,” a rockin’ seven-minute house track that’ll light up any dance floor.



Premiere: Lúlla – Only You


Electronic pop duo Lúlla (which in case you were wondering is Icelandic for sleeping) is the musical union between British producer Nude Disco and Icelandic singer-songwriter Heidrun Bjornsdottir. Together, they’ve united to forge a sound founded on shimmering ’80s European synth-pop that’s complemented by melancholy vocals.

On April 24 the duo will release Winter In The City, a six-song mini album. It was written between London and Reykjavik and sets the stage for a full-length album due out in October.

We’re pleased to world premiere Lúlla’s sleek cover of “Only You,” an Italo smash hit originally recorded by Savage (a.k.a. Roberto Zanetti) in 1984. Listen below and get lost in their respectful homage to this classic track.