Premiere: The Spy From Cairo – Open Sesame / Sirens of the Nile

Spy From Cairo

If you follow the musical exploits and frequent travels of New York City-based DJ/producer Nickodemus, then you’ll know that he’s always bringing his globally-informed grooves to cities far and wide around the world. Somehow he manages to find time to run Wonderwheel Recordings, a label with a world view that’s as dependable as they come.

Wonderwheel is about to unveil a gem of a new release by The Spy From Cairo, a project helmed by Moreno Visini. A prolific producer who has remixed for the likes of Tosca, Billie Holiday, Baba Maal, and Astor Piazzolla, Visini, who plays electric Oud, has recorded as Zeb and counts his 2013 Arabdub among his many credits.

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We’re pleased to world premiere TSFC’s “Open Sesame” and “Sirens of the Nile” a pair of tracks dripping with late-night feels and Middle Eastern vibes. Have a listen and stay tuned for music this fall.

Premiere: Komodo – HEL


Following his Patterns & Light album released in 2014, Chris Child (a.k.a. Komodo) returns with his Divider EP on June 30. The EP, which was recorded on and off from the end of 2015 to the end of 2016, finds the Brooklyn-based electronic music producer exploring an array of styles including ambient, downtempo and electro. What’s more is that Child has paid particular attention to percussion, moving away from samples toward incorporating his own percussion into his soundscapes.

We’re extremely pleased to world premiere “HEL” from the release. It’s an ebullient synth-driven track that, like the best narrative, lands in an unexpected place.

“‘HEL’ was loosely inspired by the Fritz Lang film Metropolis; specifically the film’s visual design of the city,” he explains. “I find movies, or anything visual of interest in general, to be a great starting point when composing a new track. It helps me get an aesthetic direction going — even if it will inevitably change later.”

Collectors take note: The Divider EP will be released digitally, on a limited vinyl run of 100, and on a limited CD run of 80. It will also feature a special release, fully mixed in surround by Kasson Crooker of Symbion Project. A follow-up remix EP to Divider, featuring remixes by ANSTAM, Taylor Deupree, Kodacrome, Lumia, and Symbion Project, is planned for this summer.

Premiere: Badin Brothers – Brotherhood Riff


Biological brothers in rhythm Scott and Olivier Badin, who DJ and produce as Badin Brothers, hail from Paris. They came of age in the ’90s when French Touch ruled dance floors. Releases like Daft Punk’s classic 1997 album Homework changed their lives, and set them on a course of making music for the dance floor.

Cut to the present and the brothers, who are based in London, are working hard and living out their musical dreams. After making their debut in Ibiza in 2014, they’ve been able to bring their sound to clubs all over the world, including New York, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires.

Today the duo release their hotly anticipated Music Off EP on Housekeeping, a red-hot event and label serving as residents at In The Dark at Hï Ibiza. We’re extremely pleased to world premiere the buzzy “Brotherhood Riff” from the release, a tech-house treasure overflowing with big-room vibes. Hit the play button below and enjoy.

Premiere: Claap! & Santana – Dune (High Ceilings Remix)


Parisian DJ/producer CLAAP! and DJ/vocalist Santana live by the ethos that it takes two to make a thing go right.

After dropping party-perfect collaborations with Feadz (Ed Banger) and Mike Simonetti (2MR, ex-Italians Do It Better), as well as releasing tracks on Shir Khan’s Exploited Records, the duo return today to Yuksek’s Partyfine label with their Dune EP.

We’re pleased to world premiere an epic seven-minute remix of the title track reworked by the pair under their High Ceilings moniker. On their funky re-rerub they slow down the BPMs to a head-nodding, funky groove and pepper the mix with Santana’s sublime vocals.

Hit the play button below, and we’re certain you’ll agree that this remix has a certain je ne sais quoi.

Premiere: Eliot Lipp – Tides


Veteran Austin-based producer Eliot Lipp is set to unveil his new album, Skywave, on Detroit-based label Young Heavy Rebels, an imprint operating smack dab at the intersection of electronic music and hip-hop. Lipp, who has released music on Prefuse 73’s Eastern DeVelopments label, Hefty, Mush and Old Tacoma, has made his bones embracing a sound that gleans elements of hip-hop, electro and soul.

We’re extremely pleased to world premiere “Tides” from his full-length out on June 23. It’s an instrumental where deep keyboards and melodic synths mingle with crisp beats and a funky-ass bassline from heaven.

Interestingly, a bout with sleeplessness informed the track: “I was back in Tacoma, WA (my hometown) during the holidays. One night I was up late and couldn’t sleep. The only equipment I brought was my Yamaha Montage and a laptop. Since I was pretty bare bones, I looped some chords, looped some hi-hats, etc. I just kept looping for fun and to drive off insomnia. I went through the motions of making a track but in a spontaneous, half asleep way. I didn’t think it would make the album but the more I worked on it, the more I realized there was a mood created by the track that couldn’t have conjured intentionally.”

Check out the world premiere below, and catch Lipp tonight at Jupiter Disco in Brooklyn with Michna and Lauren Flax.

Premiere: Pacific State – 1990 (Neil Curtis Vision Mix)


We’ve sung the praises of Laurent Ash (a.k.a Lifelike) many times over the years for quite good reason. What we’ve always appreciated is how the French DJ/producer always marches to his own beat, steering clear of fleeting fads and trends and creating at his discretion on his own lane.

With one foot firmly planted in the present, Ash has always drawn influence to the past. Whether he’s collaborating with a peer such as Kris Menace, dropping a disco-house jam or paying homage to Happy Mondays’ Madchester classic “Hallelujah,” the past informs the present.

Ash has joined forces with Neil Curtis in Pacific State, a project that draws influence from legendary dance acts of the ’80s and ’90s. They stay true to the music of the era by creating their tracks using much the same gear that producers in this era used.  We’re talking about an arsenal of vintage machinery: Roland TR-909/808/303s, Akai S950 samplers, and an Atari ST computer.

Ahead of the release of their “1990” out June 9 on House Science, we’re pleased to world premiere the Neil Curtis Vision Mix, an interpretation that takes the Original Mix to a deeper, darker plane. Rave on.