Premiere: Alessio Mereu – Yokino

Alessio Mereu

After presenting his debut album, Once Upon A Time In Napoli, in February, Italian DJ/producer Davide Squillace’s This And That Lab is set to release a second label compilation, SSFW #02. Curated by the Circoloco resident himself, the eight-track release features a contribution from Squillace and a selection of choice cuts from rising and established house and techno talent including Anja Schneider, Douglas Greed, Mathias Kaden, Alessio Mereu, Lancaster, Nandu, SB-Unit, Francesco Mami, Alfa Romero, Frank Storm and Nici.

We’re thrilled to world premiere “Yokino,” a cut by the previously mentioned Alessio Mereu, which marks his debut effort for the label.

An up-and-comer who’s released on Parquet, Harthouse, Amam and Poker Flat, “Yokino” is a sinewy, trippy tech-house affair that’s peppered with tribal percussion and a slinky, mysterious groove.

Get a first listen below and check out the full release when it’s out on August 10.

This And That SSWF comp

Premiere: Marmion – Schöneberg (2raumwohnung Remix)


Berlin duo Marmion — the musical union of Mijk van Dijk and Marcos López — have been working dance floors into a frenzy since the ’90s. Take a listen to the original version of their classic track “Schöneberg,” and you’ll undoubtedly agree that this track will still rock you like a hurricane.

While their 1994 classic has been remixed many times over the years, the latest iteration of their timeless jam has been reimagined by veteran German electro-pop duo 2raumwohnung, who’ve been crafting killer cuts since 2000. Partners Inga Humpe and Tommi Eckart marvelously douse the track with sleek, modern vibes, airy pads and electro-charged percussion. It’s simple and oh-so-good.

Get a first listen to the world premiere of their remix below and be sure to pick up the remix out August 3, featuring another version crafted by Der Dritte Raum.

Premiere: Peace to Mateo – Blue Light Ocean

Peace to Mateo Album Artwork

Peace to Mateo is the musical nom de plume of Detroit producer/founder of Young Heavy Souls Records Matt Black. Since forming YHS in 2011, Black’s imprint has released choice recordings by a diverse roster of artists including Blockhead, Eliot LippCru the Dynamic and Mux Mool.

On his upcoming eight-track debut album, Some Strange Reason, Black embarks down a road of musical exploration, navigating through genres like downtempo, glitch and dub.

We’re thrilled to world premiere “Blue Light Ocean,” a majestic trip-hop track culled from the LP where Black lets his imagination run wild.

“While arranging the final version, I envisioned being tossed around an ocean at night, being submerged and pulled along with the current towards some surreal beach,” Black says. “‘Blue Light Ocean’ represents one of the main themes of the album, which is the balance between organic and digital. There’s a lot of synthesized sounds juxtaposed with guitar, bass and live drum recordings. This track also serves as a time capsule that includes dozens of samples I recorded from fellow YHS artists over the last two years. Alongside the programmed drum patterns are kit recordings of Nuntheless and Wing Vilma. I tracked them jamming over the track separately, almost a year apart, and used bits and pieces to create some of the drum loops you hear in the song. There’s also vocal chops from Primer, and random horn stabs from Norty that I recorded when I went to visit him last year in Colorado.”

Get a first listen below and be sure to check the PTM’s debut album on August 31.

Premiere: Kim Anh – Make Me Feel (Original)

Kim Anh Make Me Feel Good For You Records

Los Angeles-based DJ/producer/singer/songwriter Kim Anh is all about good vibes and deep tunes.

After making an impact on the scene as a party promoter, this talented multi-hyphenate has gone on to craft a discerning sound, releasing music on Warner, EMI, and Yellow Year Records. She’s also remixed tracks for big-name-acts like Peaches, Tegan & Sara and Sam Sparro.

We’re thrilled to world premiere the title cut from her forthcoming Make Me Feel EP due out on July 13 via Good For You Records. It’s a melodic deep-house vocal jam that’s gonna rock a lot of dance floors this summer.

Get a first listen below and be sure to check out remixes from Juan Maclean, Craig Williams and Tim K.