Secondcity 5 Tracks of the Moment


Rowan John Harrington has been coming on strong as Secondcity, an alias for his musical exploits in house and techno. Harrington broke through in a big way with his 2014 jam “I Wanna Feel,” which reached number-one and went gold in the UK. After subsequently establishing himself as a DJ, he began 2017 on the right foot with an appearance at BPM festival and DJ dates booked in North America and the UK. On the production front Audiojack’s Gruuv imprint just released Secondcity & Solarris’ Bridgewater EP brandishing with remixes from Audiojack and Jonathan Kaspar. He also has an upcoming release on Sasha’s label Last Night On Earth, and he’s hunkering down for what will no doubt be a busy year. Fresh from playing Exchange in Los Angeles this weekend, Harrington shares his five favorite dance floor bombs of the moment.

Catch Secondcity at Grand Elektra in Manchester, UK, on February 3, Boulder Theatre in Bouldor, CO, on February 8, and Egg in London on February 10.

Deetron – “Mechanolicous” (The Martinez Brothers Edit)
Such a massive record. This was one of the biggest tunes at BPM festival for me. Every time I heard it, it literally went off. Me and James from Solardo just danced to it for about 10 minutes [laughs].

Paul Johnson – “Feel My M.F Bass”
One of my favorite club records, always love playing this out. It gets a great reaction every time.

Bump & Flex – “Long Time Coming”
Another record I love. It’s kind of early garage days but heavily influenced by the whole Chicago/NYC house scene. Great vibe to the record, from the bassline to the use of the vocals. Wicked track.

Mr G – “You’ve Been Hit”
Such a cool groove with a real funk feel. Mr G never disappoints.

Phil Weeks – “Jack To The Groove”
I’m such a fan of Phil Weeks’ productions. The groove is all that matters in this record and it’s why I love and look up to him so much. His approach to making music and how he can deliver a cool record without overcomplicating it is great.

Spec. 5 Tracks of the Moment


German producer Timm Ewest (a.k.a. Spec.) flipped the script last year when he released The Infamous Album on his Infamous Tracks label, an electronic-music LP built on the original samples Havoc from Mobb Deep used on the legendary Queensbridge duo’s seminal 1995 album The Infamous. (Listen to Spec.’s fiery tech-house cut “The Realness” here.)

Ahead of what will no doubt be another year of musical innovation from Ewest, who just released the single “Black Cocaine” and has assorted DJ appearances on the horizon, we asked him to select his five biggest tracks of the moment.

Ronnie Spiterie – “Underwater”
I normally play in techno clubs and this track has more a rollin’ bassline. It brings back the groove on the dance floor before I start to play songs that go harder. De Dud dud da duhhh. Shit, this groove is crazy.

Raphael Dincsoy – “Born Bad”
Raphael is a pothead like me. Born bad, what else?

Raffaele Rizzi – “Make Me Feel Alright”
I like to play this song to give the people a good feeling when the E hits their minds. Perfect after-hours opening song.

Yan Cook – “Pauk”
Bass. I say baaaasssss … No more words needed.

Chicago Loop – “You Touch Me
I’ve got so many songs from this crazy producer. This one I played a lot last year.

Fluxion 5 Tracks of the Moment


In 2016 dub-techno artist Fluxion (a.k.a. Greek producer Konstantinos Soublis) saw his past neatly dovetail with his present connect in a serendipitous way. At the beginning of the year Barcelona-based Subwax Bcn reissued a remastered version of his acclaimed Vibrant Forms II compilation, which was issued in 2000 on Basic Channel’s Chain Reaction label. With his seminal release available again for a new generation to savor, he unveiled Vibrant Forms III. The album shows his maturity as an artist and is brimming with smoldering cuts that effortlessly roll at a slow, steady boil. As Soublis looks ahead to 2017, we checked in and asked him about five tracks currently rocking his world.

Fluxion and 237 DJs and artists look back on 2016. Read it here.

1. Second Woman – “200601je6”
What can I say? They are doing their own thing regardless. The whole album is a very introspective, conceptual thing. It feels mechanical, but alive and organic at the same time. I’ve met Turk & Josh, and I am glad I’ve remixed one of their tracks on their upcoming 2017 album on Spectrum Spools (Editions Mego). I think this project has the boldness of viewing things differently. “200601je6” is the track that I liked more for it’s sonic journey, but this album is to be listened as a whole.

2. Steve Hauschildt – “Time We Have”
I am closely following the works of Steve Haustchildt. He is one of the best ambient artists of his generation. On “Time we Have” he created these evolving melodic patterns and emotionally flourishing motifs, which I really like from his latest album, Strands. I love his works on Editions Mego and Kranky.

3. Sebastian Mullaert – “Interpretations” (Live recording for XLR8R)
I could have selected a number of tracks by Sebastian Mullaert that I like, but instead I think this one he mixed on the fly showcases his way of mixing live in an improvisational way, combining influences and cultural elements, like no other. A very interesting artist that I follow his work.

4. Antigone – “Shadow Play”
I am into what Antonin Jeanson is doing under the Antigone project. Very organically transformative music. I am following his work for a while now, and he doesn’t disappoint or slip. I like artists that stick into their craft and just by time become…better. “Shadow Play” does exactly this. Evolving organically, leaving sonic artifacts on its way.

5. Abul Mogard – “The Purpose of Peace”
Though originally released in 2012, it was compiled on an Abul Mogard compilation titled Works that was released in 2016. It’s the melodic motifs, sonic palette and dynamics that make Abul Mogoard a very prolific and interesting artist. “The Purpose of Peace” epitomizes this thin line between tranquility and unease, keeping you alert throughout. A delicate and fragile balance.

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2016 was an interesting year to say the least. There were ups, downs and thankfully plenty of amazing music to keep us going in good times and bad. Now that the year is in our collective rear-view mirror, we asked 238 DJs and electronic-music artists — emerging up-and-comers to veteran stars — to reflect on 2016. Here are their musings listed in alphabetical order.

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Hervé 5 Classic Wonk/Wobble/Fidget/Bass House Tunes


In 2016 London bass hero and Cheap Thrills label boss Hervé (a.k.a. Josh Harvey) released a musically adventurous double album, Hallucinated Surf, on Skint Records, featuring collaborations with Zebra Katz, Meridian Dan and Steve Mason. Around the time of the release we asked him to share his musical influences, which include the likes of Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, Snoop Dogg and The Cocteau Twins.

Hervé just released a new single from the full-length, “My Love” feat. Phizzals, brandishing remixes by KC Lights, Maximono and Ryuken. As he readies new endeavors for 2017, we reconnected with the low-end maestro and asked him to look back on his favorite wonk/wobble/fidget/bass house tunes.

Speaker Junk – “Scratch Up The Music
The beginning of what people called wonk/wobble, I suppose (as well as being under bass/fidget bass umbrella). The first record Trevor Lovers and myself made (sometime in 2005, released 2006) just after he left Switch. Started an avalanche of remixes (the first being for Basement Jaxx) and tons of gigs! Never been released on digital, but will release in 2017 on Cheap Thrills.

Switch – “A Bit Patchy”
Some might choose “Get Ya Dub On,” but I think that was still very much a house record. This was a big musical curve ball though. I remember sitting in Dave’s studio in 2005 (May?!) getting calls from mates in Ibiza to tell him ‘A Bit Patchy’ was being played.

Voodoo Chilli – “Look What You’ve Done To Me”
On the original CD-R of 9/10 tracks I gave to Dave and also Trev back in the day. It did really well and had this kind of fidget/funk/Basement Jaxx vibe. I was living in Italy in 2004 and found the vocal on a record that was in the apartment I was staying in! It ended up going out on mine and Trev’s then label, Speaker Junk Records. Dave had been away a long time in America, and when he returned he signed it and re-released it on Dubsided. He also signed all the stuff we had been working on to Dubsided.

The Count and Sinden – “Beeper” 
I met Sinden through Dave (Switch), and we got on really well. We decided to make music together, and in October 2006 he crashed at mine for the weekend and we made a four-track EP, last track being “Beeper.” It took off straight away and got The Count and Sinden rolling in a big way. I was now juggling gigs/releases/remixes of three successful projects: Hervé/Speaker Junk/The Count and Sinden. It was a bit crazy. Despite being more garage/hip-hop/jungle bass vibes, it kind of become a bit of an underground anthem around the world for the fidget/wonky/bass house scene.

Kidda – “Under” The Sun (Hervé’s Ain’t No Sunshine Mix)
One of a few remixes I did that went on to be the main mix of the single and probably my most requested remix. I still get videos of crowd reactions from DJs playing it. What do you call all this stuff we invented? Bass-heavy house? Wobble/wonk? Fidget? I have no idea! But it was and still is enormous fun.

Horace Dan D 5 Tracks of the Moment

Horace Dan D

Horace Dan D has long led the way in his country’s electronic music scene. As a DJ specializing in techno, he’s played all over Europe thanks to a reputation reinforced by top-notch releases on labels including Vertigo Records, Vernon Blvd Records, Skills Records and 069 Techno.

On December 16 he’ll release the Do You Feel It EP on Simina Grigoriu’s Kuukou label, a taut, ambitious track that goes straight for the jugular which is complemented by a smoldering remix by Martin Books. Ahead of the EP’s release we checked in with the Romanian technocrat and asked him to tell us about five tunes currently rocking his world.

1. Moby – “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?” (Enrico Sangiuliano Rmx)
First of all, the original track itself is a masterpiece. I was amazingly surprised by the remix made by Enrico Sangiuliano, where he brings his new techno wave touch. He made it so intense for the dance floors of the world while also keeping the deep spirit of the original track. It’s simply amazing!

2. Enrico Sangiuliano – “Ghettoblaster”
I gotta say that Enrico is on fire! This year’s productions are exceptional. “Ghettoblaster” blends the old broken beats (coming from the jungle days) with today’s techno direction set by the Drumcode artists. The sampled voice combined with the structure of the track will put a smile on your face and raise your heart rate.

3. Alex Bau – “Illuse”
Arriving after “On Synth,” this is the second bomb released by Alex Bau on the well-known Cocoon Recordings. Intense and hypnotic, the track is proper for a trip on the techno dance floors.

4. Wehbba – “Flux”
This track flows so well! It has very shaking rhythms with a taste of funk in it. Definitely is rocking the clubs!

5. Jack Master – “Bang the Box” (Slam Remix)
This track is for the underground techno lovers. Slam reshaped the old ’90s track by Richie Hawtin in a manner that is updated to today’s techno sound. There’s no way not to see a techno crowd jumping in the air to this track!