Alexis Tyrel 5 Tracks of the Moment


In March we premiered “Plant Deltagema Process” off Dutch DJ/producer/Lessismore boss Gideon Hommes‘ (a.k.a Alexis Tyrel) second full-length, Return To Planet Alpha, an album that was five years in the making.

He told us, “Return To Planet Alpha is sort of a time travel to me; it is about going back to the roots of the Lessismore label and maybe more. Unlike other albums I did on Kanzleramt, Sino (never released, for unknown reasons), Lessismore, Anticlub, and Minimalplus. This album is a more classical ‘techno’ album, which was created more than 10 years ago around the period of doing a Lessismore label Night at Ostgut Berghain. An interview with Ben Klock triggered me to record it at the end of last year.”

This week presents his In For A Penny In For A Pound EP featuring a collaboration with MBC called “Cocaïne By The Pound” and remix by German Duo Smash TV. A music lover with boundless passion for good tunes, Hommes shares five tracks he’s loving at the moment. Continue Reading

Gel Abril Introduces Closed Circuits [Video]

gel abril closed circuits

Tel Aviv DJ/producer Gel Abril has built a global reputation by crafting flawless tech-house tracks for top-notch labels including Mobilee, Defected, Bedrock, Be As One, Moon Harbour and Ovum. He’s now taken his unbridled passion for music to the next level by launching Closed Circuits, a label dedicated to quality techno and house.

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In this exclusive video interview shot by the man himself, Abril talks about his inspiration to launch the imprint and what we can expect in terms of upcoming releases.

“The idea was on my mind for a long time,” he says. “I’m really happy I managed to do it finally. It took me a while, but now I’m here. I really wanted to have a home for my music but other artists I really love and have respected over the years.”

Watch the full interview below and check out Closed Circuits’ debut release with Abril at the helm out now.

Hanne Adam 5 Tracks of the Moment


Hanne Adam is a Berlin-based multidiscipline creative who specializes in music production as well as photography, film, graphic and sound design. Under the umbrella of her Adamned.Age alias she has forged a forward-thinking musical signature encompassing electronica, dub, downtempo and experimental.

So far 2017 has been a pretty monumental year for Adam. She self-released her debut EP, Living in a Damn Age, a bold sonic document of her evolving style. It set the stage for her brand new Trust Love EP on Amselcom, featuring beautiful, evocative washes of synth-driven melodies juxtaposed with gentle beats. The EP is rounded out nicely with choice remixes from Italian duo 2040, Rome-based Dragos Sulgheru and Dutch producer Trippin Jaguar.

As Adam plots her next release, we checked in and asked her about five tracks that are currently providing her with musical joy and inspiration. Continue Reading

Flying High with Detroit Techno Legends Octave One


At the end of 2016 Detroit techno twosome Octave One — the musical union of biological brothers in rhythm Lenny and Lawrence Burden — presented the world with their gallant nine-track album, Love By Machine, on their own 430 West label. Since they began their musical exploits in the Motor City in the ’80s, they’ve become an internationally beloved entity. On the strength of their 2000 breakthrough smash “Black Water,” the Burden Brothers have slowly won a legion of faithful fans who are aligned with their manifesto of evolution and progression.

The culmination of the sound they’ve been refining since back in the day is etched between the ebullient grooves in Love By Machine. Thematically, the album explores what they believe to be is the illusion of connection in the digital age. But no matter how you slice it, the album is full of floor rockers.

Fresh from remixing Devil’s Advocate “Way of Life” — an older project helmed by the Baron of Techno Dave Clarke — out on Record Store Day, we caught up with the Burdens and asked them about their current tour and what they have in store for their homecoming set at Movement Festival over Memorial Day weekend.

Where are you right now? Where did you come from and where are you going next?
Right now we are on a flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam. Onboard WiFi, a gift and a curse! We are seething out on 14-show 40-day tour of Europe and the UK. Rotterdam is first up on the schedule.

Have you discovered any young artists or new labels during your recent travels?
We always discover new artists on our travels. Many of the opening DJs at the clubs we play are from the local scene in whatever area we are in and it’s always good to hear new talent and veterans from the different cities. Many of the festivals we play feature new producers and DJs from all over the world.


What has been the reaction to Love By Machine?
Very good, thanks. We have had to rethink the development of music now that we are so busy touring. We’ve learned to begin the composition of new music wherever we are and whenever it moves us. In the past, our studio was where everything primarily began. Now it’s where we complete the ideas. It has proved to be both challenging and rewarding.

“Playing at home almost means something special to us. We get to see old friends and family; it’s a recharge that we look forward to. There’s nothing in the world like the Detroit vibe.”

Do the tracks take on a life of their own when you begin performing them live?
Absolutely. Now we play music in the different places and [what] we play chang[es] depending on where we are are and who we are playing for. It’s really an interesting thing that most times we don’t have control over. It sometimes feels like the music is a living being. It also makes it difficult sometimes to recreate moments that we enjoyed and possibly want to add to the final production of a record. Sometimes you just don’t remember how you did a particular thing live or it just may not translate well to a studio recording.

What was the biggest lesson you both learned from making the new album?
Not to try to overly produce or polish our music. We have access to some many cool toys for music production, but you can easily get lost trying to use everything to make it better. More and better are not the same things. What we did on this album is to go back to some of our original production processes — back to a time where we didn’t have so much. We found the recording and mixing of this new album was the most fun we had in the studio in a long time. It just flowed organically.

You’re doing a lot of touring this year. Is there one place in particular that you are excited to visit?
We are always excited to play our music out. Some places we don’t have the privilege of returning to very often. This time around we made some rare stops in Australia (even doing one festival in the outback), Singapore, Brazil, as well as making our debut in Columbia and Malaysia.

You’re playing Movement Festival in Detroit in May. Tell us why this will be a special gig for Octave One?
Playing at home almost means something special to us. We get to see old friends and family; it’s a recharge that we look forward to. There’s nothing in the world like the Detroit vibe.

How PVT Found Their New Spirit


PVT, the (electro) thunder from Down Under, are back with a stellar new album, New Spirit. We recently did a one-hour phoner with PVT drummer Laurence Pike and chewed on the musical marrow of many things. As well as drumming with PVT, Laurence has released music with jazz artist Mick Nock, art-rock band Jack Ladder and The Dreamlanders and also worked on an ambient electronic project called Szun Waves with UK electro producer Luke Abbott.

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Denis Rodd 5 Tracks of the Moment


Last month we introduced you to Berlin-based DJ/producer Denis Rodd. The proprietor of Cochlea Music, Rodd’s expansive sound explores house and techno.

In April Rodd dropped his excellent Embryo EP, a strong release espousing his tech-house manifesto, and we were extremely pleased to world premiere his glistening track “Crisalida.”

As we await future releases from Rodd and his imprint, we asked him to share five tracks that are currently rocking his musical world. Continue Reading