Big Shot Guest Mix 332: Ivan Latyshev


In May Russian DJ/producer/musician Ivan Latyshev unveiled his Art of Flying EP on Steve Bug’s Dessous Recordings via an advance release on Traxsource.

We had the pleasure of world premiering the title track remixed by none other than Detroit techno legend Eddie “Flashin’” Fowlkes. On his re-rub the Motor City master injects his musical magic into Latyshev’s track, courtesy of layers of smooth synth stabs and techy grooves punctuated with big drums.

Ahead of the EP’s general release tomorrow at all fine digital shops, Latyshev takes the reigns of Big Shot Guest Mix 332. He turned in a phenomenal 11-track session that’s full of musical twists and turns.

Opening and closing with two of his own tracks — “Waking Life” and closing “Black Nation” — the cuts serve as musical bookends for a session brandishing the deep, undulating house grooves of I:Cube, Pavel Iudin, Rick Wade, Detroit Swindle and Mat Chiavaroli.

Hit the play button below and enjoy.

Big Shot Guest Mix 332: Ivan Latyshev

  1. I:Cube – Oblivion (Dixon’s Edit) / Versatile
  2. Ivan Latyshev – Waking Life / Dessous Records
  3. Pavel Iudin – Probe3 / Poker Flat
  4. Markus Enochson ft. Marcus Andersson – Don’t Let Me Down (Lay-far Remix) / Crush
  5. Rick Wade – Prime impact / Harmonie Park
  6. Genius of Time – Houston We Have a Problem / Royal Oak
  7. Loz Goddard – Home / Quartet Series
  8. Detroit Swindle – Circular City / Heist
  9. Kian T – Flughafen (Daniel Leseman Remix) / Secret Reels
  10. Mat Chiavaroli – Breakfast at Mat’s Bar / Quintessentials
  11. Delakeyz – Frisches wasser / Hommes du Monde
  12. Ivan Latyshev – Black Nation / Luvbug

Big Shot Guest Mix 331: Barbur


In celebration of his upcoming Under Conditions EP out May 29 on Simina Grigoriu’s Kuukou Records, Berlin-based Italian DJ/producer Marco Barbiero (better known as Barbur and the boss of the Barbur Room podcast) steps up to deliver one hell of a Big Shot Guest Mix. His techy 10-track session boasts masterpieces from Soul Button, Bastian Lehnert, Layton Giordani and D-Unity as well as four (!) of his own gems. Grazie mille, Marco!

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He says of the mix, “I wanted to start a musical trip between some deep and darker sounds to arrive to more techno influences, increasing the BPM too.

“I’ve also included some promos from my forthcoming releases, such as the EP that will be out on the Berlin label Kuukou Records run by Simina Grigoriu, where there are remixes from two artists that I really respect, Alex Kennon (second track of the mix) and Parisian pioneer, Mr. Claude Monnet. Take a listen and enjoy the music!”

Big Shot Guest Mix 331: Barbur

  1. Soul Button – Master Of My Fate (Original Mix) – Steyoyoke
  2. Barbur – Under Conditions (Alex Kennon Remix) – Kuukou Records [PROMO]
  3. Bastian Lehnert – I Try (Original Mix) – Ametist Records
  4. Marco Grosso – El Vibe (Original Mix) – Antura Records
  5. Barbur – Manifesto (Original Mix) – PP Music [PROMO]
  6. Queemose – Mate (Dirty Dirty Acid Acid Mix) – Suena Hermosa
  7. Layton Giordani – Fire Eyes (Original Mix) – Drumcode
  8. Barbur – Arpeggio (Original Mix) – Kuukou Records [PROMO]
  9. D-Unity – No More (Original Mix) – Unity Records
  10. Barbur – Parallel Trasmissions (Original Mix) – Pumpz

Big Shot Guest Mix 330: Jay Hill

Jay_Hill_DJ_Big Shot Guest Mix

DJ/producer Jay Hill, who in a former life was a singer-songwriter in the realm of trip-hop on the West Coast, has been walking the border of house and techno ever since she relocated to the Big Apple in 2012. Now spending time in Philadelphia, where she’s got her own studio, Hill is focusing on production and remix projects. With tracks for King Street Sounds and remixes for the likes of Allies For Everyone under her belt, her remix of Glasys’ “The Pressure” is set for release shortly out on SpinSpin NYC

Taking the lessons she’s learned opening for Adam Beyer, Ida Engberg, Shonky, Dan Ghenacia, and Kevin Yost, Hill will bring her smooth grooves to Europe this summer by way of a DJ tour that’ll touch down in Greece, the UK and Germany.

Ahead of a blockbuster summer she takes control of Big Shot Guest Mix 330, a heavenly 17-track session featuring subterranean excursions from Frankie Deep, Jordan Peak, Pete Moss, Matthias Vogt, Mr. G and Jay Tripwire’s edit of her track “Falls the Shadows.”

Below read her inspiration behind the mix, then hit the play button on her gorgeous guest mix.

“I was trying to be super cool and record an all-vinyl set. Unfortunately, for the first (perfect) recording I forgot to hit the record button! After the second go, although I dearly love all the records, I wasn’t really feeling the selections. Plus, there were many songs I wanted to spin, but didn’t have them on vinyl. So I decided to do a third take using a mixture of both vinyl and digital, which seems to work well for me.

“My turntable/DJ sensei Sid Vaga taught me to not get so hung up on the format. Just because it’s vinyl, doesn’t mean the tracks will always flow well together.

“In most all of my recent DJ sets I’m using some classic house tracks. I had a nice trip down memory lane using one of the most memorable tracks that started my eternal love affair with house music, Everything but the Girl’s ‘Five Fathoms’ (Kevin Yost Remix).”

Big Shot Guest Mix 330: Jay Hill

  1. Chasing Kurt – Daydream (Original Mix) – Variety Music
  2. Frankie Deep – Walking in the Dub – Deep Site Space
  3. Jordan Peak – Move With It (Huxley Warehouse Dub) – Klasse Recordings
  4. Pete Moss – Rain Day (The Timewriter Remix) – Recline Records
  5. Matthias Vogt – Accelerator (Original Mix) – Urban Torque
  6. A M I R – The Monologue (Original Mix) – Silence in Metropolis
  7. Pinto & Balcazar – Sumtin (Original Mix) – Nite Grooves
  8. Gorge – It’s Time (Original Mix) – Mobilee Records
  9. Everything but the Girl – Five Fathoms (Kevin Yost remix) – Rhino
  10. M Richie Gallagher – Boulevard du Midi (Original Mix) – Karunga Muusika
  11. Kiko Navarro – Right On (Raw Dub) – BBE
  12. Dan Ghenacia, Chris Carrier – The 2nd Degree (Original Mix) – Adult Only
  13. Jay Hill – Falls the Shadows (Jay Tripwire Edit) – Static Music
  14. Jelly For the Babies – Diviniation (Faktor-X Remix) – The Purr
  15. Julian Alexander – Point of View (Original Mix) – Adult Only
  16. Mr. G – Daily Prayer – Phoenix G
  17. Andre Le Funk feat. Maiya Sykes – Let It Go (Piers Kirwan Dubbed Out Remix) – Street King

Big Shot Guest Mix 329: Bryan Chapman


UK-based techno producer/artist/photographer Bryan Chapman has released tracks on Cari Lekebusch’s H-Productions, Alan Fitzpatrick’s 8 Sided Dice, Dustin Zahn’s Enemy, Joachim Spieth’s Affin and Butch’s Bouq. After recently announcing the formation of his own imprint, Monotony, whose mission is “to create psychedelic and monotonous techno,” Chapman is about to release the label’s debut offering in the form of his Traveler Departs For Manonasa EP.

To celebrate the EP’s release Chapman went into the lab and took control of the latest Big Shot Guest Mix. His no-nonsense 18-track session glides along with the precision of a vintage Mercedes cruising down the Autobahn at top speed. He skillfully juxtaposes several of his brand-new productions alongside tracks by Reggy Van Oers, Oscar Mulero, Slam and Lewis Fautzi for maximum effect.

Hit the play button below, and be sure to pick up Chapman’s Traveler Departs For Manonasa EP on April 17.

Big Shot Guest Mix 329: Bryan Chapman

  1. Pris – Divinity (Avian)
  2. Bryan Chapman – Dawn of Sila (Monotony)
  3. Marla Singer – Naked Face (Children of Tomorrow)
  4. Reggy Van Oers – Unobtrusive (PoleGroup)
  5. Bryan Chapman – Isserley (Monotony)
  6. Oscar Mulero – Hyperbolic Paths (Token)
  7. Bryan Chapman – Solitude Riots (Affin)
  8. Bryan Chapman – Untitled
  9. Slam – Obstacle (Soma Records)
  10. Bryan Chapman – Journey of Conarium (Affin)
  11. Edit Select – 16 (Android Muziq)
  12. Mike Parker – Angels in Cages (Tresor Records)
  13. Lewis Fautzi – Elocution (Figure)
  14. Bryan Chapman – Lost Paradox of the Secret War (Monotony)
  15. Bryan Chapman – Arsenik (Monotony)
  16. Abstract Division – Corrosive Mind (Milton Bradley Remix) (
  17. Rrose – Specimen 3 (Infrastructure New York)
  18. Bryan Chapman – P-Hex (Monotony)

Big Shot Guest Mix 328: Francesco Terranova

Francesco_Terranova Big Shot Guest Mix

Francesco_Terranova Big Shot Guest Mix

Naples bred underground techno DJ/producer Francesco Terranova has been crafting his sound since the ’90s, releasing Detroit-inspired tracks on Bulletdodge, Renesanz, Stick Records and De-Konstrukt. He also has a pair of EPs on EPMMusic to his credit — “Magnetica” / “Recovery”  and La Terra EP — and he has an upcoming EP on UK techno label Disjointed Reality in the works.

Terranova, who continually plays clubs and festivals, serves up the latest Big Shot Guest Mix. It’s brimming with sublime deep techno and features a pair of unreleased tracks as well as choice cuts and mixes by Mark Broom, Juan AtkinsEsteban Adame, Silent Servant, Raíz, Ejeca, The Advent and more.

Listen below and enjoy!

Big Shot Guest Mix 328: Francesco Terranova

  1. Makaton – Durdle Dor (Blueprint)
  2. Esteban Adame – Descendant (Tressillo Remix) (EPM Music)
  3. Dirty Lary – Intersections (Totec Remix) (Krunch)
  4. Dario Corio – Signals From Space (Krunch)
  5. Francesco Terranova – unreleased
  6. Raíz – Cored 3 (Silent Servant Remix) (VRV)
  7. Mark Broom – Shanty Star (Beard Man)
  8. Makaton – High Priestess (Blueprint)
  9. Cimi – CV Madness (Underdub)
  10. Gabriela Penn – Point (STRISC. Remix) (Flash)
  11. Ejeca – Aurora (Flash)
  12. Francesco Terranova – unreleased
  13. Dolby D, A.Paul – Atmosphere (The Advent Remix) (Dolma)
  14. The Welderz – Orgue (Péché Mignon)
  15. Emex – Source Code (Modular Expansion)
  16. Francesco Terranova – Coolant (EPM)
  17. Andres Gil, Kriss Salas – As Good As Gold (Refluxed)
  18. Esteban Adame – Descendants (Juan Atkins Remix) (EPM)

Big Shot Guest Mix 327: Stan Kolev


Fresh from releasing “Fill Me Up,” Miami-based progressive house Stan Kolev takes the reigns of our latest Big Shot Guest Mix.

“I spent almost three months touring in Europe last summer and when I got back to Miami I was fully charged and ready to get back to the studio, because I was so inspired by all the emotions and positive experiences during that trip, and also by the beautiful voice of Sula Mae,” he says of his latest and greatest. “I love to use vocals in my music, especially if they are unique. I think it adds another dimension to the creative process. Sula Mae has a unique blend in her voice that I would describe as mellow jazzy melancholy. The combination of that and any electronic music composition is unique.”

Kolev’s ten-track session brandishes his trademark bold, techy prog-house signature. “I wanted to create a deep and melodic mix, so I’ve included four of my latest tracks to give the Big Shot listeners an insight into my musical style. Plus, there’s some really cool tracks by Betoko, Quivver, Jeremy Olander, Julian Wassermann and Nora En Pure.”

  1. Stan Kolev feat. Sula Mae – Fill Me Up (Original Vocal Mix) (Outta Limits)
  2. Betoko – Crazy Jack (Original Mix)
  3. Quivver – Mumbo Jumbo (Original Mix)
  4. Stan Kolev – Civilized (Original Mix) (Outta Limits)
  5. Jeremy Olander – Caravelle (Original Mix)
  6. Stan Kolev – Unravel Me (Original Mix) (Bonzai Progressive)
  7. Julian Wassermann – Nicun (Original Mix)
  8. SAMH3, Betoko – Bamba (Extended Mix)
  9. Nora En Pure – Diving With Whales (Daniel Portman Remix)
  10. Stan Kolev – Such A Wonder (Original Mix) (Outta Limits)