Premiere: Rowee In The Mix


To commemorate the release of his absolutely gorgeous Egypt EP released last month on Steve Bug’s Audiomatique label, Italian DJ/producer Rowee (a.k.a. Leonardo Gonnelli), who has issued cuts on Seth Troxler’s Play It Say It and Damian Lazarus’ Rebellion, has crafted a sublime DJ mix which we’re extremely pleased to world premiere. His 11-track session is a snapshot of his sound and brandishes blissful tracks by like-minded deep-tech voyagers Stimming, RampaDJ Koze and Adam Port. Spoiler alert! At the end of the mix Rowee peppers in Kocleo’s re-rub and the original version of “Egypt” and it sounds freakin’ brilliant. Hit the play button below and enjoy.

  1. Yokoo, Retza – Satori / Watergate
  2. Stimming – No.17 / Pampa
  3. Butch, C. Vogt – Bliss / Rebirth
  4. &ME, Rampa, Nomi Ruiz, NR – Taste Like / Keinemusik
  5. Rampa – Defiled / Keinemusik
  6. DJ Koze – Asscher Cut (Mathias Kaden’s Flottotto Remix) / Pampa
  7. Rowee, Simon Wish – Art Revolution / Audiomatique
  8. Moderat – Bad Kingdom (DJ Koze Remix)
  9. Adam Port – Working For It Feat Jennifer Touch / Keinemusik
  10. Rowee – Egypt ft. Forrest (Kocleo Remix) / Audiomatique
  11. Rowee – Egypt ft. Forrest / Audiomatique

Big Shot Guest Mix 325: Purveyors of Fine Funk

Dan Curtin

What a year it’s been for our Big Shot Guest Mix series. Over the past 12 months, we’ve brought you exclusive sessions from masters including Chicago house visionary Tevo Howard, Oliver Way of Detroit Grand Pubahs, and a post-everything voyage navigated by Parisian From Karaoke to Stardom.

We couldn’t close out 2016 in a better way than this session helmed by Purveyors of Fine Funk, which is the recently rebooted ’90s house alter ego of techno don and Metamorphic Recordings boss Dan Curtin.

Over the course of 15 funky-ass, deep-house tracks, Curtin lays fiery down cuts by Louie Vega & Jocelyn Brown, DJ Sneak, DJ Gomi and Paul Johnson. He also includes the stomping title track from POFF’s Soul Message EP on now Metamorphic.

“This is the house sound of Purveyors,” describes Curtin, “a little bit soul, little bit future, little bit jack, little bit dirty. This mix digs deep into those feelings, basically just keeping things real.” Enjoy!

Big Shot Guest Mix 325: Purveyors of Fine Funk

  1. Louie Vega, Jocelyn Brown – You Are Everything (Santiago Salazar Edit)
  2. DJ Gomi – Braveheart – Dopewax
  3. Shifty Science – Get Back – Argot
  4. Purveyors of Fine Funk – Subaffection – Metamorphic
  5. Alden Tyrell – Wurk It – Clone Jack For Dayz
  6. Leroy Burgess – Let’s Do It – (Santiago Salazar Edit)
  7. Purveyors of Fine Funk – Soul Message – Metamorphic
  8. DJ Sneak – Truly Gangster – IAHG
  9. Paul Johnson – Aww Shit – Relief Records
  10. The Analogue Cops – Every Tuesday – Sabotage
  11. Getto Soul – Dreams – Pastel Voids
  12. Purveyors of Fine Funk – Soul Mode – Metamorphic Recordings
  13. Dimi Angelsi – Green Aviation – Mord
  14. Alden Tyrell – GETO5 – Jack For Daze
  15. Sound Stream – All Night – Sound Stream

PurveyorsOfFineFunk_Soul Message

Big Shot Guest Mix 324: Cacao Trio


Panamanian brothers K.E.E.N.E. and Guatemalan mixmaster Gonzo-Gonzo comprise the musical triumvirate known as Cacao Trio. Ahead of December 12th’s release of Timeless (Cacao Records), a new series where the threesome curate and pay homage to their favorite club tracks, the emerging trio take the reigns of the latest Big Shot Guest Mix and present a mezmerizing hour-long session of glistening tech-house by Rodriguez Jr., Dub Taylor, Eric Kupper & Kenny SummitCab Drivers and more. Enjoy!

Big Shot Guest Mix 324: Cacao Trio (a.k.a. K.E.E.N.E. & Gonzo-Gonzo)

  1. Kreek (Glasidum remix) – Manu Oubiña & Groove Circus – We Records
  2. Dub Wide Open Love (Original Mix) – Jackie – SpekuLLa Records
  3. Miles in Aphrika (youANDme Edit) – Lawrence vs. Seth Troxler – Cacao Records
  4. From La Ceiba To Leon (Tigerskin Remix) – Cacao Trio (K.E.E.N.E. + Gonzo-Gonzo) – Cacao Records
  5. Over Here (Main Mix) – Eric Kupper & Kenny Summit present Proper – Classic Music Company
  6. Move Me (Matthias Meyer & Patlac Remix) – Rene Breitbarth – BaalSaal Records
  7. Hidden From The Mind (Original Mix) – Dub Taylor – Cacao Records
  8. Lava 2 (Original Mix) – Marco Resmann, Martin Landsky – Upon You Records
  9. Kids of Hula (Original Mix) – Rodriguez Jr. – Cacao Records
  10. Don’t Mess (Black Loops Remix) – K.E.E.N.E. – Cacao Records
  11. Cuidado (Original Mix) – Gonzo-Gonzo – Cacao Records
  12. Mind Trip (Original Mix) – Cab Drivers – 7th City
  13. The Gift – Apartment One & Gonzo-Gonzo – unsigned
  14. Sand (Move D Remix) – Kolja Gerstenberg – Smile For A While
  15. Timeless (Claptone Edit) – Superlover – Mother Recordings

Big Shot Guest Mix 323: The Micronaut


On the eve of the release of his third full-length album, Forms (watch a trailer for it here), which is out on December 9 via Acker Records, German multi-instrumentalist and producer Stefan Streck (a.k.a. The Micronaut) takes control of the latest Big Shot Guest Mix and doesn’t disappoint.

Drawing from the energy and passion he brings to the 100+ live shows he performs each year, Streck creates a stylistically diverse musical narrative on the 18-track mix featuring bold, techy and deep selections from a range of artists including Zomby, Funkstörung, Dapayk & Padberg, Evil Nine and Bicep.

“This mix includes tracks that touch me really deep,” says the Leipzig-based Streck of the guest mix. “I can’t say exactly what it is but it’s got heart. There are some old ones and some very new ones as well but the level of production is off the roof.”

Big Shot Guest Mix 323: The Micronaut

  1. Dualist Inquiry – “Sleepwalker” (dualism Records)
  2. Mosca – “Kneecap” (AnnAimee)
  3. Erosion Flow – “Syvv” (Man Make Music)
  4. Breach – “Fatherless” (Doc Daneeka Remix) (PTN)
  5. Velvit – “No Excuses” (17 Steps)
  6. Zomby – “It’s Time” (2AD Records)
  7. The Micronaut – “Parallax” (Acker Records)
  8. Funkstörung – “Who Is Who” (Monkeytown)
  9. Dapayk & Padberg – “New Mini” (MosFerry)
  10. Here Is Why – “Tonight” (Adam Port Remix) (Keinemusik)
  11. Drew X Hill – “Bullets” (Born Electric)
  12. Velvit – “Passing Encounter” (Convex Industries)
  13. Bicep – “Closing Sequence” (50Weapons)
  14. Evil Nine – “Your Girl” (Broken Music Syndicate)
  15. Synkro – “Here’s Your” (Box Clever)
  16. Kiruma – “Silver Skull” (?)
  17. Shawni & 23∆d – “Feel Love” (?)
  18. The Flashbulb – “Once Weekly” (Alphabasic)

Big Shot Guest Mix 322: The Shaker


DJ/producer Pete “The Shaker” Bones has been there and done that during his career. He’s played his brand of progressive house and techno at clubs all over the world; released tracks on labels including Superfreq, City Seven, Nosi, Bedrock; remixed cuts for FFRR, London Records and XL—all while helming his Red Ant label. After signing tracks to Superfreq, NOSI, City Seven, and We are Here Music in 2015, this year Bones signed tracks to John Digweed’s Bedrock imprint and inked a new global distribution deal for Red Ant. To commemorate the release of his Bring Your Love Down EP, which was issued this month on Red Ant, Bones crafted a rockin’ 11-track guest mix featuring cuts by Superpitcher, Daniel Casa, Zombies in Miami and Marino Canal. “The inspiration for this mix came from a set I played recently in the courtyard of a stately 13th century mansion in England,” Pete tells us. “The party is called What The? and is a yearly event, a two-day retreat for those who know during the beautiful British summertime.” Check the mix below and catch him at New World Brewery in Tampa on October 15.

Big Shot Guest Mix 322: The Shaker

  1. Superpitcher – “People” (Kompakt)
  2. The Shaker – “Snow Globe” (Red Ant)
  3. Pete Bones – “Iron Curtain” (Red Ant)
  4. Eddie Vedder – “The Wolf” (Niko Schwind Remix) (White)
  5. Daniel Casa – “After Warsavia” (Embi Music)
  6. Marino Canal – “Solace” (MOOD)
  7. Montcosmik – “Agonie” (Nein)
  8. Zombies in Miami – “Shadows” (Correspondant)
  9. Pete Bones – “Another Fine Mess” (Red Ant)
  10. The Shaker – “Bring your Love Down” (Red Ant)
  11. JW Paris – “Animal” (Red Ant)

Big Shot Guest Mix 321: Avision

avision anthony cardinale big shot guest mix

Under the auspices of his Avision moniker, up-and-coming New York bred/New Jersey based technocrat Anthony Cardinale has been tearing it up in 2016. Championing a style that’s dark but inherently funky, he’s released tracks on his uncle Victor Calderone’s Waveform Recordings and Coyu’s Suara. His recent Freak Zone EP for Mark Broom’s Beard Man label opened his evolving sound to an even bigger audience and was one of August’s most charted releases by our count. Cardinale shows the mixing prowess he’s brought to Pacha NYC (RIP), Cielo, Surf Club, Flash Factory and Output on Big Shot Guest Mix 321, an 12-track session featuring choice tunes by Roman Lindau, Mr. G, TWR72 and Robert Hood.

“Going into this mix I really tried to play tracks that have the peaks and breaks of a long set,” Cardinale says. “With a short set it’s challenging to get your point across. But I feel with the track selection I picked; the set flows like a journey. It’s always easy to play bomb after bomb, but more of a challenge to play tastefully in a short period of time.”

Big Shot Guest Mix 321: Avision

  1. Roman Lindau – “With My Hands” (Second State Audio)
  2. Avision – “Freak Zone” (Beard Man)
  3. Mr. G – “Free Fall” (Breed)
  4. Traumer – “Astra” (Skryptom Records)
  5. Avision – “Dope Jazz” (Beard Man)
  6. Roman Lindau – “After Dark” (Second State Audio)
  7. Ejeca – “Network” (Exploris)
  8. TWR72 -“X2” (Float Records)
  9. Matador – “The Enem”y ft. Felix da Housecat (Julian Jeweil Remix) (Rukus)
  10. Psyk – “Lowdown” / “Reprise “(Tresor)
  11. Seph – “3D Radio” (Aula Magna)
  12. Robert Hood – “Magnet” (Dekmantel)