Orbital Reunite To Headline The Big Chill ’09


Electronica rave pioneers Orbital called it quits in 2004 after an amazing 15-year run which produced heaps of great singles and a slew of memorable albums. “I think we feel that Orbital has run its course,” said Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll at the time. Now the legendary electronic music duo have announced they will reunite for their first show in five years, and they will headline The Big Chill 2009 in April. Along with brother Phil, Orbital burst upon the dance scene in the ’90s with the now-classic instrumental “Chime” and went on to deliver a memorable set at Glastonbury in 1994.

“It’s not an exercise in nostalgia, the time just seems right,” says Orbital’s Phil Hartnoll. “Everything just seemed to fall into place. I’ve played at the Big Chill before, I DJed there and had a really good time – it’s an amazing festival. The timing is also good: 20 years of being together.”

“We’ve got 15 years of active service, making song,” adds Paul Hartnoll. “If you boil that down to a 90-minute festival set you should get something thoroughly exciting from beginning to end. Let’s put some fun back into it.”

After Orbital disbanded, Phil began recording music under his own name, including material for the Wipeout Pure PSP game and a solo album, The Ideal Condition, while Phil formed another duo, Long Range, with Nick Smith. Their debut album, Madness and Me, was released on their own label, Long Range Recordings, in August. There’s no word on the possibility of a new Orbital album. But at least for now fans can take solace that Orbital’s “Chime” will ring again very soon.

Orbital performing “Chime” at Glastonbury ’94

Darren Ressler