Ultra Naté and Quentin Harris Launch Black Stereo Faith

Ultra Nate Quentin Harris Black Stereo Faith

Ultra Naté, who is currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of her smash crossover hit “Free,” has joined forces with house DJ/producer Quentin Harris in Black Stereo Faith, a new collaborative project.

Both artists bring to the table years of experience making music for the dance floor. However, they say their upcoming debut album out on July 9 brandishes an array of musical influences.

Obligatory press release gush from Ultra Naté: “I think the most important thing to us was to not limit or restrain ourselves with worries over where music is at this particular moment. When we were putting the initial ideas together I would just fish through everything and anything I liked as a jump off point. Pink Floyd, Pointer Sisters, Nine Inch Nails, Madonna, Timbaland, Chic, Tammi Terrell, Eurythmics, The Go-Go’s, Fleetwood Mac, Frankie Knuckles, The Stones, Kate Bush, Earth, Wind and Fire, Sinead O’Connor, Soft Cell, anything that moved me. The great thing about Quentin and what we were doing is that he was open and excited about all of it – no matter how quirky and left of center the idea. I think most listeners are music lovers and open to whatever makes them feel.”

Obligatory press release gush from Quentin Harris: “From the moment we started we had no rules with the kind of music we were making on this record. I didn’t feel any kind of pressure to make things this way or that way. We made whatever we were inspired by. Even with all the different genres we touch on from song to song, if you listen to Black Stereo Faith cohesively it all makes sense together. It’s all encompassing of dance music from rock to disco to urban. It’s not a one-trick pony.”

Black Stereo Faith will make its DJ debut on Saturday, July 8 at Silent Disco at Lincoln Center NYC for Midsummer Night Swing: Nu Disco Edition.

Ultra Naté & Quentin Harris as Black Stereo Faith Tracklisting:
I’m Too Sexy (Touch This Skin)
Taking Me High
Lil Miss Baby
Luv 2 Bee
Give It 2 U
All The Money

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Watch YouTuber Andrew Huang Make Minimal Techno with Fidget Spinners


Toronto-based YouTuber Andrew Huang is a music producer with over 40 albums to his credit. He clearly likes to challenge himself. In fact, past exploits include filming himself making music with water bottles.

Well aware of the fidget spinners phenomenon that’s sweeping the world, Huang tasked himself with the goal of making a minimal techno track solely out of spinning the relaxation devices. The result of his experimentation is the subject of his recently released three-minute video.

At the start of the clip Huang reveals that fidget spinner music is one of his most-requested videos “of all time.” He goes on to craft a track using a fidget spinner, fidget cube and a mic and laptop setup.

Fidget spinners don’t make much noise aside from a whirr and a click, so Huang got creative and made a bassline by positioning the spinner in a sweet spot above the mic, separately adding beats of his own.

While we’re not sure his track is ready for one of Richie Hawtin’s set, Huang does a commendable job. Watch the video — which has naturally gone viral — below and check out his collection of music here.

SF Denies Summer of Love 50th Anniversary Concert Permit for Second Time

Summer of Love 50th Anniversary Golden Gate Park

As San Francisco gets ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, a concert scheduled for August 27, 2017 in Sharon Meadows at Golden Gate Park, has been denied an application for a permit for a second time.

The City of San Francisco determined that the event’s promoters advertised the concert without permission. Other grounds for denial include the use of volunteers and refusing to use a production manager selected by the city’s permits department.

In a press release, the promoters claim wrongdoing on the part of the city, saying there’s a concerted effort by the city government to “intentionally trying to stop this event and all cultural non-profit events in our public park.”

The statement went on to say, “We the Council of Light demand the city of San Francisco, restrain and discipline Dana Ketcham and Diane Rae who are the permits officers involved. We have met all standards of compliance and have a long history of peaceful and well run organized events. These permit officers have directly and intentionally denied our permit on onerous and unfounded grounds.”

Organizers are calling on residents to contact the San Francisco Permits department 415-831-6868, 415-831-5504, and Mayor Ed Lee 415-554-6141 and “make your words heard, don’t take no for an answer.”

Cardboard Box Turntables Are Now A Thing


Last year fast-food giant Pizza Hut made international headlines when it unveiled the world’s first playable DJ pizza box that when folded turned into a complete turntable setup, including two decks, volume sliders, pitch controls and a crossfader.

Chinese startup Spinbox is taking the concept to the next level with their own line of DIY turntables made out of cardboard.

Billed as a simple, affordable way to experience vinyl, the decks are easy to assemble and come with a built-in amplifier and a pair of speakers. Spinbox’s exterior is made from recycled paper pulp — a water-resistant, and versatile material that is also used in packaging for Apple products.

Additionally, Spinbox can easily switch from 33 to 45 to 78 RPM and plays 7-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch singles. It can be driven via micro USB and fits most phone charger adapters and portable chargers.

The lightweight, easy-to-carry decks are easily assembled in five easy steps that the brand say takes 18 minutes to put together.

If you’re eager to get your hands on one of these decks, well, you’re going to have to wait a while. Spinbox is about to launch a crowdfunding campaign. Find out more here.

spinbox turntable all_componentsspinbox-turntable