DJ Elroy January 2018 Chart


  1. Vassili Gemini – Gitan (DJ Mibor RMX) (Green Queen Music)
  2. Los Fumakerz – “Get House” (Household Digital)
  3. Oliver Dollar & Jesse Rose – “When We Heard Solid Groove” (Ardalan’s Switch-It-Up RMX) (Midnight Blend)
  4. ZXX – “Feel So Good” (Spacedisco Records)
  5. Danny Howells & Dick Trevor – “Dusk Til Dawn ft Erire” (Shapeshifters RMX) (iCompilations)
  6. Conga Squad – “Live at K-Market” (Rescue RMX) (InStereo)
  7. Gershon Jackson – “Huggin’ & Luvin'” (Chocolate Puma RMX) (Bargrooves)
  8. Bart&Baker – “Communication ft Slim Gaillard” ( KeX RMX) (Bart&Baker Music)
  9. Robbie Rivera – “I’m So Addictive” (Saliva Commandos Extended RMX) (Juicy Music/Armada Music)
  10. Jaco & Mr Hide – “Sweet & Wild” (Olav Basoski RMX) (Dragber Records)

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DJ Elroy December 2017 Chart


  1. Darin Epsilon & Matan Caspi – “Thousand Winds” (Wally Lopez RMX) (Perspectives Digital)
  2. COMA – “Poor Knight” (Kompakt)
  3. Adam Port – “I Never Wear Black” (Simple Symmetry RMX) (Keinemusic)
  4. Guy J – “West On Mars” (Bedrock)
  5. Florian Kruse – “Darkland” (Bjoern Stoerig Remix) (Light My Fire)
  6. Paul Hazendonk – “Profound Shift of Conceptual Awareness” (Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia RMX) (Variety Music)
  7. Upercent – “Pulsacions” (Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada RMX) (Sincopat)
  8. Jamie xx – “On Hold” (Jamie xx RMX) (Young Turks)
  9. George & Pika – “Colt” (George FitzGerald Remix) (Hotflush Recordings)
  10. Ardalan & Christian Martin – “Fantastic Plantet” (Trippy Ass Technologies)

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DJ Elroy Summer 2017 Top 10


  1. Triple Letter – “Sinister” (Doppelgaenger)
  2. Ryan Davis & LMNSKT – “Hadron” (Aparde Remix) (Klangwelt)
  3. Nick Warren & Guy Mantzur – “Sad Robot” (D-Nox & Beckers RMX) (Bedrock)
  4. Phunklife & Alex O’Rion – “Do It Twice” (Med in Mars RMX) (ICONYC)
  5. Randweg – “Wokules Walzer” (Nick Hoppner’s S612 RMX) (Funken)
  6. Max Cooper – “Organa” (Patrice Baumel RMX) (Mesh)
  7. Dennis Cruz – “Feeling High” (Samu.I RMX) (Suruba X)
  8. Alphonse Glint – “Glint AM” (DJ Normal 4 Remix) (Emotional Especial)
  9. The Timewriter & Sid Thomson – “Life is Just a Timeless Motion” (Plastic City)
  10. Blond:ish & Shawni – “Wizard of Love” (Modular Project RMX) (Rebirth)

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Review: Balance presents Natura Sonoris Mixed by Henry Saiz

Balance presents Natura Sonoris mixed by Henry Saiz

As more over-hyped pop festivals clutter our calendars and more celebrities demand a spin in the DJ booth, the frustration grows for discriminating ears to separate the pure from the pretentious. The electronic dance music scene has become a caricature of itself, pumping out disposable tunes from an assembly line of ghost writers while the corporate cash-in echoes the blind eye of a dying dance floor during the death of disco.

But for us jaded-types, all is not lost.

Enter Balance Music. The Aussie label’s newest release is conducted by Spain’s Henry Saiz. Balance presents Natura Sonoris Mixed by Henry Saiz is a journey of epic proportions, blurring the line between chill house music, techno, tribal, acid, and more.

With a runtime of nearly 2.5 hours (as either a two-disc physical set or a single continuous digital download), this project is near-perfection. It’s packed full of exclusive music, classic reworks, remixes from Saiz’s Natura Sonoris label, special samples, and unique layers.

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Saiz’s confidence really shines through in his acclaimed live sets and award-winning productions and reworks. And just as importantly, he’s in touch with the dance floor; he knows how to program a set that’s interesting and emotional. His music inspires artists and engages listeners. This is his first official mix album since Balance 019 more than five years ago, and it was well worth the wait. Continue Reading

Review: RiLo – Pasiva EP

Rilo Pasiva EP Analog Music

Analog Music drops its ninth release with the Pasiva EP from Spanish artist RiLo and solid remix support from fellow house-heads Los Fumakerz and Andy Peimbert.

The pair of originals are deep four-to-the-floor joints, each complimented by a tech-infused remix. The title track is a big bottomed house bopper with a slow unfold, a warm groove, and low-key percussions. The Los Fumakerz version pops with punchier kicks, snappier snares, and classic claps all laid atop a rolling bassline and presented with a dirty tech-house ‘tude. “Swaming” is a deliciously deep ride with a throwback vibe and sexy horns. And Andy Peimbert’s remix casts off the casual mantel for a more dynamic sound with a frantic boost.

Sometimes music doesn’t need subtleties to be effective; the Pasiva EP isn’t breaking down any walls but it does keep the dance floor fired up.

Review: Bufi – Siempre EP

Bufi Siempre EP sincopat

Bufi (Mexico’s Mateo Gonzalez) is breaking down the walls of musical stereotypes and re-writing the rules of genre classification. The Siempre EP (Sincopat) is a chuggin’ fusion of house music, techno, acid, and electronica with an emphasis on intricate breakdowns and hypnotic beats. The top two tracks are heavy, dark affairs; the pair on the flipside are a bit lighter with a more upbeat attitude. Though slow to grow and following a somewhat a predictable song progression, once the cuts hit their stride there’s no turning back.

Title track “Siempre” rumbles in with a grinding bottom and crisp snares, building with staccato synths as the song takes form and new elements are shuffled in, allowing the glitchy layers weaving around each other. “CV Smoothie” is a thundering tech-ish cut with a mundane build but industrial-strength sound that winds up to let loose with a pounding kick and hypnotic leads. “El House Es Tu Idioma” might be an 8-bit reminiscence, somewhat brighter than the others with a vocal that stands out more than the earlier tracks’ simple samples. Finally, “Slowfall” adds something different with an eclectic and breezy underground twist.

With four unique flavors, the Siempre EP has something for everyone. The release works because, as the song says, house music is a universal language.