Denis Rodd 5 Tracks of the Moment


Last month we introduced you to Berlin-based DJ/producer Denis Rodd. The proprietor of Cochlea Music, Rodd’s expansive sound explores house and techno.

In April Rodd dropped his excellent Embryo EP, a strong release espousing his tech-house manifesto, and we were extremely pleased to world premiere his glistening track “Crisalida.”

As we await future releases from Rodd and his imprint, we asked him to share five tracks that are currently rocking his musical world. Continue Reading

Premiere: Lúlla – Only You


Electronic pop duo Lúlla (which in case you were wondering is Icelandic for sleeping) is the musical union between British producer Nude Disco and Icelandic singer-songwriter Heidrun Bjornsdottir. Together, they’ve united to forge a sound founded on shimmering ’80s European synth-pop that’s complemented by melancholy vocals.

On April 24 the duo will release Winter In The City, a six-song mini album. It was written between London and Reykjavik and sets the stage for a full-length album due out in October.

We’re pleased to world premiere Lúlla’s sleek cover of “Only You,” an Italo smash hit originally recorded by Savage (a.k.a. Roberto Zanetti) in 1984. Listen below and get lost in their respectful homage to this classic track.

Djebali 5 Tracks of the Moment


Parisian house DJ/producer Mehdi Djebali began producing music eight years ago. Since then he’s been developing his own deep style. As a DJ he’s cultivated his reputation in the booth, holding down a residency at Freak n’Chic’s Batofar parties between 2008 and 2010 and, more recently, helming his Ideal Juice parties at Rex Club.

In January the one-named phenom took his profile to the next level by releasing his full-length debut, 5, on his ( djebali ) label. It’s a special collection of music where Djebali has the space to stretch out and present his deep, lush and effortless sound.

Currently on a nonstop global tour supporting 5, earlier this month he touched down in America to play DJ gigs at Flash in Washington, D.C. and Schimanski in Brooklyn. In between flights back to  Europe, we managed to catch up with Djebali and got him to share five club tracks he’s currently unleashing on dance floors. Continue Reading

Tuff London 5 Tracks of the Moment


Over the past year rising UK house twosome Tuff London — Ben K and Sam T — have made friends and influenced people courtesy of their party-perfect 4/4 sound. The pair started getting a lot of attention after they released their smash singles “Sending Love” and “Front Line” featuring vocalist Steve Edwards on Toolroom Trax in 2016.

Tuff London continue their winning ways with their The Block EP. Released last week on Tough London’s unstoppable Get Twisted Records, the release is jam-packed with peak-hour house bangers.

Ahead of a pair of UK DJ dates, we checked in with Ben and Sam and asked them to tell us about five new tracks they’re fancying at the moment. Read below to find out the tracks that are floating their proverbial boat.

Catch Tuff London at Unrelated @ Society in Kirkcaldy, UK on April 21 and Lightbox in London on May 27. Continue Reading

Big Shot Guest Mix 329: Bryan Chapman


UK-based techno producer/artist/photographer Bryan Chapman has released tracks on Cari Lekebusch’s H-Productions, Alan Fitzpatrick’s 8 Sided Dice, Dustin Zahn’s Enemy, Joachim Spieth’s Affin and Butch’s Bouq. After recently announcing the formation of his own imprint, Monotony, whose mission is “to create psychedelic and monotonous techno,” Chapman is about to release the label’s debut offering in the form of his Traveler Departs For Manonasa EP.

To celebrate the EP’s release Chapman went into the lab and took control of the latest Big Shot Guest Mix. His no-nonsense 18-track session glides along with the precision of a vintage Mercedes cruising down the Autobahn at top speed. He skillfully juxtaposes several of his brand-new productions alongside tracks by Reggy Van Oers, Oscar Mulero, Slam and Lewis Fautzi for maximum effect.

Hit the play button below, and be sure to pick up Chapman’s Traveler Departs For Manonasa EP on April 17.

Big Shot Guest Mix 329: Bryan Chapman

  1. Pris – Divinity (Avian)
  2. Bryan Chapman – Dawn of Sila (Monotony)
  3. Marla Singer – Naked Face (Children of Tomorrow)
  4. Reggy Van Oers – Unobtrusive (PoleGroup)
  5. Bryan Chapman – Isserley (Monotony)
  6. Oscar Mulero – Hyperbolic Paths (Token)
  7. Bryan Chapman – Solitude Riots (Affin)
  8. Bryan Chapman – Untitled
  9. Slam – Obstacle (Soma Records)
  10. Bryan Chapman – Journey of Conarium (Affin)
  11. Edit Select – 16 (Android Muziq)
  12. Mike Parker – Angels in Cages (Tresor Records)
  13. Lewis Fautzi – Elocution (Figure)
  14. Bryan Chapman – Lost Paradox of the Secret War (Monotony)
  15. Bryan Chapman – Arsenik (Monotony)
  16. Abstract Division – Corrosive Mind (Milton Bradley Remix) (
  17. Rrose – Specimen 3 (Infrastructure New York)
  18. Bryan Chapman – P-Hex (Monotony)

Long Live the Extended DJ Set


Back in the day I regularly attended 12-hour marathon DJ sets spun by Junior Vasquez at the Palladium in New York City. Vasquez would hold court the entire set, dropping unreleased material to classics when the sun came up. Sometimes the vibe was incredible and as special as capturing lightning in a bottle. Other times you could tell he was working out ideas, but his faithful fans loved him no less for it. Every time I left the Palladium on Sunday afternoon I knew I had experienced something truly special.

This sort of experience is rare nowadays. Club bills are getting bigger and DJ sets are getting shorter. Some say the shift is accommodating the changing taste of a generation with shorter attention spans; others believe it boils down to promoters and club owners sucumbing to market pressures. There’s probably merit to both theories.

The cultural shift in clubland hasn’t been lost on Toolroom Records boss Mark Knight. A fan of playing longer and taking clubbers on the proverbial journey rather than an Uber ride, he began talking to peers including Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez and Andy C about why playing longer is often better.

His inquest is documented in Odyssey, a short film chronicling his conversations. One of the best lines comes Tenaglia, who says matter-of-factly how playing all night was a given when he first started out. “Everybody worked 9 to 5 – 9pm to 5am. That’s what was normal to me. Still to this day I don’t consider that a marathon.”

There’s also an accompanying DJ tour, All Knight Long, where clubbers in select cities will get a no-holds-barred taste of Knight’s skills.

In advance of the tour kicking off April 12 at Culture Box in Copenhagen, we talked to Knight about his inspiration behind the film and subsequent DJ tour. Continue Reading