Premiere: Garben – Exploitation

Charmin Records Nightlife EP

“Made with love. No hype. Just underground.” Germany’s Charmin Records  distills its mission for releasing quality house music in seven purposeful words on its succinct mission statement. Out of all of the labels I’ve discovered this year, Charmin, which is run by enigmatic producer FM, embodies the epitome of fresh, forward-thinking vibes.

As 2017 draws to a close, the label is about to unveil its final releases of the year, the Nightlife EP, which is set to drop on December 15.

We’re extremely pleased to world premiere Garban’s “Exploitation” from the upcoming multi-artist four-tracker. The Düsseldorf producer sculpts a rollicking, free-flowing analogue jam that will invigorate your soul. Get a first listen to the majestic track below and enjoy.

We Took the Moog Factory Tour (and it Was Awesome)


Sometimes the best experiences happen when they’re unplanned. Since my days as a music gear-obsessed teenager I’ve known that Asheville, NC, is the home of Moog Music. But to be fully transparent my first pilgrimage to Asheville had a different agenda: craft beer.

Asheville, one of the more progressive cities situated in the western part of North Carolina, has become a mecca for those whose beliefs tend to lean left. Though there have been concerns that Asheville is gentrifying, the city has a magical mix of art, culture and temperate weather.

After imbibing choice stouts, porters and ales at Burial, Greenman, and Wicked Weed’s Funkatorium, I ventured down Lexington Avenue, a street sprinkled with restaurants and quaint shops. Ten minutes or so later is Broadway and there stands a delightfully surprising sight: Moog Music‘s headquarters in all of his humble splendor.

Enter the building and there’s a shop peddling Moog equipment and an array of branded chatkchas like these adorable magnets.


There’s an assortment of books, T-shirts, glasses and mugs … they’re hard to resist. My first instinct was to hand over my credit card and buy everything. Continue Reading

James Zabiela Says Mixing ‘Balance 029’ Was Cathartic

James Zabiela Balance 029

James Zabiela has been tapped to mix Balance 029, which is due out February 9, 2018. There are two notable things about the release: Firstly, the 58-track, two-disc collection is Zabiela’s first mix CD in seven years; secondly, secondly, the comp took a year to put together and was influenced by unspecified “major incidents” in Zabiela’s personal life.

“It went from being a ‘just a simple mix CD’ to quite the cathartic exercise with the music that accompanied me. It wasn’t a quick process; neither was it pain free,” Zabiela says.

“My mission statement to myself with this project was that I wanted to make something that was rich and textured,” he explains. “Something the listener could get lost in. Some people know me for my technical noodling but this really had to be about the music, whilst still challenging myself technically. My focus was very heavily on melody and combining songs that would have ‘conversations’ with each other.”

To whet his fans’ appetite Zabiela has posted a 20-minute teaser mix as well as the impressive track list. Check ’em both out below.



  1. Sapphire Slows – Silent Escape [Mundus]
  2. Kornél Kovács – Szikra [Studio Barnhus]
  3. Barry Lynn – Alpha Tauri [Touch Sensitive]
  4. Earlham Mystics – Truth [Notown]
  5. B12 – Untold [Central Processing Unit]
  6. VC-118A – Face the Waves [Lunar Disko Records]
  7. Grandbrothers – Bloodflow [City Slang]
  8. Sad City – Steady Jam [Emotional Response]
  9. Talaboman – Safe Changes [R&S Records]
  10. Francisco Branda – Hyena [Traumuart]
  11. Ecco Foul – Gloss [Ecco Foul]
  12. Pye Corner Audio – Dead Ends [I Love Acid]
  13. HOLOVR – Into Light [Further]
  14. Debussy – Reverie 68 (Second Story & Appleblim Rework) [Decca Classics]
  15. Island People – Distance 7 [Raster]
  16. Oddhoody – The Deep [Electronic Tapes]
  17. Merrin Karras – Void [A Strangely Isolated Place]
  18. Pev & Kowton – Junked [Hessle Audio]
  19. Davis – Plenitude [Live at Robert Johnson]
  20. Ozel AB – Positronic Dreams [Workshop]
  21. OOBE – Crush Mind [Blueberry]
  22. Courser – Distances [Electronic Emergencies]
  23. James Zabiela – Vines [Balance / Born Electric]
  24. AAAA – Jazz D [Omnidisc]
  25. ARCHITECTURAL – Cubismo 8.2 (Lost in Buenos Aires I) [Architectural]


  1. Goldmund – Thread [Friends of Friends]
  2. Earlham Mystics – Waters [Notown]
  3. Steve Hauschildt – Horizon of Appearances [Kranky]
  4. Radio Slave – Children of The E (KiNK SP1200 Mix) [Running Back]
  5. Avalon Emerson – The Frontier (High Desert Synthapella) [Whities]
  6. James Zabiela – X-Ray [Balance / Born Electric]
  7. Mak & Pasteman – Pulses [Mak & Pasteman]
  8. Pisetzky – Vahana [Just This]
  9. Lanark Artefax – Touch Absence [Whities]
  10. John Beltran – Under This Sky [Delsin]
  11. Lawrence – Simmer (Lake People Remix) [Mule Musiq]
  12. Solitary Dancer – Paradise Found (Rapture Version) [Graded]
  13. Chambray – Cerulean [Ultramajic]
  14. Silas & Snare – Memories [Brotherhood Sound System]
  15. Redlight – City Jams [Hot Haus]
  16. Lake People – Delusive [Mule Musiq]
  17. Truncate – WRKTRX 3 [Truncate]
  18. Rod – Pull (with Christina) [Klockworks]
  19. Plant43 – Frozen Monarch [Frustrated Funk]
  20. Sinfol – Crystalline featuring Barbara Ford [Anagram]
  21. Steve Parker – Acid Planet [Planet Rhythm]
  22. Fabrizio Lapiana – Far Away [Figure Jams]
  23. SHDW & Obscure Shape – Augen der Nacht (Ryan James Ford Version) [From Another Mind]
  24. Benjamin Damage – Montreal [R&S Records]
  25. Mark Henning – Expander Six [Soma]
  26. Special Request – Carex Vesicaria [Houndstooth]
  27. Wata Igarashi – Lucifero [Midgar]
  28. Paper Dollhouse – Crayons [MoonDome]
  29. A Sagittariun – Vanishing Point [Hypercolour]
  30. Anthony Linell – Fractal Vision [Northern Electronics]
  31. Hans Berg – In Dreams [The Vinyl Factory]
  32. Sine Sleeper – Closing [Traum Schallplatten]
  33. J. Mono – Sspses [Dalmata Daniel]

Nicolas Bougaïeff 5 Tracks of the Moment

Nicolas Bougaïeff

Classically trained French-Canadian techno artist Nicolas Bougaïeff recently released his Principles Of Newspeak album on his Denkfabrik label. His full-length includes three tracks from his Cognitive Resonance EP marking the return of NovaMute, a sub-label of Mute Records, whose amazing heritage dates back to 1992. A cavalcade of innovators were aligned with the imprint before it went dormant — we’re talking heavy hitters like Si Begg, Luke Slater, Joey Beltram, Emmanuel Top and Miss Kittin — so it’s evident that Bougaïeff is in good company.

In addition to producing hard-hitting, pulsating tracks, the Berlin-based multihyphenate has collaborated with Max Cooper and runs Liine software, a startup backed by Richie Hawtin.

As Bougaïeff winds down a productive year, we stole a few moments and asked him to fill us in on his five tracks of the moment. Continue Reading

Premiere: Mr.C – Shape Your Dreams (Banco de Gaia Remix)


From his days rapping in The Shamen to co-running the now-defunct London nightclub/label The End to his current solo career, London-born, LA-based DJ/producer Mr. C (a.k.a. Richard West) has remained 100 percent true to underground dance music.

His dedication to exploring the genre comes across loud and clear on his impressive third full-length album, Incidents (Superfreq), which was released earlier in the year. (Fun fact: “Stand Up” from the LP appeared on the #savefabric compilation issued last November.)

This week Mr. C will release “Shape Your Dreams,” which is the third and final single from his recent LP. We’re extremely pleased to world premiere Banco de Gaia’s flawless breakbeat-laden remix. Toby Marks, another talented electronic-music journeyman from the same era, reimagines the cut with acid lines, heavy helpings of digi funk and Mr.C’s trademark vocal.

Listen below and check the full remix EP featuring Bushwacka!, David Scuba and Noël Jackson on December 8.

Premiere: Nacho Marco – Northern Spirit

20 years of nordic trax

Luke McKeehan’s Nordic Trax is taking a well-deserved victory lap this month with 20 Years of Nordic Trax, a spectacular retrospective of new and exclusive tracks. The release celebrates the Vancouver-based house imprint’s two decades in the game. What’s distinguished the label is McKeehan’s unwavering dedication to releasing innovative house music, ignoring fleeting trends in favor of supporting music that push the musical conversations forward.

We’re honored to world premiere the exclusive track “Northern Spirit” from Spanish DJ/producer Nacho Marco, a supremely talented artist whose body of work for top labels like Ovum Recordings, Madhouse and We Play House fluidly channels the underground pulse of New York, Chicago, and Detroit.

On “Northern Spirit” the Loudeast Records boss crafts a rousing uptempo masterpiece boasting plucky piano, swirling synth stabs and a smooth groove that’s easy like Sunday morning.

Get a first listen below and pick up the milestone compilation — which features tracks and mixes by Mark Farina, Cristoph, The Revenge, Jon Delerious and Gavin Froome — on December 8.