Big Shot Guest Mix 334: James Demon


Occultists is a new Berlin-based techno label. While there are imprints labels galore in founder James Demon’s home city, Occultists is attempting to find its own sonic niche by forging a sound that speaks to disparate moods. In celebration of the release of the label’s second musical offering, the five-track Book Of Shadows: Various Spells Vol. 1 EP featuring tracks by Adra, Dugong, F600 and Zoid^, Demon, who is also featured on the release, turns in a dark and brooding Big Shot Guest Mix.

Demon, who will release an EP on Occultists in October, fastidiously stuffs his 18-track set with upfront tracks and older gems by Planetary Assault Systems, Ellen Allien, Matrixxman, and The Horrorist.

Here’s what Demon had to say about the inspiration behind the mix:

I created this mix that defines the way that I currently like to play in clubs. The mix contains current and old music as I find it important to find the balance between the two. The concept behind Occultists is finding the balance between the dark and light while not being afraid to travel into the darkness to find the other. In my mixes it is important for me to find the balance while still giving the audience what they want on the dance floor. As I grew as an artist, especially in Berlin where I live, I was finally able to fine-tune what I define as my sound. I look at music in a very esoteric way so I don’t stick to just one spectrum of electronic music. If I hear a track and it makes my imagination run wild in that way then I know that I have found a gem. I also look at DJing as creating a ritual for people to dance and lose themselves, this is one thing that many people don’t realize that our nightclubbing is basically a type of modern ritual. Hope you enjoy the mix and that it takes you on a magical journey through a piece of my world.

Hit the play below and catch the Occultist label night at SchwuZ in Berlin on July 13.

Big Shot Guest Mix 334: James Demon

  1. Intro – Blair Meets The Love Witch
  2. James Demon – Old Magick – Occultists
  3. Planetary Assault Systems – Function 4 (Chris Liebing 2011 Rework) – Mote-Evolver
  4. Jeroen Search – Compressive Strength – Figure SPC
  5. Sluts’n’Strings And 909 – Summerbreeze – Sender Records
  6. Adra – Ami – Occultists
  7. Ellen Allien – Physical – BPitch Control
  8. Matrixxman – Augmented (Gherkin Jerks Lab Chaos Mix) – Spectral Sound
  9. Israel Vines ‎– Gatekeepers – Eye Teeth
  10. Evigt Mörker ‎– Unity And Rose – Semantica Records
  11. Terence Fixmer – Trace To Noweher – Ostgut Ton
  12. JP Enfant – Project Northwoods – LET Recordings
  13. Gareth Wild – Attack At Titan – EarToGround Records
  14. Chris Liebing & Speedy J – Lava – NovaMute
  15. Ancient Methods – Born Of Ashes – Persephonic Sirens
  16. The Horrorist – Mission Ecstasy (Remixed By The Hacker) – Acardipane Records
  17. The Age Of Love – The Age Of Love (Watch Out For Stella Club Mix) – React
  18. Outro – Burkittsville

Premiere: Eliot Lipp – Tides


Veteran Austin-based producer Eliot Lipp is set to unveil his new album, Skywave, on Detroit-based label Young Heavy Rebels, an imprint operating smack dab at the intersection of electronic music and hip-hop. Lipp, who has released music on Prefuse 73’s Eastern DeVelopments label, Hefty, Mush and Old Tacoma, has made his bones embracing a sound that gleans elements of hip-hop, electro and soul.

We’re extremely pleased to world premiere “Tides” from his full-length out on June 23. It’s an instrumental where deep keyboards and melodic synths mingle with crisp beats and a funky-ass bassline from heaven.

Interestingly, a bout with sleeplessness informed the track: “I was back in Tacoma, WA (my hometown) during the holidays. One night I was up late and couldn’t sleep. The only equipment I brought was my Yamaha Montage and a laptop. Since I was pretty bare bones, I looped some chords, looped some hi-hats, etc. I just kept looping for fun and to drive off insomnia. I went through the motions of making a track but in a spontaneous, half asleep way. I didn’t think it would make the album but the more I worked on it, the more I realized there was a mood created by the track that couldn’t have conjured intentionally.”

Check out the world premiere below, and catch Lipp tonight at Jupiter Disco in Brooklyn with Michna and Lauren Flax.

Riddim Commission 5 Tracks of the Moment

Riddim Commission

With a palpable buzz emanating across the Atlantic courtesy of their jam “Cut Some Shapes,” genre defying UK DJ/production duo Riddim CommissionMarco Del Horno (Bullet Train Records boss/BBC Radio 1Xtra/Rinse FM host) and Swerve (Kiss FM) — just dropped their debut album, Riddim.Bass.Life.

The full-length arrives after an array of musical exploits, including dropping their notable “Intimidating Love” collaboration with Roger Sanchez and Richard Judge in 2016.

Boasting a kinetic sound informed by house, grime, garage and hip-hop, Riddim.Bass.Life features a list of phenomenal collaborators including D Double E, Eve, Stush, Doctor, MC Neat, Scrufizzer, Neutrino and Rye Rye.

With the album now out for the masses to enjoy, we connected with Marco and Swerve and asked them to share five tracks that are currently dominating their DJ sets. Continue Reading

Big Shot Guest Mix 333: Aaron Baron

aaron baron

aaron baron

Aaron Baron is the second underground electronic music project of DJ/producer Baron Massilia. Currently riding into summer on the heels of his deep roller “Avec Moi” featuring vocalist Jerid Nowell out now on Marseille, France’s 432 Hertz Records. And as we type this post, a new stormer from the French maestro, “The Dusk Room” feat. Johnny Romance, just popped into our inbox.

Baron takes control of the latest Big Shot Guest Mix and it’s truly something quite spectacular. Over the course of 15 tracks, he peppers in old jams and upfront tracks and mixes as well as older gems by the likes of Gel Abril, Mark Broom, Johannes Heil and Steve Lawler.

He says of his mix, “I was imagining the music you should like, and I went back to my old vinyl. I made a selection, sampled some of them, then I went back to my last underground tracks and recent releases and made the mix live on MixMeister. Hope you enjoy.”

Big Shot Guest Mix 333: Aaron Baron

  1. White Label
  2. Croatia Squad – Electric Masquerade (Daniel Portman More Carnival Remix)
  3. Gel Abril – Your Face Is A Mess (Mark Broom Remix)
  4. Steve Lawler – Violet (Original Mix)
  5. White Label
  6. Johannes Heil – Consciousness (Original Mix)
  7. Aaron Baron – In the Cube
  8. Ten Walls – Requiem (Original Mix)
  9. Steve Lawler – Century Ketchup (Original Mix)
  10. Sebastien Léger – Bubbly (Original_Mix)
  11. Bary of Figs De Chez Loac
  12. Umek, Jay Lumen – Sinful Ladies (Original Mix)
  13. White Label
  14. Artist Unknown – Raise The Roof (Original Mix)
  15. Phony Orphants – Playground
  16. White Label
  17. Chab Feat. JD Davis – Closer To Me (Muzzaik Remix)

rrotik 5 Tracks of the Moment


rrotik cut his teeth producing electro and dubstep tracks, but that’s all in the past.

Opting to take a different musical path, the Brazilian DJ/producer is now focused on techno and house, and the shift in direction is paying off in dividends. His productions have won favor of top jocks like Claude VonStroke, Low Steppa, and Oliver Heldens, and he’s bringing new flavors with each release.

After dropping his re-rub of Feder’s “Back For More” feat. Daecolm and unleashing “Boom, Boom, Boom” with Felix, rrotik’s fiery collaboration with UK producer LiTek came to light in the form of “Faasti,” a deep, dark dance floor cut released on Tough Love‘s unstoppable Get Twisted Records. Released on June 2, the track has already won a place in DJ sets from globetrotting jocks including Dantiez Saunderson, Tom Novy, and Golf Clap.

As rrotik prepares for a busy summer, we asked him to share five new tracks he currently can’t live without. Continue Reading

Premiere: Pacific State – 1990 (Neil Curtis Vision Mix)


We’ve sung the praises of Laurent Ash (a.k.a Lifelike) many times over the years for quite good reason. What we’ve always appreciated is how the French DJ/producer always marches to his own beat, steering clear of fleeting fads and trends and creating at his discretion on his own lane.

With one foot firmly planted in the present, Ash has always drawn influence to the past. Whether he’s collaborating with a peer such as Kris Menace, dropping a disco-house jam or paying homage to Happy Mondays’ Madchester classic “Hallelujah,” the past informs the present.

Ash has joined forces with Neil Curtis in Pacific State, a project that draws influence from legendary dance acts of the ’80s and ’90s. They stay true to the music of the era by creating their tracks using much the same gear that producers in this era used.  We’re talking about an arsenal of vintage machinery: Roland TR-909/808/303s, Akai S950 samplers, and an Atari ST computer.

Ahead of the release of their “1990” out June 9 on House Science, we’re pleased to world premiere the Neil Curtis Vision Mix, an interpretation that takes the Original Mix to a deeper, darker plane. Rave on.