Lay Your Eyes, Ears & Hands on Vinyl, a Luxury Bathroom Sink That Resembles a DJ Setup You Need Right Now


If you’ve ever thought of bringing a retro club vibe to your bathroom, you’re in luck. Contemporary Italian design firm Olympia Ceramica are getting ready to present a new collection of sinks inspired by a traditional DJ setup.

Designed by artistic director Gianluca Paludi and set to debut at the 2018 Milan Furniture Fair in April, Vinyl is comprised of faucets that look like tone arms and control water pressure and temperature and sink basins that resemble record platters.

A wooden base includes a storage drawer that’ holds with a Bluetooth speaker, which are obscured by a series of small holes on the front panel. There’s also a mirrored panel with LED lights that simulate a graphic equalizer and a tempered glass shelf, a towel rail and a leather bag, providing storage for toiletries and accessories.

The Vinyl bathroom sink collection will be sold in one- and two-sink designs. There’s no word yet from the company on the release date or how much it will cost.

vinyl sink Olympia Ceramica

Carl Craig Takes Motor City Techno to the Next Level with the Birth of Detroit Love Series with 74-Minute Stacey Pullen Mix

stacey pullen detroit love mix

Motor City techno stalwart Carl Craig launched the Detroit Love event series in 2014 to spread the city’s musical vibes far and wide. An artist who’s always thinking two steps ahead, Craig has just announced the launch of an eponymous imprint, a collaboration between his Planet E label and !K7. The series will shine the spotlight on up-and-coming and established artists who have aligned themselves with the city’s sound.

The label will make its debut on May 18 with Detroit Love, a sprawling 16-track DJ mix from feloow hometown icon and Blackflag Recordings boss Stacy Pullen.

Pullen’s expansive mix features tracks and mixes from DJ 3000, Craig Sherrad, Patrice ScottDelano SmithGary Martin and Ataxia. (See full track list below.)

Obligatory press release gush from Stacey Pullen: “I wanted to showcase the versatility of music from Detroit, whether it be a Detroit label or Detroit artist, the connection is there for you to grasp. My mix features music from across the board by artists that have been around for a while and those new to the scene.”

Obligatory press release gush from Carl: “Detroit Love as a label is the most obvious progression from what we have done with the parties. The idea is to connect the vibe of the parties with something people can take home with them.”

Detroit Love: Stacey Pullen Track list:

  1. Soulphiction – Ann Arbor (Original Mix)
  2. Craig Sherrad – The Fader
  3. Remote Viewing Party – 410
  4. Delano Smith – They’re Coming
  5. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts (Marcellus Pittman Remix)
  6. Burning Bridges – System
  7. Gary Martin – Galaxy Style
  8. Ken Young – Horney Chords
  9. Ataxia – Time
  10. DJ 3000 – Delray (Original Mix)
  11. Sawlin – Wired Everything
  12. Chicola – Sidechain Memory
  13. MOTUO – Purple Pulse
  14. Burning Bridges – Low Down (Original Mix)
  15. Gary Martin – We Get Down (12inch Mix)
  16. Patrice Scott – Detroit State of Mind

For $1500 You Can Build An Unreleased Moog Synth With Your Own Two Hands at Moogfest 2018

Moogfest 2017 Synth Building workshop

Moogfest 2018 returns to quaint Durham, NC, on May 17-20. The three-day event will once again offer music and technology fans an assortment of panels and music showcases organized by one of the mainstays in the world of synthesizers.

If you’ve ever dreamed about building their own Moog synth, well, you’re in luck. The brand is offering the rare opportunity to construct an unreleased at this yea’s Moogfest.

Those who purchase the $1500 for the Engineer Festival pass will get the chance to build the Sub-Harmonicon, a brand-new, unreleased synth, alongside Moog engineers.

The synth is inspired by the Trautonium, the Rythmicon, and the Schillinger System and is described as “a semi-modular harmonic kaleidoscope that divides into itself until everything that is up becomes down.”

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The two-day workshop is open to all enthusiasts — a technical background in synth-building isn’t required, but space is limited. In addition to building your own synth and getting full access to panels and showcases, the passes gets you the following:

  • VIP Access to all events and exclusive areas.
  • Complimentary food and beverage in select areas.
  • Prioritized access to workshop registration.
  • Access to a dedicated Festival Concierge who organizes your Engineer class schedule and is available for any questions you have may have.
  • A custom embroidered patch representing the 2018 Engineer Workshop class.

More info about the Engineer Pass and other festival options can be found here. If you’re on the fence, keep in mind that payment plans are also available.

Tip: Tom Middleton’s ‘Sleep Better’ is the Natural Secret to a World-Class Night’s Sleep


Globetrotting DJ/producer/sound designer Tom Middleton has been burning the creative candle at both ends since the late ’80s in Cornwall, England. At the start of his production career he struck up a friendship with a then unknown chap named Richard D. James, whose Aphex Twin project was just getting off the ground. Not too long after Middleton had found his groove, creating genre-defining music with Mark Pritchard in Global Communication. (The duo’s 1994 album, 76:14, is a benchmark of excellence in the field.)

Middleton’s lengthy discography is truly something to behold — countless productions, remixes and a spate of brilliant mix CDs spanning ambient, deep house and downtempo. (2002’s sprawling three-disc opus The Sound Of The Cosmos is as sublime a mix collection as they come.) Factor in a variety of work as a sound designer, sample pack producer and that equals a busy man.

More recently, Middleton has come to learn and better understand the science of sleep, which invigorates the mind, body and soul, reduces stress, energizes, calms and plays an important role in overall wellbeing. If you don’t get enough of it on a consistent basis — a challenge for many of us in our always-on culture — then serious health problems may develop.

The cost of sleep deprivation in the US costs 1.2 million lost working days a year, costing $411bn or 2.28 percent of GDP. Middleton says if we could get just one more hour of quality sleep to make up to 7 hours plus, it would add £24bn back to the UK economy.

Middleton trained to become a sleep coach, learning about sleep architecture, sleep health and hygiene. Before long his two passions converged. It led to Sleep Better (Universal Music), an album of soundscapes designed to help inspire relaxation before bedtime. The tracks he created slow respiration with the goal of reducing blood pressure and stress levels, with the goal of activating the relaxation mechanism.

On the eve of the album’s release on World Sleep Day, Middleton recalls how he became interested in sleep science and why Sleep Better could be the important project of his career. Continue Reading

Premiere: Luca D’Alberto – Everywhere You Are (Yehezkel Raz Rework)

LUCA D'Alberto Reworks From Endless

In 2017 emerging Italian violinist/composer Luca D’Alberto presented his acclaimed debut album, Endless, on the new imprint 7K!, demonstrating his unique talents in the realm of neo-classical music.

On March 16 he’ll release Endless Reworks, a nine-track album featuring remixes by a coterie of rising electronic music talents. The remix album is accompanied by a visuals produced by D’Alberto and Fabio Bonomo under the moniker BODA.

We’re extremely pleased to world premiere the video for “Everywhere You Are” (Yehezkel Raz Rework), where the arrangement of the up-and-coming Tel Aviv composer/musician’s winsome, emotionally moving interpretation is paired with the visual simplicity of contemplative color-changing waves.

Says Luca D’Alberto of the release, “On Reworks great ideas emerged from fragments of music from Endless. And so ‘fragments’ became a key theme for this project. We decided to shoot fragments of fire, metal, earth and water to accompany the album’s release. So much of life, including music, is invisible. This is what Reworks makes clear: many other forms of life – and sometimes its antithesis – can exist within one composition. The reworks give the music of Endless the opportunity to live on the opposite side while still very much being part of the same coin. These visual pieces break the mold and make the music visible – giving strength to both the imagery and the music.”

‘Jane’ Party to Celebrate Cleveland DJ Icon Rob Sherwood


Cleveland DJ icon Rob Sherwood suffered a heart attack and passed away on February 18. He was 54 and had recently battled prostate cancer. To celebrate Sherwood’s legacy, a party called Jane (Sherwood was known as Jane to his friends) has been organized at Sachsenheim Hall on March 31 by The Disco Mafia. The night will feature drag performances and DJ sets by Sherwood’s Color Blind production partner Mike Filly, Lady Miss Kier, and Kenny Summit.

Sherwood was a beloved fixture in the city’s club music community. He spun at numerous gay and straight venues — as well as one-off raves — including Nine of Clubs, Alterhouse, Aquilon, Lift, U4ia, Trilogy, Metropolis, the Church, and Freak. From the mid-80s on he navigated himself through countless musical trends, DJing around the US and living for a stint in NYC.

“I went to New York and lived every single DJ dream I ever had,” he once said. “All of my heroes were coming out of the studio at night saying, ‘I just cut a disc, I want you to play it’ – my heroes. Not just some guys, my DJ and producer heroes. Every club I ever dreamed of wanting to work at, I worked at.”

the disco mafia rob sherwood

Sherwood, who contributed music reviews to Cleveland-based publications Underground News and Buzz, was an in-demand remixer in the ’90s and ’00s.

“He produced floor-filling remixes for Deee-Lite, Sparks, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, The Lightning Seeds, and Sagat,” says NYC-based dance-music label veteran Joe Berinato.

“Nightlife luminaries are rare breeds these days and none were like Rob Sherwood. The extent of immeasurable devotion, unwitting impact and ultimate legacy he left on DJs and club culture alike, not only in Cleveland but in many other cities across the country, will be honored and celebrated here on this night.” Continue Reading