Review: Myles & Mike – Let’s Get Started

Myles-+-Mike-Lets-Get-Started DeepLife Records

4 Stars

Myles & Mike’s newest project “Let’s Get Started” (Deeplife Records) brings a grinding techy attitude to the floor. “Let’s Get Started” is all about the drum layers, atmospheric builds, and twangy bass playing beneath skittering percussion and punctuated with a digital duck call; it’s all about the quirky energy. “LFT” brings in heavy kicks and buzzing synth wings swarming and pulsing to an almost klaxon-like effect with water-drop percs and suggestive whispers. The pounding four-to-the-floor drops into a quick wave of broken beats before firing back up to speed on this techno treat.“Movement” is all about the interplay between the bassline and the chiming leads and stuttering grit of the power-tool attacks. Also included is the LFT DJ Tool, which is just what you’d expect. The pack is an underground contradiction of sorts; rough and smooth, deep and energetic, all at once. Brilliant work all-around from Myles & Mike. Diversity is key; this EP could bang both the dark peak-time dance floors or the deeper after-hours sets. Great stuff.

Review: Kevin Di Serna & Ditian – Crystal Forest / Dallah

Review: Kevin Di Serna & Ditian Crystal Forest Dallah Lost & Found

4.5 Stars

Leading the charge in Argentina’s new guard, Ditian and Kevin Di Serna boast a string of individual successes and have recently put together their newest treasure for Guy J’s Lost & Found label. “Dallah” opens with soft beats laying the groundwork before it unfolds in a blissful chorus of pads, juxtaposing it with melancholy piano chords and smooth synth pulses. Add Kevin’s subdued but effective vocal work and tie everything together with engaging percussive patterns and you’ve got a masterpiece of breathtaking beauty. “Crystal Forest” is more grounded with a deeper bottom, but it also has an airy and inspiring aura. A hypnotic groover laced with melodic goodness, this taste of euphoria gets my pick of the pair. This is the perfect union of intelligence and emotion with rich textures, full sounds, and an almost tangible tugging at the soul. For these two rising stars, this double dose of deeply uplifting progressive power is set to launch into the stratosphere.

DJ Elroy August 2016 Chart


  1. Gil Montiel & Siller – “&1%%01” (Autentik Dystrikt)
  2. Myles & Mike – “LFT” (Original) (Deeplife Records)
  3. Jobe – “Brought To Me” (Original) (Sincopat)
  4. Guy Mantzur & Roy Rosenfeld- “Systematika” (Systematic Recordings)
  5. Lindstrøm – “Closing Shot” (Cr2 Records)
  6. Joal – “Mailbox feat Lavinia Claws” (Global Underground)
  7. Kevin Di Serna & Ditian – “Crystal Forest” (Lost & Found)
  8. Plus Thirty & George Ledakis – “Serendipity” (Dmitri Molosh RMX) (238w)
  9. Bog – “The Other Side of the River” (Bedrock)
  10. Marco Bedini – “Age of Love” (2016 Remake) (LW Recordings)

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#SaveFabric Campaign To Keep Club Open Launches


Currently under threat of permanent closure after its operating license was suspended by Islington borough council following the deaths of two clubbers, Jacob Husley, a promoter and resident DJ at Fabric for the past eight years, has started an online campaign to keep the club open. The initiative is intended to let the council know of how much the venue means to the global dance music community. The council meets on September 6 and will share their reasons to push for changes to the license, suspension of the license or closure. Some of the biggest UK DJs — Sasha, Groove Armada and The Chemical Brothers’ Ed Simons — have taken to social media, asking London Mayor Sadiq Khan to save the clubbing institution.

“This is a time for all of us to have our voices heard together – and make sure we are heard,” stated the club in a missive. They’ve since started two hash tags — the appropriate #SaveFabric and ridiculous #nightlifematters. “Everything hangs in the balance. An enormous amount hangs in the balance right now and the world’s eyes are upon us all. What happens to Fabric happens to us all.”

Cameron Leslie, co-founder of Fabric, added, “Please take a moment to sign the petition on the link below and share with friends, family and fans, hopefully the London Borough of Islington and the Mayor will take note.”

So far the petition has received almost 85,000 signatures and needs another 65,000 to achieve its goal of 150,000 signatures. Show your support for the club by signing the online petition here.

August 30 update: The petition now has over 96,000 signatures.

Premiere: Klondique – Backtrack

Klondique Backtrack

Veteran Italian DJ/producers Alex Vanni and Tony Barbato draw influence from the hallowed sounds of Chicago and Detroit. They started working together in 2005 under the Mono moniker, and they’ve had much success. The twosome’s acclaimed Flowers EP issued that same year on Rewind Records was played by legends including John DigweedAlex Neri and appeared on Steve Lawler’s Lights Out 2 compilation. In 2015, Vanni and Barbara formed Klondique as an outlet for deeper electronic excursions, and they have gone on to produce choice tracks for Stereo Productions and MoodMusic. The pair make another bold musical statement as Klondique on their upcoming Light & Dark EP (Favoritizm), a two-track release featuring warm melodies, atmospheric pads and quixotic basslines. We’re extremely pleased to world premiere “Backtrack,” an intoxicating track from the release out August 30 on Traxsource and everywhere else on September 13.

Premiere: Emotional – Hawaii (Renick Bell Algogarage Mix)

emotional Hawaii

Buzzy London synth outfit Emotional — the musical union of Sian Dorrer (The Bomber Jackets, PLUG and Ravioli Me Away) and Adam Parkinson (Dane Law and SDF) — formed in 2013. Drawing from a wide swath of electronic music — trance, pop, house, electro and freestyle — their sound recognizes no boundaries. After three years of hard work, the pair will release their enthralling debut album via MÏLK on September 9. In advance of the full-length’s release, the twosome put their track “Hawaii” in the hands of iconoclast Tokyo-based composer/coder Renick Bell, which we’re pleased to world premiere. Bell methodically slices and dices “Hawaii,” adding restrained dollops of glitch and angular beats. In the process, he’s reimagined the original’s icy pop sheen and has transformed it into something darker and equally as wonderful.