Pär Grindvik June 2016 Chart

Par-Grindvik Chart

  1. Nihad Tule & Pär Grindvik – “Landmarks” (Stockholm LTD)
  2. Rue East – “Asserted View” (Sims Jff edit)
  3. Khak & The Persuader – “Tba” (Parabel)
  4. Randomer – “Sheen” (Blueprint)
  5. Planetary Assault Systems – “Dungeon” (Phase Remix) (Mote Evolver)
  6. Sissel Wincent – “Illusion Of Randomness” (PMP)
  7. Peder Mannerfelt – “The Great Attractor” (Hinge Finger)
  8. Various Artists – Ground-Fault-Interrupt Vol. 2 – (Weekend Circuit)
  9. Par Grindvik – “The Order” (Stockholm LTD)
  10. Shlomo – “Escape From The Void” (Delsin)

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Premiere: M.in & Riven – Real Underground


The Year of the Ape in the Chinese zodiac is the one in which Frankfurt-based DJ/producer Markus Ferdinand was born, but it’s also the title of his new album under the M.in alias. Due out July 1 on Ferdinand’s own label, My Favourite Freaks Music, the record finds him becoming increasingly involved with exploring the full potential of analog synth tones. It also shows Ferdinand’s ability to achieve a broad range of sounds by collaborating with other artists.

Over the course of the album, he gets together with Fabio Macor, Marquez III, Bruno Gentile, Pete Kaltenburg, and others, turning out tracks that tech ]-house to acid and beyond. And on “Real Underground,” which you can stream below, an artistic partnership with Riven helps to highlight the thick textures Ferdinand is able to wring from his Moog Mother 32 and Sub 37, with an endlessly undulating groove that slips around like an exceptionally agile serpent across an electronic forest.

DJ Elroy June 2016 Chart


  1. xxxy – “No Matter” (Ten Thousand Yen)
  2. Several Definitions – “Feed Us” (Sincopat)
  3. Kastis Torrau – “Cold Water” (Click Records)
  4. Town of Mind – “Playing for Change” (Scelectric Music)
  5. Atonal – “Physical Mode” (Ephemeral)
  6. Plantae – “Abzernad” Pheek’s Soothing Remix (Untold Stories)
  7. Pilarion – “Jukly” (Fingers Crossed Records)
  8. 4 Da People – “Every Night” (Dub Remastered) (Grey City Records)
  9. Hipp-e – “Dreemz” (NRK)
  10. Marco Faraone – “Next Level” (Mathias Kaden Remix) (Moon Harbour Recordings)

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Premiere: Shadows – Lights Out


The Manchester duo AnD introduced their musical alter ego Shadows on the Avian label in 2012, and now they’re reviving the project for the Fear of the Imagination EP, a four-track affair out July 1 on the Leyla imprint. As you can hear from the streaming sneak preview of “Lights Out” found below, Shadow is all about adventurous exploits into the outer limits of electronic music. Their experimental, neo-industrial sound finds form in chaos and beauty in intensity. The sounds that emerge on Fear of the Imagination are simultaneously arresting and dizzying, in your face and strangely hypnotic. They force you to envision an alternate reality where music is made by an entirely different set of rules. And in case this project whets your appetite for more music from the Layla realm, keep in mind that they’re unleashing a new EP by Manni Dee on the same date.

RIP Bernie Worrell

rip bernie worrell

Legendary Parliament-Funkadelic keyboardist Bernie Worrell has died at the age of 72, according to a Facebook post by his wife. “At 11:54, June 24, 2016, Bernie transitioned Home to The Great Spirit. Rest in peace, my love — you definitely made the world a better place. Till we meet again, vaya con Dios. Check BernieWorrell.com for further input, anything you want to post. PLEASE do NOT call/text me. Only family etc. right now.” Earlier in the year Worrell announced that he had been diagnosed with fourth stage lung cancer, with several star-studded fundraisers set up to help him with medical expenses before his death. Accolades from fans and musical colleagues are being posted on social media. More on this breaking story as it develops.

Review: Pirupa feat. Bon Homme – Rising EP


3.5 Stars

DJ/producer Pirupa’s latest release on his own NONSTOP label is the steamy Rising EP. The London-based label boss has partnered with WhoMadeWho frontman/bassist Tomas Hoffding, a.k.a. Bon Homme, for an emotive tech-house ride across sound. The original mix of “Rising” is a deep and spacey cut built around the melodic vocal work of Bon Homme. It’s dynamic and well-mixed with lush sounds and a catchy synth snaking its way in and out but never over top of the action. The Metodi Hristov remix runs with a bit more grit, the vocals replaced by a subtle chorus and simple samples while the overall vibe casts moody shadows.

Pirupa’s Drumcode alter-ego Brain Zoo’s remix brings back the Bon Homme vocal along with some aggressive “rising” samples. This one features stripped down, snappy acid-house influenced beats with hard drums and a straight-laced tech attack. Finally, the Instrumental Dub Mix is just what the name implies, rounding out the package nicely. It’s solid, and the accessible sound will work in sets across the spectrum of genres and settings this summer.