Respect: Electronic Albums Turning 20 in 2015

Dance LPs Turning 20 in 2015

Ah, 1995. Bill Clinton was President of the United States, Windows 95 was released by Microsoft and music was issued on CD, vinyl and cassette. In terms of the arc of electronic music, it was a pivotal year which saw a legion of now legendary artists draw from the lessons they learned from disco in the ’70s and techno and house in the ’80s and evolve the genre in truly innovative ways. Though the music industry attempted to market the sound to the masses as “electronica,” these albums managed to transcend past slick marketing.

With ’90s revivalism currently being embraced by a new generation of music-makers and the fact that today is the middle of the year, we thought the time was right to pay our respects to some of the style’s most influential releases released two decades ago.

Animated GIF created for Big Shot by Christian Petersen Continue Reading

New AFX EP Coming From Richard D. James


British electronic pioneer Richard D. James has released his visionary sounds under a lot of different aliases over the years. Of course, he’s most famous for the records he’s made under the Aphex Twin moniker, but over the course of his long career he has also made music under the names Polygon Window, Caustic Window, Bradley Strider, The Tuss and AFX, among others. But AFX has been the one that’s seen the most action other than Aphex Twin. Still, it’s been about a decade since we’ve seen any action under the AFX banner. Until now that is. RDJ watchers will want to mark their calendars for August 21, because that’s the date set for the arrival of Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-2008.

James’s longtime label, Warp Records, will release the eight-song EP on vinyl and CD, both formats coming in die-cut and spot-glossed sleeves, as well a digital version. There hasn’t been a hell of a lot of other information revealed so far, beyond the track list (which you can see below), and a single-track preview (ditto). But when it comes right down to it, really, it’s an AFX record. How much more do you really need to know about it? Oh yeah, where to get it. Here, have a pre-order link.

01. serge fenix Rendered 2
02. dmx acid test
03. oberheim blacet1b
04. bonus EMT beats
05. simple slamming b 2
06. midi pipe1c sds3time cube/klonedrm
08. r8m neotek beat

DJ Chart: Brothers In Progress’ Top 10 for July 2015

Brothers In Progress

  1. Leano – “Stubba” (Adapter Remix) (Illogic Music)
  2. Benoit & Sergio – “Beat Macho” (Visionquest)
  3. Brothers In Progress, Venditti Bros – “Parabellum” (Highgrade Records)
  4. Gorge – “Square Wave Romance” (Gruuv)
  5. Sabb, Forrest – “One of Us” (Detlef Remix) (Moon Harbour Recordings)
  6. Tapesh – “Brigade” (Leena Music)
  7. Rodriguez Jr. – “Aldebaran” (Mobilee Records)
  8. Cuartero – “Smooth Early” (Hot Creations)
  9. WhoMadeWho – “Ember” (Santé) (Get Physical Music)
  10. Leonardo Gonnelli – Materi” (Snatch! Records)

DJs, submit your top 10 chart along with a photo and we’ll publish them.

Essential Albums for July 2015


Beginning July 10 music-buying fans will need to remember that new releases will be available globally on Fridays. Why? Good question. Setting a universal day to release music is an effort by the music industry to allow fans worldwide to get new music on the same day. It’s also supposed to reduce piracy. Will it work? Who knows. While a few countries like Japan will preserve their traditional release date, all you’ll need to remember is that Friday in 45 countries are the new Tuesday when it comes to buying new jams. (In case you were wondering, #NewMusicTuesday will be replaced by #NewMusicFriday on Twitter.)

And speaking of new music, summer begins with blazing hot full-lengths from established electronic music icons to emerging artists. Here’s our picks for the month listed in no particular order. Is it hot enough for you yet? Continue Reading

Shlomi Aber’s Nordstern 15th Anniversary Mix


What do you get when you mix the legacy of Switzerland’s hottest, most cutting-edge underground venue with the skills of one of Israel’s most celebrated DJs? Why, you get 15 Years of Nordstern – Mixed By Shlomi Aber, of course. This year marks the 15th anniversary of Nordstern, a club whose reputation for presenting the most carefully curated beats around has earned no less than three Best Club honors from the Swiss Nightlife Awards. So when it came time to celebrate this landmark by way of a specially designed compilation, the club didn’t want to leave that duty to just anybody. Enter Shlomi Aber.

Tel Aviv techno master Aber has been plying his trade as DJ/producer since 1990, piling up awards along the way, and starting his own Be As One label as well. Bringing together tracks by the likes of Kepler 61, Steve O’Sullivan, Marco Effe, Afrozoid, Entro Senestre, Avion and more, Aber honored the club’s anniversary and history with the compilation at hand, out July 17.

Obligatory press gush from Aber: “I’m very excited and humbled to be part of this project, not only because yet again I have the opportunity to collect some of my favorite and most played music of recent times into one driving mix, but also because of the big influence the Nordstern club had on my career as a DJ and musician.” Continue Reading

Premiere: Pablo del Monte – “Feel Feeling”


With his Internet radio station/blog Brick Lane Radio running at full steam, London house DJ/producer Pablo del Monte (a.k.a. Paul Whelan) also champions house music on the label front with his East Recordings.

Today he presents his Feel Feeling EP, which is the imprint’s fourth release featuring a re-rub from America’s DJ-Vox.

We’re pleased to world premiere the deep-as-hell title track, an edgy sample cut brandishing a crafty groove, smokin’ hot bassline and sweet hi-hat action. Be on the lookout for Glen Brady’s Redeemer EP out July 14 on East Recordings.

Pablo del Monte Feel Feeling EP is out now on East Recordings.