Iconic House Producer Boyd Jarvis Has Passed Away

boyd jarvis

Legendary house music producer/songwriter/musician Boyd Jarvis has passed away, according to reports on social media. He’s thought to have been 59 or 60.

Jarvis, whose amazing career extended three decades, was best known for Visual’s “The Music Got Me,” a song he co-wrote with Jason Smith, released in 1983 on Prelude Records. He famously co-hosted WBLS’ Saturday Night Dance Party with the Shelter’s Timmy Regisford, whom he frequently worked with on a variety of projects and labels.

Among his many credits, Jarvis collaborated with DJ/producers including Joe Claussell, Louie Vega, François Kevorkian, David Morales, John “Jellybean” Benitez, and Merlin Bobb as well as who’s who of artists Herbie Hancock, La Toya Jackson, Prince, Madonna and Johnny Kemp. He recorded for a spate of dance labels including King Street, Trax, Wave Music, Movin’ and Dance Tracks.

Jarvis is also said to have discovered the house music singer Colonel Abrams, who died in 2016.

In 2016, Boyd was diagnosed with cancer and underwent chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

We’ll have more on this breaking story.

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The Music’s Got Me.. @boydjarvis#RIP lots of love, rest in power. @LSL_NYC Radio 7pm tonight 99.5fm @WBAIhttps://t.co/gIaJmvuJWK Today still uncomfortably numb from the news, more to come. pic.twitter.com/9xcuEvQoPR

RIP Boyd Jarvis. Thank you for laying the groundwork for us all. https://t.co/g1JDGWXnHV

Rest in power Boyd H. Jarvis – thank you for your immeasurable contribution to dance music culture ♡

Butane 5 Tracks Of The Moment


A long way from the small town he grew up in Missouri, Cali-based DJ/producer Andrew Rasse (a.k.a. Butane) has worked hard to realize a formidable discography of rock-solid dance floor productions that dance along the border of underground house and techno. Rasse also boasts one the wittiest artist bios I’ve read in ages. Here’s an excerpt for your consideration: “Butane is an American, although not from Detroit. He would probably get more gigs if he claimed he were…. Butane is not a douchebag, even though a few haters might beg to differ (hey you can’t please everybody). He continues to succeed in the music business against all odds.”

Rasse runs two labels (the established Alphahouse and the newer Extrasketch) and Little Helpers along with Sean O’Neal (a.k.a. Someone Else). With irons in many musical fires, he’s set to release his four-track Techno Mafia EP on limited-edition vinyl on April 20 (a.k.a.).

Ahead of his upcoming set at Rite Of Wednesdays at TBA Brooklyn on February 21, along with an in-store at Halcyon The Shop in Brooklyn on February 22, Rasse shares five tracks that are currently rocking his world. Continue Reading

Yamen & EDA February 2018 Chart

Yamen & EDA

  1. Roman Flügel – 1995 (Hardworksoftdrink)
  2. Atree – Pambore (Pluie/NoirN)
  3. Nopax – Dahlia996 (Dahlia)
  4. GOIZ – Big Ol’ Goiz EP (Red Amber)
  5. Yamen & EDA – Retrospect EP (Maison Mere)
  6. Giammarco Orsini – Wilder Perspective (Elephant Moon)
  7. Unknown Artist – Archivia Tapes (Itsoulgood)
  8. Kapucci – The Eagle Has Landed (Mode of Expression)
  9. E-tronik – Architecture (Motion Sequence)
  10. Pressure Point – Process Theory (Sol Asylum)

DJs, submit your top 10 chart along with a photo and we’ll publish.

youANDme 5 Tracks of the Moment


Martin Müller and Daniel Stroeter united around 2006/2007 to form youANDme. After producing tracks for labels (Rotary Cocktail, Cocoon, Rekids) and DJing together at clubs all over the world, Stroeter left to pursue a career in architecture. Müller, who runs a handful of labels, continues to helm youANDme as a solo project, championing an eclectic soundscape that’s woven together with threads of house, techno, electronica and dub.

The Berlin-based Müller just released his Pattern of Greed EP on Steve Bug’s much-loved Poker Flat label. The raw title track is a smoldering affair, featuring the soulful voice of Ingrid Arthur, a former member of The Weather Girls (“It’s Raining Men”). The release is rounded out by a wicked remix crafted by Cologne-based producer/Gewölbe Club resident Jonathan Kaspar and the sinewy jam “Stretch.”

Before leaving to play gigs in Australia, Thailand and Switzerland, Müller found time to share his five track of the moment. Continue Reading

‘Inside Out’ Aims to Blur the Line Between Album and DJ Mix

will saul inside out aus music

As pied pipers of their respective dance floors, DJs lead their faithful flocks. But when it comes to DJ mix compilations, their musical vision sometimes doesn’t become a reality due to budget constraints, licensing issues or a multitude of other reasons.

Aus Music label head and DJ-Kicks curator Will Saul has come up with a concept he believes will reduce friction and truly empower DJs to create transformative mixes. Enter Inside Out, a new series on Saul’s imprint established to give DJs total control by incorporating all-new, unrelased tracks cut by the producer or their peers. Inside Out will be available digitally and on CD, while a selection of the tracks will be pressed on double gatefold vinyl.

Saul is at the helm of the series’ innaugural release on March 30. His mix features tracks by homies including Pearson Sound, Move D, Gerd, Youandewan, Martyn, Falty DL, Appleblim and Marquis Hawkes.

Obligatory press release gush from Saul on the idea behind his new endeavor: “I wanted to try and recreate the feeling I used to get in the 90’s when you went clubbing and heard your favorite DJ play but had never heard the vast majority of the tracks he/she was playing. Your mind would be constantly blown by hearing totally new music for the first time. We’ve pretty much lost this with the proliferation of online mixes, Shazam, early EP premieres and free streams.”

Nesta 5 Tracks of the Moment


As one of the stalwarts of Beirut’s club scene, DJ/producer Nesta (a.k.a Nabih Esta) brings innovation to every project he touches. Whether it’s being involved with the legendary Überhaus and The Gärten (a club he co-founded) or collaborating with kindred spirits Jakob Seidensticker and Henrik Raabe (a.k.a. Silky Raven), Nesta puts his heart and soul into every endeavor.

In April, Nesta will present his full-length debut Eclectic Electrican on his Beirut-based label Fantôme de Nuit. (He’s also got a remix album in the works.)

After dropping two fresh tracks from the album last week — the cosmic funkfest “Hold Me” and the gorgeous Depeche Mode-ish cut “Drive Anywhere” — we checked in with the Beirut boss to find out about his five tracks of the moment. Continue Reading