Premiere: Sabb & Serge Devant ft. Forrest – Waiting (Bontan Remix)


Since he first burst onto the scene in 2012, Bontan has collaborated with Josh Butler (his remix of “Got A Feeling” can still slay any dance floor) and blazed his own trails in house music with releases on Toolroom, Suara and Noir. This year alone his list of accomplishments include issuing his Rewind EP on Kerri Chandler’s MadTech Records and remixing a wealth of tracks. Bontan lends his golden touch to “Waiting,” a terrific new collaboration between Zurich’s Sabb and New York’s Serge Devant. We’re pleased to world premiere his re-rub where he ups the tension and drama for maximum effect. Have a listen below and check out the Waiting EP — which notably features a remix from techno don Alan Fitzpatrick — when it’s released via Yousef’s Circus Recordings on December 5.

31 Artists Playing Ultra Music Festival Resistance Announced (And They Don’t Suck)


Before Ultra Music Festival was dominated by a coterie of cookie cutter EDM DJs, lineups had a lot more diversity. From live sets by Floridian heroes Rabbit in the Moon to a full-on drum ‘n’ bass tent featuring Miami’s DJ Craze to a host of UK bad-asses, those looking to dance to a different beat had a lot more options. After years of carbon copying the same lineup, the bookers at UMF continue to broaden their horizons with the Resistance sub-brand, a non-EDM lineup that will span two stages in 2017.

In fact, the first 31 names released on the phase one announcement for Resistance, which takes place March 24-26, 2017, represents a continued shift toward techno. They’ve tapped the likes of genre superstars ANNA, Chris Liebing, Dubfire, Jon RundellMaceo Plex, Marco Carola and Matador.

While there’s a lot of focus on current and rising stars, they’ve also made a place for veteran DJs (all of whom have played Ultra Music Festival countless times in the past): UMF regular Carl Cox has been named Global Ambassador for Resistance, and Sasha & Digweed will perform together for the first time in the U.S. since 2010. Here’s the full lineup in alphabetical order:

RESISTANCE (in alphabetical order)

B. Traits
Black Coffee
Carl Cox
Chris Liebing
Eats Everything
Eli & Fur
Elio Riso
Hot Since 82
Jamie Jones
Jon Rundell
Joseph Capriati
Josefin Rosen
Maceo Plex
Marco Carola
The Martinez Brothers
Matthias Tanzmann
Nic Fanciulli
Saeed Younan
Sasha & John Digweed
Seth Troxler
Tale of Us

umf-resistance-2017 lineup

9 Must-Buy December 2016 Electronic Albums


Here’s a bit of good news — this miserable fucking year is almost over. Thank goodness. Having witnessed the passing of too many of our musical heroes and the country nearly imploding after an exhausting, divisive and ugly presidential election, 2016 closes out with a glimmer of hope in the form of a selection of terrific new electronic albums. Trust us when we say that these releases have been keeping us going over the past few tension-filled weeks. Without further ado, here are our picks for the best albums due out in December. Enjoy. Continue Reading

Helicopter to Electric Daisy Carnival With Your Friends For $5,000


The worst part of attending any music festival is driving there and back. You’ve got to coordinate your arrival and departure with your friends, navigate your way through traffic and figure out parking. Yuck! The stress from traveling typically taints the experience of seeing your favorite DJs and live acts. But there is another pricy alternative. For those attending Electric Daisy Carnival on June 16-18, 2017 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Maverick Helicopters is offering its services to alleviate you of these burdens. They’ll transport you and your friends to EDC in carefree style aboard one of its EC130/H130 ECO-star aircrafts, featuring voice-activated headsets to talk to the pilots and listen to electronic dance music.

Once aboard you can sit back and relax in the cushy leather seats and enjoy the breathtaking view as you rub elbows with EDC DJs and celebrity types.

While the 15-minute will allow you to arrive stress-free and ready to party, it ain’t cheap. Private charter prices start at $3,000 for up to seven people for a one-way flight or $5,000 for up to seven people for a roundtrip flight. Individual seat rates start at $550 per person for a one-way flight or $850 per person for a roundtrip flight. Prices are based off of per day rates.

According to Bryan Kroten, vice president of marketing at Maverick Helicopters, business is booming. “Since partnering with EDC nearly seven years ago, helicopter demand to the festival has grown significantly,” he says. “We have gone from using two aircraft the first year to a fleet of more than 22 helicopters each night.”

Hey, you only live once, right?


Ecstasy Is On a Roll To Get U.S. Government Approval


On Tuesday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave permission for large-scale, Phase 3 clinical trials to study whether MDMA, the pure form of the club drug known as Ecstasy, can be used on PTSD patients. If these tests prove successful, MDMA could start being prescribed by psychotherapists as soon as 2021, the New York Times reported.

“The FDA is ready for us to go forward with Phase 3 clinical trials based on the research already completed,” explained MAPS spokesman Brad Burge. “We are still determining, with the FDA’s guidance, the final form of the Phase 3 trials. There is now a clear path ahead for the prescription approval of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD.”

If approved, the MDMA would only be administered to a patient a limited number of times, and only in the presence of a trained psychotherapist.

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Premiere: Nude with Lyre – Purple

nude with lyre

Athens, Georgia-based experimental electronic music artist Tristan McNeil, who records as Nude with Lyre, grew up far away from his chosen genre’s musical epicenters of Chicago, Detroit and New York. Life in the South, along with an education in fine arts and training in classical and jazz music, provides him with a unique POV that informs every blip and bleep on his self-released album, Blood, dropping on December 9.

Blood has an interesting back story: The tracks were produced between 2013-2016 and were intended to serve as the score for a friend’s short film about desolate scenes in Athens and McNeil’s hometown of Augusta, Georgia. The film never came to fruition, but the pieces not only survived but evolved.

An album of ambient soundscapes juxtaposed with an avant-pop sensibility — one in which tranquility and tension co-exist — McNeil’s minimal, cinematic arrangements feature restrained flourishes of sub-bass, washes of synths and his desolate falsetto.

“Purple” is exemplary of McNeil’s dreamy sonic narrative, and we’re pleased to world premiere it. Our advice? Turn off the damn news and leave this transformative masterpiece on repeat until further notice.

Image by Tristan McNeil