Billy Gorgan: “EDM Is Kicking Everybody’s F@cking Ass”

billy corgan on EDM

In what has to be one of the more bizarre and most thoroughly entertaining interviews with anyone we’ve read the year, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan weighs in on EDM in an article published today in The Guardian.

Though his senior rock-god counterpart Tom Petty earlier in the year soundly denounced DJ culture, calling it “plastic computer music,” Corgan, who is promoting his “band’s” latest album Monuments to an Elegy, sees the genre as giving rock music a run for its money.

Here’s Corgan’s exchange with writer Tim Jonze:

There are lots of new bands who are influenced by the 90s sound …

I would disagree with that. I don’t hear that. The mythology [of that era] right now is irrelevant to combat the pop menace in America right now.

Who is the menace?

I’m not naming names, come on. But it’s immense. People can get rosy and sentimental about something, but if it can’t compete it doesn’t mean anything. Meanwhile, EDM is kicking everybody’s fucking ass. Look at the numbers the DJs are making! They’re kicking rock bands’ ass. And we’re sitting here talking about an era from 20 years ago because it’s misty in people’s minds. Meanwhile there’s 60,000 people in a field watching a guy with lights behind him.

So why not embrace that culture yourself?

Be more specific.

Why not make an EDM record?

You’re being too simplistic and you’re insulting my poor heart. (Laughs.) OK, I’m being funny with you (4). But look at the charts. I went on the other day to see the 200 top-played singles in America, and there were only two [alternative rock bands] in the top 200!

Does that upset you?

No. That’s analytics. If you were starting a bagel shop and you realised nobody was buying bagels would you still open a bagel shop?

Elsewhere in the piece Corgan rails against reviews, “false narratives” and the NME. Happy reading!

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Sydney to Get Floating Nightclub in 2015

Seadeck Floating Nightclub Australia

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to party on a floating nightclub? For Australians, this thought will soon become a reality. Seadeck, Europe’s floating nightclub, is making its way to the southern hemisphere next summer, with a February pre-party on January 31 already sold-outg. Seadeck has three levels, 360-degree views of Sydney Harbour from the decks and a typically tight list of curated musical lineups.

Headed by managers of Future music and Double Bay’s new establishment Vine, the open-air deck features giant neon palm trees, a DJ booth and plenty of room to party it up.

As for the music roster, none of the guests have been announced yet, but as a Seadeck spokesperson says, “Music is an integral part of Seadeck’s ethos with an impressive array of some of the biggest international artists in the world alongside carefully curated lineups of Australia’s best local talent already lined up for the summer season.”

Seadeck floating club

Sydney’s only other seaside bar is The Island, a restaurant anchored off the city’s Eastern Suburbs, so this will be a welcome edition to the area’s summer night life. Seadeck is currently en route, but in the meantime, here’s a video of what’s in store.

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DJ Chart: Shlomi Aber’s Top 10 for December 2014

Shlomi Aber

Shlomi Aber’s Top 10 for December 2014

1. Yotam Avni – “UR Sleeping” (Be As One)
2. Abstract Matters – “Neighbours” (Cynosure Recordings)
3. Unknown – “Acid 4″ (AcidWorx)
4. Mr G – “Mango and Rum” (Daze Maxim Remix) (Toi Toi Kusik)
5. Truncate – Another One EP (Truncate)
6. Yotam Avni – “Better Days” (Be As One)
7. Maison Sky – “69” (Materials)
8. Lacomino – “Spreading Bread” (Unknown)
9. Shlomi Aber – “o.d.” (Be As One)
10. Kreon & Lemos – “Part One” (Unknown)

You Can Get On Marc Houle’s ‘Restore’ Remix Album

marc_houle restore remix album

After releasing his sixth album, Cola Party, earlier this year, techno troubadour Marc Houle (who co-runs Items & Things along with Magda and Troy Pierce) — read our exclusive interview with Houle here about the album and why he loves Iron Maiden — has announced a full remix package from his debut LP, Restore, issued in 2004 on Richie Hawtin’s Minus Records. The updated collection with feature remixes crafted by Joris Voorn and Popof along with Danny Daze, Julian Jeweil and Harvard Bass.

But the track listing isn’t finalized yet as Houle has launched a remix competition of the track “Girl One” from the album in conjunction with Native Instruments and If your re-fix is up to snuff, Houle will include it on the album and win swag.

Entrants will be able to download the parts via Marc’s website and their entries will be placed into a set on Soundcloud. The lucky winner will have their remix released on Minus, and they’ll take home a Traktor Kontrol S8. A Traktor Kontrol S4 and a Traktor Kontrol F1 will be handed to the 2nd and 3rd prize winners respectively.

The Restored remixes package will be released via a vinyl EP series in March 2015, with a further release of 3-4 remixes through Native Instruments in April. To enter the remix competition visit here.

Obligatory press release gush from Marc Houle: “Restore was the beginning of it all for me. It was influenced by the sounds of Detroit and the endless parties I went to there in the ’90s. It was my first album and to me it had the perfect balance of darkness, groove and electronic sounds. 10 years later, I am excited to present Restored with some modern interpretations on old tracks by some friends and colleagues who have kept the party going throughout the world.”

In other Houle news, the technocrat has remixed Krankbrother’s “Zipp,” a bass-heavy, Italo-house bundle of joy that’s a nice change of pace. Take it for a whirl below.

Premiere: Berkson & What feat. JoJo De Freq – “Make It True” (Mr. Fingers Psychedelic Jungle Mix)

Berkson & What Play It Say It

Dan Berkson and James What are purveyors of bespoke house and techno, connoisseurs who have selectively issued choice singles, both individually and collectively, on labels such as Poker Flat, Sounderground, Crosstown Rebels and Dessous Recordings. After taking a creative respite in 2009, the London-based duo are back in action, recording, playing live shows and bringing fresh vibes to their chosen musical genres.

The story goes that Seth Troxler heard their new cut “Make It True” featuring vocals from JoJo De Freq at Sunwaves festival this summer. Troxler reached out to the guys and put together a remix package for his Play It Say It label.

We’re beyond thrilled to world premiere Larry “Mr. Fingers” Heard’s interpretation of the standout cut.

The Chicago house-music icon known for producing legendary tracks like “Can You Feel It,” “Washing Machine” and “Dead Endy Alley” crafts a chilled downtempo groove that gently tickles the ears and is guaranteed to move your feet. (Interesting fact: Berkson & What have recorded two tracks in the past with frequent Heard collaborator Robert Owens, “Reflections” and “Keep On.”)

Check out Mr. Heard’s sublime remix below, and keep an eye out for the original version of “Make It True” on Berkson & What’s forthcoming album, Keep Up Appearances, to be released on their own Modelmaker in January 2015.

Berkson & What feat. JoJo De Freq’s “Make It True” is released on vinyl on December 15 and digitally on Beatport on December 28.

DJ Chart: Phil Dark’s Top 10 for December 2014

Phil Dark

Phil Dark’s Top 10 for December 2014

1. Apollonia – “Un Vrai Portugais” (Apollonia)
2. Agoria – “Helice” (Hotflush)
3. Green Velvet – “The Bathroom” (Relief)
4. Anna – “Fits Foil” (Tronic)
5. Mladen Tomic – “Natural” (Terminal M)
6. Alex Under – “BA3″ (CMYK Music)
7. Landmark – “Swag” (Trapez)
8. Sascha Sonido – “Haywire” (Detlef Remix) (Brise Records)
9. Richy Ahmed – “Me You” (Richy Ahmed Remix) (Leftroom Limited)
10. Gaiser – “Strangers” (Minus)