RokBlok is The Wireless Record Player You Need to Own


Funded through a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign launched in 2016, RokBlok is a compact device that allows music fans to play vinyl records wirelessly through bluetooth-enabled speakers. It’s been getting heaps of press in recent weeks for quite good reason.

Made from medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and bamboo, it measures four inches long and weighs only 3.2 ounces. The little gem has a four-hour battery life and lasts two days on standby.

RokBlok is designed to not damage your precious wax. The design does this by carefully balancing and distributing the weight of the player across scratch-proof rubber wheels and not the needle. This makes it so the needle does not take the brunt of the weight out on your record’s grooves.

This start-up’s debut product isn’t looking to replace your trusted set of Technics 1200s. Instead, it’ll no doubt provideg hours of care-free listening pleasure for vinyl lovers anywhere they are.

RokBlok is an affordable US $99. It plays 33s and 45s and can be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

Premiere: Chris Hunt – Carnelian EP

Chris hunt

Atlanta-based producer Chris Hunt, formerly of the trip-hop, art-rock band Cloudeater, has been on a new musical journey since the group’s dissolution. Following the release of 2016’s Tomb and Tomb II solo EPs, he continues his exploration into forging textural ambient soundscapes on the Carnelian EP.

We’re extremely pleased to world premiere the six-track effort out on February 26

Says Hunt of the release: “We hear the voices but only the echoes. The way the impression slips away and becomes its own. The ritual happens in ‘Of Will and Descending’ and we hear the process in ‘Teal Reprise.’ Even though these cycles are ancient we still lament them. Oranges and yellows make way for blues and blacks. It’s pain and sadness but also duty. In some form or another, the ruin will always be.”

Premiere: Darren Emerson – Jupe

Darren Emerson

Globetrotting DJ/producer/remixer Darren Emerson has enjoyed a productive career since leaving Underworld in 2000. His influential Underwater label issued many of his own tracks as well as choice releases by dance floor peers including Christian Smith, John Selway, Steve Mac, Wally Lopez, and Sharam Jey. He also crafted a pair of legendary DJ mixes for Global Underground, Uruguay (2000) and Singapore (2001).

Emerson continues to push his sound further and is always seeking new challenges. To present the harder side of his sound, he’s aligned himself with Carl Cox and Jon Rundell’s Intec Digital to present his fiery Birdcage EP out on February 23. It’s a hard-hitting, two-track techno effort that’s guaranteed to peel the paint from your ceiling.

We’re extremely pleased to world premiere “Jupe” from the release. It’s a raw, big-room banger that shows yet another side of Emerson’s musical personality.

Says Emerson of the track’s creation, “I felt like letting rip in the studio late one night, taking inspiration from my gigs and playing techno in the clubs. Once I had the stabs and the drum rolls on loop, ‘Jupe’ was born!”

Noah Pred February 2018 Chart

Noah Pred

  1. Maelstrom – Dialectics – CPU
  2. Rich P & Lee – Gypsy Smith 2 – Deeptrax
  3. Kenneth Scott – Pranic Lift 777 – Vakant
  4. Justin Cudmore – Real Shock – The Bunker
  5. Francis Harris – Minor Forms (Valentino Mora Underwater Rephase) – Scissor & Thread
  6. Stefan Weise – The Shadows We Cast – Wolf Trap
  7. Hugo Massien – 0011 – Ebeamz
  8. Noah Pred – Mantissa – Biotop
  9. Flord King- Avocado In Blue – Lyssna
  10. Nathan Jonson – Space Between Breath – Skrufix

DJs, submit your top 10 chart along with a photo and we’ll publish.

Clarian 5 Tracks of the Moment

clarian north

Known for his role as one-half of Footprintz along with Ewan Pearson, and a spate of dance floor collabs with Guy Gerber, Tiga, Felix Da Housecat and Jamie Principle, enigmatic Canadian-born DJ/producer Clarian North will tick a box on his professional bucket list with the release of his debut album, Television Days (Balance Music), on February 23.

The 10-track full-length adventure is awash with glistening, synth-driven dance-pop and compelling vocals that build on the blueprint that was pioneered in the ’80s. (In fact, “Under the Gun” could be the best song New Order never made.) Conceptually, it’s a concept LP tracing the adventures of Kevin Jones, ​a destitute TV scriptwriter living in West Hollywood who’s obsessed with Carl Sagan’s 1980 PBS show Cosmos (“Dedicated to Sagan”) and believes he’s being contacted by ancient astronauts.​​

Shtick aside, Clarian’s album is elegant, righteously quirky and tinged with a wee dollop of melancholy. The result is a thoughtful album that soothes the mind, body and soul.

Before the album’s release, we connected Clarian and asked him to share his five tracks of the moment. Continue Reading

Premiere: Attaque – Over Not Yet (DJ Edit)


UK-based producer Dominic Gentry has been steadily breaking musical ground under his Attaque alias. His blend of emotive electronica juxtaposed with minimal house, techno, bass and garage informed 2014’s acclaimed debut album, On Ly Ou. His sound continues to grow and mature.

Currently putting the finishing touches on his follow-up album due in the summer, Gentry, who has produced for the likes of rising Belgian techno phenom Charlotte De Witte, continues to innovate from the confines of his custom-built recording studio located on a farm on the Essex-Suffolk border.

Gentry’s brand new effort is “Over Not Yet,” and we’re thrilled to exclusively world premiere his synth-driven, breakbeat-fueled DJ Edit. It’s a rousing, high-octane and infectious re-rub that serves as a hint of good things to come from his sophomore album.