Deeplastik’s Top 10 for September 2015


  1. Matias Larrosa, Nico Sparvieri – “Fibonacci Project” (Vlada D’Shake Remix)
  2. Kaan Koray – “Love” (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
  3. Deeplastik – “Crossroad” (Alexic Rod remix)
  4. Petar Dundov – “Distant Shore” (Original Mix)
  5. German Brigante, Thomas Gandey feat. Thomas Gandey – “Sooner Or Later” (Olivier Giacomotto Remix)
  6. Jose De Divina, Tania Vulcano – “Massive” (Original Mix)
  7. Simos Tagias, Jorgio Kioris – “Anamnisi” (Orinal Mix)
  8. SICHI- “I Got Soul” (Original Mix)
  9. Alexic Rod – “Play Ground” (Original Mix)
  10. Alberto Sainz – “Timelapse” (Rogier & Stage Van H Remix)

DJs, submit your top 10 chart along with a photo and we’ll publish them.

15 Must-Buy Dance/Electronic Albums for September 2015


With summer now in our rear-view mirror, September offers a bumper crop of  new albums and compilations. While 2015 has already produced a slew of memorable releases, this month sees the release of a ton of great dance/electronic music. Here’s our picks presented in no particular order. Continue Reading

Detained By Security After DJing at Leeds Festival, Evian Christ Responds

Evian Christ

If you’ve ever had the chance to attend the backstage area of a large music festival, you’ll know that strange things can happen in this netherworld. On Friday Evian Christ, who is perhaps best known for his appearance on “I’m In It” off Kanye West’s Yeezus, says he was looking for his parked car after his DJ set at BBC Radio One’s dance stage at Leeds Festival and was stopped by security. He says security had an issue with his accreditation and suspected him of being a gatecrasher. Christ, whose real name is Joshua Leary, says he was taken to a holding pen while staff figured out what to do next. During his time in the pen he took to Twitter and tweeted “really tho actually got put in a cage at a festival headlined by mumford and sons because the festival staff didnt believe i was a dj.”

After news of the incident went viral — he was later released by a senior security officer — Christ took to Facebook to tell his entire side of the story via a length recap of the incident after Reading and Leeds festival organizer Melvin Benn told NME that Christ “was found in a not very good state in the woods, without being able or willing to disclose who he was. He was effectively held till we knew who he was. He certainly wasn’t prevented from performing under any circumstances. It was his decision not to perform, not the festival’s.”

Here’s part of Christ’s Facebook post:

we drive past the artists car park and i identify my car (in which i have family waiting, younger brother etc), the security ogre grunts and bizarrely proceeds to take me to some weird area with a cage. i am detained in this cage and told that i am being held under suspicion of trying to “break into the festival without a ticket” – i remain here for a Very Long Time. the security guards seem to think i am there for their amusement, and a few times i am threatened with arrest by a police officer, once for saying “for fucks sake” into the distance, another time for “knocking a chair over”. i am informed that i will remain detained in the cage indefinitely until i can prove beyond doubt that i am not trying to “break into the festival”. i remind security/police they have removed the pass which i was presumably given for this explicit reason, and i suggest that my attempt to find the backstage carpark after DJing the radio 1 dance stage should be a sufficient indicator of my intentions. they respond that “anyone could have found [the pass] and stuck it on” (lol). later, i ask them to identify me photographically by googling by name, which i think is a good idea, but they have no interest in any potential solution and seem hellbent on winding me up to the point that i might snap and get myself arrested.

at this point i only had a few percent battery so i managed to take a quick video, send some tweets, call my manager and DM brodinski who heroically tried to #free me to no avail. i “cancelled” reading in an attempt to gain some leverage in the situation but nobody around me gave a fuck anyway and seemed to think it was funny. over an hour afterwards i was set #free by a “more senior” member of the security staff who seemed as bemused as me by the situation. i asked for an apology and was not given one. thank you all for the #freeevian twitter campaign btw

He also framed the event around a larger issue about security in the UK:

we have big issues with regulation of police and private security services in the uk, nobody should be detained in a cage by an employer because they can’t find their car. didnt really want to go into this much detail publicly and im absolutely fine, but when you see defamatory quotes flying around you kinda have to say something. anyway have a nice week fuck leeds fest xo evian

You can read his full post here.

Premiere: Bardia F – “Doing Alright”

Bardia F

Persian-American DJ/producer/Blue Orb Records owner Bardia Farhadian brings an international perspective to his amazing body of work. Having lived in Iran and Turkey, his present locale in San Francisco continues to inform and inspire his productions which have been released by a variety of labels including AudioGroove, Hooked, Infected and Muzik Groove. August 31 sees the release of his Doing Alright EP on Stacy Pullen’s acclaimed Blackflag Recordings, and we’re pumped to world premiere the title track.

“I knew Stacey from years past,” Farhadian explains. “I have opened for him about four times at different shows. At the BPM Festival in Mexico, we talked about a new track I was working on. I sent him ‘Doing Alright’ and his feedback was ‘Yeah, bro, bomb.’ Getting signed by Blackflag [has been the] highlight of my summer.”

Hit the play button below and allow this monstrous tech-house stormer to rock your world.

Jimmy Edgar Unleashes New EP, ‘Shine’


Jimmy Edgar continues to carry the Detroit spirit further into the future with the release of a new EP. Over the years, Edgar has made records for a wide array of impressive imprints, from Warp and Hotflush to !K7, but in 2013 he launched his own label, Ultramajic, and his creativity shows no signs of slowing down. On September 18, Ultramajic will unleash a new five-track EP (if you count the “digital exclusive” cut “Tik Tok” which is worth going the download route in and of itself) entitled Shine.

The press materials for the upcoming EP engage in some highfalutin’ talk about “mystic philosophy” and “metaphysical embodiment,” whatever that may mean, but to these ears it simply sounds like Edgar doing what he’s best at, which ought to be enough for anybody. House, minimalism, and more collide within these cuts, all drenched in the kind of Motor City flavor that’s second nature to Edgar. So keep an eye out, whether you’re in the market for metaphysical embodiment or merely a fresh batch of banging tracks.

1. Let Me Tell U
2. The Dip Chair
3. Two of Wands
4. Feel What It Is
5. Tik Tok [Digital Exclusive]

SoundCloud Sued by PRS For Music


Remember a while back about the ways in which SoundCloud was about to become unpopular? Well, it looks like you can add another one to that list. The U.K.-based performing rights organization PRS For Music has announced that they’re launching a lawsuit against SoundCloud for streaming their catalog without compensation. In an official statement, PRS said that they’ve been trying to negotiate the issue with SoundCloud for five years, and that they’ve finally come to the point where legal action has to be taken.

The statement goes on to explain the details of the problem, saying, “When a writer or publisher becomes a member of the Performing Right Society, they assign certain rights to their works over for us to administer, so it’s our job to ensure we collect and distribute royalties due to them. SoundCloud actively promotes and shares music. Launched in 2008, the service now has more than 175m unique listeners per month. Unfortunately, the organisation continues to deny it needs a PRS for Music licence for its existing service available in the UK and Europe, meaning it is not remunerating our members when their music is streamed by the SoundCloud platform.”

PRS says there are at least 4,500 of their tracks on SoundCloud, who has responded to these claims by taking down a mere 250 of them.