Dubset Makes Deal With Spotify for DJ Mixes

dubset x spotify deal

In case you thought all anybody did at the International Music Summit in Ibiza was get blasted and dance to Balearic beats, this piece of momentous news from the conference will put the lie to that notion. Dubset Media Holdings has cut a deal with Spotify that will enable DJs anywhere on the planet to make both long-form DJ mixes and single-track remixes available through the streaming service. This marks a major advance both for DJs and music fans. It’s not too bad a move for Spotify either, as their Chief Strategy Officer Stefan Blom indicated when he stated, “This deal with Dubset enables us to serve fans of dance music with the mixes they crave while ensuring that artists, labels and publishers get paid fairly. It’s a great day for music fans all over the world.”

Dubset CEO Stephen White was equally enthusiastic about this development, saying, “Our technology platform makes it possible for us to identify and pay rights holders in DJ mixes, making this enormously popular music genre available on the world’s most popular streaming service for the very first time.  We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with the team at Spotify to deliver this content to music fans all over the world.” The mixes made possible by this deal should start popping up on Spotify later this year. Any DJs or remixers who want to avail themselves of this new opportunity should check the Dubset website for more info.

The Willers Brothers May 2016 DJ Chart

The Willers Brothers

  1. The Willers Brothers – “Can You Get Up” (Beste Freunde)
  2. Fedrico Molinari – “Tres Cuartos” (Apollonia)
  3. Martin Buttrich & Guti – “New Game” (Rhythm Assault)
  4. D’Julz – “Ze One” (Phonogramme)
  5. Brian Harden – “Elementary” (Father & Sons)
  6. Peter Berg – “Dansy” (The Willers Brothers Remix) (Lauter Unfug)
  7. Melchior Productions Ltd – “Meditation 5” (Perlon)
  8. Horshoe – “Collage” (Cabinet Records)
  9. John Dimas – “Atlantis” (Overall Music)
  10. Mike Huckaby – “Baseline 87” (SYNTH)

DJs, submit your top 10 chart along with a photo and we’ll publish.

Anna Wall May 2016 DJ Chart

anna wall

1 Floorplan – “Tell You No Lie” (M-Plant)
You can’t go wrong with a Robert Hood release. He’s been making hits since ’94 and is still on fire. This one will be sticking around for the summer for sure.

2 Justin Harris Feat. Blondewearingblack – “The Future Is Past” (Apollo)
I feel like I’ve been transported back into the ’80s/’90s when A Guy Called Gerald’s “Voodoo Ray” had been pressed and everyone was dancing around in the Hacienda. A future classic.

3 Corbi Feat. HYDE + SEEK – “Cosmo” (The Bricks)
Buzzing to have the beatsmith Corbi’s debut release kicking things off for my label, The Bricks. Corbi has some exciting projects in the pipeline, and you’ll be hearing Binky’s stunning vocals on many more records to come as the HYDE + SEEK fame rises.

4 Mr. Fingers – “Outer Acid” / “Qwazars” (Alleviated Records)
Beautiful and dreamy music from the legendary Larry Heard. His Alleviated releases always go like hot cakes, and I’m sill trying to get myself a copy. It’s sky high in my want list if anyone fancies giving me an early Christmas present!

5 Red D – “Into Darkness” (Freerange)
From one of Belgians finest, the label boss of We Play House Recordings and one half of FCL. Superb beats with a Jacob Korn remix to boot.

6 Recloose – “Honey Rocks” (Aus Music)
No one should forget Recloose — releases on Planet E, Peacefrog, Rush Hour Records, the list goes on. Very happy to see he’s still on our radar – this sweet little EP is a perfect selection for the summer time.

7 Laurence Guy – “Hutch” (Rose Records)
I’m a super-geek fan of all his productions. This one on the much coveted label Rose is a great addition to the DJ sets I’ve been playing lately.

8 GAPS – “A World Away” (Wax Wings Remix)
Deep, dark and luscious beats that we have come to know and love from Wax Wings. His release schedule is heating up and expect very big things over the coming months.

9 Fred Everything – “Her” (Atjazz Record Company)
For me he’s an unsung hero – the owner of Lazy Days Recordings with a substantial amount of flawless productions under his belt. This is a melodic masterpiece.

10 El_Txef_A – “Claim of Planet Earth” (El Txef A’s Tree Of Life) (Forbidden Colours)
This is one of the best end of the night stargazing / early morning misty sunrise tunes I’ve heard for a while.

DJs, submit your top 10 chart along with a photo and we’ll publish.

Pioneer Unveils CDJ-TOUR1 Multiplayer and DJM-TOUR1 Mixer for Arena-Ready Sound

pioneer DJ tour

As we start to approach the summer, with festival season so close you can smell that mix of sweat, beer, and weed in the air, Pioneer is rolling out the big guns with their CDJ-TOUR1 multiplayer and DJM-TOUR1 mixer. These bad boys are not for hobbyists or the faint of heart; they’re the kind of tools you take along with you if you’re rocking an arena-size stage or some similarly epic blowout. And Pioneer has put them together with exactly the sort of specs that are demanded for that kind of outsized undertaking.

Both the CDJ and the DJM sport an ESS 32-bit D/A converter to give you a big, crystal-clear sound. The DJM is the first mixer ever to offer the pro quality AES/EBU digital output for connecting straight to the FOH without sacrificing your sound. Throw in 13-inch full color touch screens, two independent headphone sections for separate monitoring and cuing, and a separate power supply circuit board to insure reduced noise, and you’re looking at a couple of powerful pieces of technology. So if you’re banging out beats big enough to move a massive crowd, you’ve got a new go-to setup. The CDJ-TOUR1 and DJM-TOUR1 will be available in July 2016 at SRPs of €4,999 ($5,589) and €5,999 ($6,705).

Premiere: Mars Bill – “Breath” (Shinedoe Remix)

Mars Bill Breath Shinedoe Remix

With a growing discography including productions for Suara, Intacto, Octopus and Loose Records, up-and-coming Naples-based techno troubadour Mars Bill (a.k.a. Mariano Sibilia) continues to bring the heat. May 29 sees the release of the DJ/producer’s Breath EP on Rino Cerrone and Mario Manganelli’s Unrilis Records. It’s a red-hot three-tracker that finds Sibilia exhibiting his evolving signature that’s informed by his ongoing DJ travels and studies at Conservatorio Statale Di Musica D. Cimarosa. He’s put the hard, pounding title track in the hands of formidable Amsterdam-based technocrat Shinedoe, who recasts “Breath” in a darker, synthier setting for a magnificent result. Listen below to the world premiere, and prepare to have your breath taken away.

Review: Basmala – s/t

Basmala album

4 Stars

While Basmala may be a new name to many, the man behind the alias, Hasan Atiq (who is formerly known as Autolect) has produced forward-thinking beats on a string of strong albums from the mid to late ’00s (one of which featured featured production from 9th Wonder). The producer/rapper/singer is back working under this new pseudonym with his self-titled album. Basmala shows that he is still innovative with his ideas and execution now as he was a decade ago. Taking cues from progressive jazz (check out “RNR” for proof) as well as ambitious hip-hop, the beatsmith has come up with something that’s futuristic sounding, spiritual and unique.

From the swirling opening track “Elastic” that sees him rapping under his Atiq moniker — he does so on several of the tracks on the album — to the laid-back but intense hip-hop of “Just Us” featuring Houston rapper Mumblz Medina and the sprawling trilogy of electronic tracks that feature so many beat-driven peaks and troughs that is “Hijaz Parts 1-3,” this is an immersive and varied aural experience from the start to finish.

Blending some stunning rapping from the aforementioned Atiq (which shows that the producer is as stone cold as a rapper as he is at making beats) and Mumblz Medina (who simply slays throughout the track he is featured on and delivers the killer line, “I’m not a fan of stop snitching, be a man, stand up for your fam and stop bitching”) as well as two killer cameos from rapper Mikial with beats that both encase themselves over your consciousness and make you nod your head to excess, Basmala manages to make an album that is both conscious and hardcore.

From the harsh narratives of “Just Us” and “The Griot” to the hazy “Warp Speed” that has elements of classic works by DJ Shadow to the sparse and heartbreaking void of “The Mount” via the immersive “Day One”, the anthemic “Chopa Sidi” and the closing trippiness of “Method,” it’s all here to be explored and enjoyed. Delve into the world of Basmala and prepare to take in a journey that you won’t forget.