DJ Chart: Emika’s Top 10 for January 2015


Emika’s Top 10 for January 2015

  1. DJ Haus – “Acid Bleep”
  2. Fiedel – “Sloth Moth”
  3. Bleaching Agent – “Elastique”
  4. Leigh Dickson – “Praise” (Baby Ford Remix)
  5. Jauzas The Shining & Victoria Lukas – “Cold Sweat” (Ekman Remix)
  6. Emika – “Dilo 12″
  7. Emika – “Dilo 11″
  8. Kassem Mosse / Simone White – “Flowers In May”
  9. Matrixxman – “Siamese Twins”
  10. The Techniques: “Travelling Man”

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Looking Back on 20 Years of Wiggle

wiggle - nathan coles, terry francis, eddie richards

Twenty or so years ago house music diehards Terry Francis, “Evil” Eddie Richards and Nathan Coles launched Wiggle at a disused garage in Camden. In 2015 they’re still making dance floors move and groove, steadfastly remaining true to their musical integrity by presenting quality parties in London and beyond in the face. What’s more is that they’ve done it in the face of too many fleeting musical fads and trends to remember.

Over the years a legion of likeminded jocks have graced their DJ booth — Layo & Bushwaka, Pure Science, Maetrik, Audiofly, Stacey Pullen and Abe Duque, to name a few — and that open-mindedness has helped earned them a diverse legion of fans.

In November the triumvirate celebrated Wiggle’s 20th anniversary by issuing a killer compilation, Wiggle For 20 Years, featuring exclusive tracks from notables including Just Be, Berkson & What, D’Julz and Jay Tripwire as well as selections from recent Wiggle guests Alex Arnout, Saytek and Dachshund. Incidentally, Wiggle’s long-standing, same-named imprint continues moving along nicely, releasing Bravofox’s Spyderman EP and Lo’s Rotating Planet EP in December.

After presenting a series of parties marking Wiggle’s major milestone, the threesome continue marching to their own beat. We asked Wiggle resident Nathan Cole to briefly look back on the past 20 years and ahead to the future.

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DJ Chart: Denite’s Top 10 for January 2015

Denite DJ Chart

Denite’s Top 10 for January 2015

  1. Aaryon – “Fairy Tales” (Steyoyoke)
  2. Alex Niggemann feat. Bon Homme – “Sorrow” (Watergate Records)
  3. Greg Pidcock – “Connected People” (Culprit)
  4. Electric G – “Welcome to Berlin” (The Liquid Mirror Remix) (Redlight Music)
  5. Boris – “In Da Houz” (Suara)
  6. Aidan Lavelle & Robbie Akbal feat. Shawni – “Stars” (Culprit)
  7. Denis Horvat ft Daniel Wilde – “In My Mind” (Noir Music)
  8. Jon Hatter – “The Reason I Believe” (Denite Remix) (Symmetric)
  9. Denite & The Liquid Mirror – “Together” (Diynamic Music)
  10. Hayden James – “Something About You” (Future Classic)

Release of the Moment: Ramiro Lopez & Arjun Vagle’s ‘Sleeze’ EP


Spanish DJ/producer Ramiro Lopez’s productions and remixes have been in heavy rotation here at Big Shot ever since he started infusing techno into is evolving sound. Last September R.Lo found time to mix an outstanding Big Shot Guest Mix (listen to it here), a 15-track session closing with Arjun Vagale’s “Total Recall” on Tronic. After revealing all those months ago that a collaboration with New Delhi-based Vagale was in the works for Monika Kruse’s Terminal M imprint, the Sleaze EP is finally here and it’s brilliant.

“Infinita” chugs along like a steamroller, flattening everything in its path, while “Sleaze” goes down deep and dirty. The Original Mix of “Prism” is as solid as they come, with Toronto’s The Junkies’ dark, menacing interpretation designed to make people in sweaty clubbers lose their freakin’ minds.

Here’s looking forward to future collaborations from this dynamic duo.

Ramiro Lopez & Arjun Vagle’s Sleaze EP is released in early February on Terminal M.

Video Premiere: Simion’s “Give You Love (The Piano)”


Rising German DJ/producer Simion is known for devastating dance floors and continually broadening his musical horizons, courtesy of his spate of knockout releases for Off Recordings and Hedonism Music. We’re thrilled to world premiere the music video for his brilliant new effort, “Give You Love (The Piano),” which will be released next month by esteemed Spanish DJ/producer Coyu’s Suara imprint.

The dazzling animated video brimming with colors and shapes was directed by Alpaca Animation from the Netherlands, a duo who Simion has worked with in the past. The Amsterdam creatives drew influence for the clip from An Optical Poem, a 1938 animation by Oscar Fischinger.

“I always love the style of their videos,” Simion tells us of the video for his future house anthem. “This is the third video we’ve done together and the more we work together the more excited I get. I love the images and colors they have used for this one. The whole thing fits together with the hypnotic feel of my track. It also reminds me visually of ’90s raves, which is great.”

Watch the video below, and pick up Simion’s latest and greatest release next week.

Simion’s “Give You Love (The Piano)” featuring remixes by Ninetoes and Dari D’Attis is released February 2 on Suara Music.

Danny Tenaglia Hopes to Produce Downtempo LP with Peter Daou


Back in October we Skyped with Danny Tenaglia about his rather brilliant Balance 025 mix CD. The release — his first DJ mix in six years — documents the legend’s gradual shift from the world of pumping house music to the subterranean world of techno. “I enjoyed doing this,” Tenaglia told us about the project. “I felt like it was reflective of recent travels and the new move.”

Our call with Danny Tenaglia was challenged by several technical glitches — Skype kept crashing for some reason — but Tenaglia was ever so patient. While going through some audio files we discovered a few moments toward the end of our conversation with Tenaglia which we thought hadn’t been recorded. Toward the end of our chat, I asked Tenaglia if he still had designs on producing another artist album. Tenaglia said he wasn’t interested in retreading the creative ground he explored on releases such as 1995’s Hard & Soul but shared, “I still have hopes and dreams that I’m going to make an album with Peter Daou.”

Those of a certain age and/or musical aptitude will know Daou for his wealth of brilliant work as a keyboardist back in the day, performing and engineering seminal Nu Groove Records cuts like Bobby Konders‘ “The Poem” and co-helming The Daou with former wife Vanessa. In fact, Tenaglia collaborated with The Daou on 1993’s “Give Myself To You” released on Tribal Records, a truly magical track.

Although Daou left the music business years ago to pursue a career as a political consultant and social advocate, Teanglia says he hopes that one day they’ll be able to work on an album project together.

“Oh my god…you’ve got to go to his blog or Facebook. He tweets all day! He went from music with Vanessa [Daou], then they split and he went to Wall Street and started working for John Kerry and Hillary Clinton,” Tenaglia said. “He told me I’d have to drag him back into [music], and he makes jokes about him being lost in all that.”

Does Tenaglia think Daou will ever come around one of these days, allowing an opportunity for them to collaborate on music?

“I really do,” Tenaglia said. “I think that was always in my heart — that I’d like to do [music] with him one day. I used to say back in the ’90s when Kruder & Dorfmeister were coming out, banging them left and right, I’d say, ‘Peter, one day we have to do something like this.’ My roots are soulful and funky, not necessarily rap, but I would love to try to create beats like this, similar to what I did on my album with ‘World of Plenty’ and use my educational library [a reference his vast musical knowledge] that’s stored up here to influence and play him stuff that I love. This time I just want to keep it downtempo, chill out but, of course, have stuff that’s capable of remixes if it lends itself. I think it will happen one day.”