DJ Chart: Avidus’ Top 10 for May 2015


Avidus’ Top 10 for May 2015

  1. Avidus – “Heptachord” (4/4 Version) (Empore Music)
  2. WhoMadeWho – “Yes” (Get Physical Music)
  3. Tiefschwarz – “Do Me” feat. Khan (Frank Wiedemann Remix) (Watergate Records)
  4. Robag Wruhme – “Volta Cobby” (Pampa Records)
  5. Lauer – “Mausback” (Permanent Vacation)
  6. Frankey & Sandrino – “Cephei” (Moodmusic)
  7. Daniel Bortz – “Hot In The Fridge” (Pasta Musik)
  8. Sven Weisemann – “Nijo” (Delsin Records)
  9. Mark King – “Water of Life” (Omar S Remix) (FXHE Records)
  10. Alan Fitzpatrick – “A Subtle Change” (Figure)

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UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Visits Tomorrowland


In his challenging position as Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon is a diplomat and advocate for world peace and the disenfranchised. Today Mr. Ban had an atypical day, which included a visit to Tomorrowland in Brussels, Belgium. There he met with Michiel and Manu Beers, the founder-brothers of Tomorrowland and TomorrowWorld.

During his visit Mr. Ban proclaimed “let’s work as one towards dignity for all,” a message that was engraved on a wooden board and mounted as part of One World Project, the 600 meter-long bridge at the recreational domain De Schorre, designed by Arne Quinze. The permanent bridge is also a piece of art within the Tomorrowland venue.

Kudos to Mr. Ban for making a symbolic gesture to young people and building a bridge with fans of DJ culture.

Obligatory press release gush from Ban Ki-moon: “Young people today are growing up in a world full of change. Tomorrowland demonstrates that it’s possible: tens of thousands of people coming together in peace and respect for one another to share a weekend. 210,000 messages from all over the world have been incorporated into the One World bridge and we are pleased that our message can be one of them. Let’s work as one towards dignity for all, a message for the People of Tomorrow and for all young people in the world.”

Obligatory press release gush from Michiel Beers, TomorrowWorld/Tomorrowland: “In the past 10 years, we have built a magical world in which everyone comes together in a spirit of positivity. Tomorrowland has become the world’s most international event and welcomes more different nationalities than the Olympic Games. We are now organising three “global gatherings” per year: one in Belgium, one in the USA and one in Brazil.”

Obligatory press release gush from Manu Beers, TomorrowWorld/Tomorrowland: “When we decided to design the bridge in honour of the 10th anniversary of the festival in collaboration with the province of Antwerp and Arne Quinze, as a permanent symbol of the annual gathering, we felt it was important for the entire world to be able to take part. The One World bridge now displays 210,000 positive messages from everyone from our neighbours in Boom, Belgium to faraway friends in Australia. We are very honoured to receive the contribution from the Secretary-General of the United Nations and we intend to continue to spread this message for many years to come.”

DJ Chart: Gimmix’s Top 10 for May 2015


Gimmix’s Top 10 for May 2015

  1. Glenn Astro – “Users Guide To” (WotNot Music)
  2. Throwing Snow – “Paint By Numbers” (Houndstooth)
  3. Frits Wentink – “Glints” (Wolf Music)
  4. Jungle – “Busy Earnin'” (Special Request Remix) (XL)
  5. Lapalux – “Don’t Mean A Thing” (Ninja Tune)
  6. Insightful – “The Energy In The Sheds” (Insightful)
  7. YOUANDEWAN – “Isabel” (Aus Music)
  8. Bok Bok & Sweyn Jupiter – “Papaya Lipgloss” (Night Slugs)
  9. Submerse – “Trip” (Project Mooncirle)
  10. Nosaj Thing feat. Chance The Rapper – “Cold Stares” (Innovative Leisure)

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Listen to Disclosure’s New Single, “Holding On”

Disclosure Las Vegas

Those who were curious what Disclosure has been up to recently got a hint via the single “Bang That,” but now there’s a new sonic development that will be even more important to Disclosure fans: the first song to be released from the duo’s forthcoming second album. “Holding On” hails from the pair’s follow-up to their smash 2013 debut album, Settle. Naturally, it won’t be easy following in the footsteps of a record that took the world by storm and introduced the public not only to the British duo of Guy and Howard Lawrence but also to soon-to-be superstar Sam Smith, whose guest appearance on “Latch” was the singer’s first taste of fame.

While Smith isn’t around for the new tune, “Holding On” features a guest vocalist who’s just as impressive in his own way. Soul-jazz singer Gregory Porter lends his lungs to the tune, and his powerfully husky tones imbue the track with something organic and rather special. And Disclosure’s return isn’t restricted to the recording studio, either. They’ll be appearing at the Parklife festival on June 6 as well as their own Wild Life festival on June 7, and it probably wouldn’t be out of order to expect “Holding On” to pop up in their set list.

Image by David Becker

Premiere: Haioka – ‘From Ash Hill’ LP


When legendary hip-hop DJ/producer DJ Krush performed traditional Japanese court music known as gagaku at last year’s Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo, little did the turntable icon know that one of the Academy’s attendees, the Tokyo-based Japanese electronic music producer Shintaro Haioka, was working along similar creative lines.

Like Krush, Haioka sees endless musical possibilities in fusing contemporary sounds — synths, drum machines and vocals) with traditional Japanese instrumentation. The result of his exploits can be heard on his elegant full-length debut, From Ash Hill, which finds the Red Bull Music Academy alum blending a variety of sounds and sonic textures.

Haioka’s full-length arrives after a series of EPs for the forward-thinking Berlin-based label Emerald & Doreen, and it’s certainly not one to miss.

Listen to the exclusive world premiere of From Ash Hill in its entirety below.

Haioka’s From Ash Hill is released May 29 on Emerald & Doreen.

QBert’s Tiny Chip Replaces Laptops for DJ’s


In technology, as ideas get bigger and bigger, the hardware becomes smaller and smaller. The Edison microprocessor is a perfect example of that process. In a collaboration between his own company, Thud Rumble, and Intel, noted turntablist QBert, whose sleeve of his recent Extraterrestria LP doubled as a DJ controller, created the Edison to take the place of a laptop in the modern DJ’s set-up. The device is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but its optimized technology is powerful and smart enough to work as an interface with turntables, synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, and whatever else the DJ dares to throw at it.

Besides making a DJ’s gear a hell of a lot more portable, it could also turn out to be the great equalizer in terms of making DJ equipment more universally accessible.

Those who might have balked at the extra expense incurred by bringing a laptop into their set-up will now have a much more affordable alternative (the Edison goes for about $55). So ultimately, it puts more power in the hands of the people.