5 Reasons Eats Everything’s “Dancing (Again!)” Video is Awesome


The music video for “Dancing (Again!)” by England’s Daniel Pearce, a.k.a. Eats Everything, has almost as much going for it as the song itself. But at some point you’ve got to put a cap on your tally, so for convenience’s sake, we’ve narrowed our appreciation of it down to simply the five most essential qualities.

1. Living the Dream
The clip basically consists of two young ladies letting loose at night in a Costco-esque big-box store, as they proceed to whatever they damn well please all throughout the establishment. And let’s face it, who among us hasn’t dreamed of doing that when were stuck in the muck of some drudgery-laden, dead-end job?

2. The Star Wars Factor
Who hasn’t had the slightest propensity toward geeking out Star Wars style? Your humble correspondent here feels no shame about having owned a lovely light saber as an adolescent, and it’s still a thrill to see these gals waving those futuristic foils about.

3. Rave On
You’ve got to give it up for anybody who’s willing to give a good-hearted nod to rave culture, even (or especially) in the goofiest manner possible. So it’s hard to suppress a smile when the glowsticks get pulled out here.

4. The CosPlay Connection
If you can’t get a jolt out of seeing two grown women parading around in an empty store at night sporting full-on Batman and Robin costumes, then please contact your nearest undertaker, or have your loved ones do so for you.

5. Sisters Sticking it to The Man
In addition to all of the aforementioned assets, this video also offers the simple joy of watching two young women gleefully defying authority, in the most imaginative and ingratiating ways possible. Who could ever hate on that?

Premiere: Jamie Anderson & Owain K – “Just a Groove”

JamieAnderson_Owain K

Jamie Anderson and Owain K share several things with each other. In addition to having a Bristol background (by way of West London in Anderson’s case), their DJ skills are informed by an eclectic sensibility that encompasses everything from house to jazz and funk. And they happen to have a certain magic when they work together in the studio.

Anderson, who has been plying his trade since the early ’90s, makes his home in Berlin these days, from which he runs the Artform and Arthouse imprints, among other ventures, but he still finds time for collaborations with K. The latest fruit of the pair’s meeting of the minds is the Just Grooves EP. Over the course of its quartet of tracks, the duo covers tech-house, drum ‘n’ bass, deep house, Chicago flavors and more. The sleek, deep, bottom-heavy “Just a Groove,” with its dubby production moves and sinuous beats, makes for an attractive teaser for the rest of the four-tracker.

Go and check out the world premiere of the title track by hitting the play button right now.

Just Grooves is out October 16 on Dessous Recordings.

Secluded’s Top 10 for October 2015


  1. TWR72 – “Reflect” (Developer Remix) (Float)
  2. Secluded – “Embrace” (Secluded)
  3. Rebekah – “Resolution” (Cult Figures)
  4. Hans Bouffmyhre – “Absorbing” (Flash)
  5. The Welderz – “Sweep” (Sleaze)
  6. Hans Bouffmyhre – “Step Back” (Decoy)
  7. Trevino – “Eclipse” (Klockworks)
  8. Secluded – “Feeling” (Secluded)
  9. SP-X – “Spectrum Drift” (Time To Express)
  10. Gareth Wild – “MSK” (Ear To Ground)

DJs, submit your top 10 chart along with a photo and we’ll publish them.

Premiere: Introverted Dancefloor – Deconstructed Mixes


New Zealand’s Bevan Smith, who has played with Ruby Suns and worked on his own under the monikers Signer and Aspen, has a new, self-titled album out now on Carpark Records as Introverted Dancefloor. On it, Smith cooks up an idiosyncratic blend of indie-pop, electro, techno, leftfield, and more. He employed a minimalist modus operandi during production by restricting his instrumental arsenal to just two synths, a mic, a filter and an effects processor. But given that, the tracks he came up with seem surprisingly atmospheric. And here, for the first time, you can soak up some alternate variations on a trio of tracks from the album, which offer a kind of funhouse-mirror view of what Introverted Dancefloor might have been like in some parallel universe.

Pär Grindvik’s Top 10 for October 2015

Par Grindvik

  1. Savas Pascalidis – “Abyss” (I/Y)
  2. Paul Mac – “Archive Vol. 7″ (Stimulus)
  3. The Persuader – “Parabel #3″ (Parabel)
  4. Knowone – “LP3″ (Knowone)
  5. Helena Hauff – “Silver Sand & Boxes of Mould” (Ninja Tune)
  6. Surgeon – “Unreleased Tracks” (SRX)
  7. Peder Mannerfelt – “Set it Off” (UH)
  8. Par Grindvik – “M.I.L.Y.” (Medellin LTD)
  9. Gary Beck – “Cheeky Lemon” (Unreleased)
  10. Dave Angel – “Catch 1″ (Rotation)

DJs, submit your top 10 chart along with a photo and we’ll publish them.

Kraftwerk Meets The Belleville Three in Detroit


No, it’s not some sort of musical fairytale or geeky daydream, it actually happened just a couple of days ago. German synth sultans Kraftwerk, had a face-to-face encounter with the holy trinity of Detroit techno, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May and Juan Atkins, popularly known as The Belleville Three. Kraftwerk, who are on tour in America, had come to the Motor City to perform at the Masonic Temple Theatre. But apparently, after they rearranged the heads of many Detroit fans with their performance, there was still more excitement to come.

An after-party took place at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, and Saunderson, Atkins and May mixed it up with Ralf Hütter and others, making for a historic moment in electronic music. It’s the sort of what-if moment that’s probably been imagined by fans millions of times, but there it was real as life. Now if only it were possible to convince the two crews to make a record together!