Hybrasil October 2018 Chart


  1. Truncate – Sparse – Sleaze Records
  2. Hybrasil – Lady Nada – Break New Soil
  3. Hydergine – Diving Alone (Iori remix) – Dreiklang
  4. Matuss, Sisabuc – Fresh – Absence Seizure
  5. Audiokern – Sorry (Tobias remix) – Klangkeller Records
  6. Theus Mago & Local Suicide – Komm Ins Loch (Aera remix) – DURO
  7. Hybrasil – Bunsen Burner – Hydrozoa
  8. Altrd Being – Reason Cuatro – Ascetic Limited
  9. Christine Benz – Vader Mood – Micro.fon
  10. Cari Lekebusch – Holographic – Sleaze Records

DJs, submit your top 10 chart along with a photo and we’ll publish.

Pioneer DJ Adds Bluetooth Tech to HDJ-X5BT Headphones

Pioneer HDJ-X5BT

Today Pioneer DJ announced the upcoming release of their HDJ-X5BT DJ headphones. The model improves upon the popular and affordable HDJ-X5 model by adding Bluetooth wireless technology that’s perfect for listening to music on the go. According to Pioneer, a three-hour charge provides about 20 hours of playback. What’s more is that the headphones are bundled with a cable, allowing DJs to plug in when they’re behind the decks at the club.

The over-the-ear headphones will be available in three colors: X5BT-K (metallic black), HDJ-X5BT-R (metallic red) and HDJ-X5BT-W (gloss white).

The HDJ-X5BT headphones hits stores in early November and will set you back around $149. Check the specs and promo video below. Continue Reading

Sasha and La Fleur Unite for the Collab of the Moment

Sasha and La Fleur

Little did Swedish DJ/producer La Fleur know that when she approached Sasha a few years ago about producing tracks for his revered Last Night On Earth label that she’d someday collaborate with him on “Förbindelse.” (Watch a clip of her playing the track at Melt! Festival in Germany.)

“When I first approached Sasha to present some music for his label I couldn’t have dreamt he would suggest a collab together!” says La Fleur, who made her LNOE debut in 2015 and remixed “Trigonometry” for Sasha last year. “It was a great honor to say yes to the challenge. It has taken some time and a lot of drafts going back and forth to end up with this track together, when it just felt right.”

She adds, “As the track name suggests, our ‘connection’ (in Swedish, ‘Förbindelse,’) made us start and finish this project. We are very happy that we can now share this with you.”

The release is slated to drop on October 26 and includes a solo track from La Fleur, “Rooned.”

Sasha and La Fleur Förbindelse

SoundCloud Expands Monetization Program for Indie Artist Subscribers


Here’s some good news for independent artists. SoundCloud has announced it’s expanding its direct monetization program, SoundCloud Premier, which launched four years ago.

Previously an invite-only program, the program is now available to SoundCloud Pro and Pro Unlimited subscribers with “eligible content,” at no additional cost. SoundCloud is inviting creators with 5,000 plays in the past month in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands or New Zealand to participate, with plans to grow the program over time.

There are a few more caveats: Artists must be over 18 and only publish original material to be part of the program. Oh, they can’t have any copyright infringement claims against them.

Obligatory press release gush from SoundCloud CEO Kerry Trainor: “SoundCloud is the world’s largest open audio platform, with content from more than 20 million creators. Expanding SoundCloud Premier’s direct monetization offering from thousands, to hundreds of thousands of eligible creators is an exciting step in our commitment to empowering as many creators as possible to grow their careers first on SoundCloud.”