DJ Elroy May 2017 Chart


  1. Triple Letter – “Sinister” (Doppelgaenger)
  2. Ryan Davis & LMNSKT – “Hadron” (Aparde Remix) (Klangwelt)
  3. Nick Warren & Guy Mantzur – “Sad Robot” (D-Nox & Beckers RMX) (Bedrock)
  4. Phunklife & Alex O’Rion – “Do It Twice” (Emi Galvan RMX) (ICONYC)
  5. Randweg – “Wokules Waltzer” (t’s S612 RMX) (Funken)
  6. Max Cooper – “Organa” (Patrice Bäumel RMX) (Mesh)
  7. Dennis Cruz – “Feeling High” (Pawsa RMX) (Suruba X)
  8. Alphonse – “Glint AM” (DJ Normal 4 Remix) (Emotional Especial)
  9. The Timewriter & Sid Thomson – “Life is Just a Timeless Motion” (Plastic City)
  10. Blond:ish & Shawni – “Wizard of Love” (Modular Project RMX) (Rebirth)

DJs, submit your top 10 chart along with a photo and we’ll publish.

Marc Romboy Reconstructs Debussy


On July 7 Systematic label boss Marc Romboy will present Reconstructing Debussy (Hyperharmonic), a live, one-take recording of a performance with the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra on December 12, 2016, featuring keyboardist Ali Khalaj and conductor Ingo-Martin Stadtmüller.

Romboy, a longtime devote of Debussy who has released top-notch collaborations with KiNK, Blake Baxter and Robert Owens, edited, remixed and reconstructed several works of his favorite French composer, ranging from “La mer” to “Prélude à l´après-midi d´un faune.”

His ambitious effort falls in line with electronic-music producers such as Jeff Mills and Goldie also collaborating with orchestras in recent years.

Obligatory press release gush from Romboy about the project:

“One sentence of Claude Debussy has impressed me a lot. And this is when he said that he was always curious and keen to explore new and unheard compositions and sounds. When Debussy visited the World Expo in Paris in 1889 he was fascinated by the pentatonic scaled Gamelan music from Java which was presented at the pavilion of Indonesia. Inspired by this he included a lot of influences into his own music notations.

“And this reflects exactly my philosophy when it comes to making my own music. As soon as I have begun to focus on Debussy’s music I instantly realized how different he was compared to other famous composers of the history. Also the usage of parallel chord figures and bitonality were remarkable attributes of Debussy’s music and this, let’s call it freedom of musical expression was the aspect which brought me to the conclusion that I have found a soul mate. And when I jammed with sound samples, notations and fragments of “La mer” I could step by step anticipate his urge to push the boundaries of musical rules. At some point I was aware of the fact that I could be able to create a bow between his original work and my contemporary style.”

Marcus Intalex (a.k.a. Trevino) Passes Away

Marcus Intalex

The global dance music scene is reeling from the news that DJ/producer Marcus Kaye, who crafted drum ‘n’ bass tracks as Marcus Intalex and house/techno under his Trevino moniker, passed away yesterday in Manchester, England.

The cause of death is not yet known at this time.

In addition to producing a mountain of classic tracks and remixes, he was founder of the Soul:R, Revolve:R, and Birdie recording labels.

Kaye’s illustrious career began in 1991. Originally a house DJ, he entered the world of drum ‘n’ bass during its infancy in the early ’90s. He went on to help pioneer intelligent drum ‘n’ bass, a style that blended atmospheric sounds, and was one of the first artists signed to Hospital Records. Years later, he adopted his Trevino alias to serve as the moniker for his incredible techno and house sets and productions. In 2016, he released a full-length Trevino album, Front, on Hotflush.

Before he retweet MC DRS’ thoughts on the recent terrorist attack in Manchester. It matched Kaye’s character to a tee: “Be safe this weekend people. Share moments with loved ones and total strangers. It’s the things we do in times of great loss that define us.”

More as this story develops.

Premiere: Alessandro Diga – “The Peaks”


Last November Paul Hazendonk’s Manual Music celebrated its 200th release courtesy of the Dutch master’s three-track Sanction EP (which incidentally featured sublime remixes by Hernan Cattaneo and Martin Garcia). Though Hazendonk’s imprint has attained an incredible milestone, he’s refused to rest on his laurels. In fact, he’s doubled down on releasing top-quality tracks that epitomize the label’s deep, highly melodic ethos.

In keeping with Hazendonk’s ongoing efforts to shine the spotlight on rising talent, next month Manual Music will present Alessandro Diga’s majestic debut album, Figments Of My Imagination. On the spectacular full-length Diga, who also hails from Holland, crafts a bespoke selection of glistening cuts full of warm bass, fluid drums and cascading melodies.

We’re pleased to world premiere “The Peaks” from the upcoming LP. Get a first listen to the track below and be on the lookout for limited-edition CD copies of the album being pressed for release.

Premiere: Coşkun Akmeriç feat. Soyut Boyut – Slow Burning (Original Mix)


You Are Istanbul #1, an upcoming compilation from Istanbul-based High Above The Ground featuring contributions from Koray T, Eren Erdol, and Gadi Mitrani, shines the spotlight on underground dance-music producers from Turkey’s capital. Though the country has been in the news for not the best of reasons as of late, the collection educates us on a contingent of hard-working producers who are innovating and doing their share to add new wrinkles to the fabric of dance music.

We’re pleased to world premiere Coşkun Akmeriçs collaboration with electronic/jazz trio Soyut Boyut called “Slow Burning.” The track is a delirious slice of techy, offbeat and hypnotic manna that left us wanting to hear more after each listen.

Says Coşkun of the collaboration: “I feel that this is the track that brings together all the weird sounds and abstract noises in my head. This one is and will always be a special for me.”

Listen below to the aptly-titled “Slow Burning” and explore the full release on June 13.

Christian Vlad 5 Tracks of the Moment


Mustachioed Milan mixmaster Christian Vlad recently teamed up with Chicago-based vocalist Andrea Love to forge the rousing piano-house cut “Elevation.” Released on Get Twisted — the unstoppable house imprint helmed by London-based DJ/producer duo Alex and Stef of Tough Love — their collaboration is one of the feel-good dance floor jams of the year.

Vlad has been deep in the mix since the mid-’90s, DJing, touring in Switzerland and Spain and holding down residencies in Italy. Back in 2010 he made his debut with a co-production with Simon De Jano called “Zebra” in 2010. He’s been slowly and carefully crafting his style, opting to take a less is more approach. But with this heater is getting lots of love from the likes of UMEK, MAKJ, EDX, Jus Jack, Simon De Jano & Madwill, and Federico Scavo, we’re hoping for a follow-up release sooner than later.

Below Vlad takes a few moments out of his day to wax poetic about fresh tracks currently dominating his DJ sets. Continue Reading