Eelke Kleijn 5 Tracks of the Moment

Eelke Kleijn

Fans of deep, melodic electronica and cinematic progressive house rejoice. Rotterdam-based DJ/producer/composer Eelke Kleijn has just released his third full-length album, Moments of Clarity, via his own imprint DAYS like NIGHTS imprint/event series.

Picking up where he left off on 2010’s Untold Stories (Manual Music), Kleijn’s latest long-player is a testament to his musical maturation. A classically trained pianist who has cast a musical net that extends to doing sound design work to movie scores for Hollywood, Moments of Clarity could be his most organic work to date.

Ahead of upcoming gigs in Turkey, Sweden, Indonesia and Argentina, the Dutch master shares his favorite tracks of the moment. Continue Reading

Fernanda Martins November 2018 Chart

Fernanda Martins

  1. Red Rooms – Ghost (Jan Fleck RMX) (New Port)
  2. Jeroen Search – Rubidium (Figure)
  3. Linkan Ray – Planes (Be As One)
  4. Wisna – After The Ground (Devotion Records)
  5. Torix More – Hybris (DNA_rec)
  6. Dave Simon – Harmonicum (ODD Recordings)
  7. Hanubis – Abstract Process (91 Records)
  8. Echologist, Matrixxman – Shell Shock (Planet Rhythm)
  9. Michel Lauriola – Phoneme (Affekt Recordings)
  10. Fernanda Martins & Matt Minimal – Rampant (Perfekt Groove Recordings)

DJs, submit your top 10 chart along with a photo and we’ll publish.

Ultra Music Festival Moving to Virginia Key

Ultra Music Festival 2014 rave girls

After getting kicked out of Miami’s Bayfront Park, where it had held court since 2001, Ultra Music Festival has been granted permission by Miami City Commissioners to relocate to Virginia Key Beach.

Despite protests from local residents and politicians including Key Biscayne Mayor Michael Davey, the commission voted 4-1 to allow Ultra to be held March 29-31, 2019 outside Marine Stadium and in Virginia Key Beach Park.

Previously, Rapture Electronic Music Festival had advertised its two-day 2019 edition over the same weekend on the same site. In response, Rapture organizers organized a No to Ultra petition the day before the hearing, to no avail.

While Commissioner Joe Carollo had argued vehemently for a flat $2 million payment, in the end Ultra promoters will pay the city of Miami $1.4 million to rent the key for the weekend. UMF also agreed to spend millions more on environmental safeguards and public safety. Continue Reading

Depeche Mode Just Can’t Get Enough

depechemode_Anton Corbijn

For issue 27 of our print edition published in the spring of 2009, I met up with Depeche Mode in NYC. The trio was assembled to promote their latest album, Sounds of the Universe. The full-length featured a slew of singles including “Wrong,” “Peace” and “Perfect” and received a positive reception from critics. Here’s my conversation with Andrew Fletcher and Martin Gore about producing their twelfth album, sobriety, choosing a set list and the unexpected benefits of Dave Gahan’s solo career.

If you think that veteran electronic act Depeche Mode are a bunch of Debbie Downers, think again. Sitting in a swank New York hotel room with Andrew Fletcher and Martin Gore (singer Dave Gahan is on his mobile taking care of some business in the lobby) a few weeks before the release of Sounds of the Universe, the Mode say the public perception about them is sometimes a bit off.

“In our own country, England, we’ve always been known as sort of gloomy and doomy,” says Andrew Fletcher. “A lot of DJs used to play up on that especially on our single ‘Enjoy the Silence.’ [Sings a scary melody] WOOOO-HHH-HAAAAA.” Continue Reading