Rhadow July 2018 Chart


  1. NTFO – Planetarium – Sintope
  2. ICS – Trick – Sintope
  3. Parallax Deep – Decending – 10 Years
  4. Sun Archive – Street Feel – Politics Of Dancing
  5. Remus – Ever (Michael James Remix) – Sintope Limited
  6. Carebears – B1 Carebears 202 – Carebears
  7. Kerouac & Smile – Ghost Dog – White
  8. Vincent Casanova – Crossing Oceans – Psicodelica
  9. Brawther – Flow – Negentropy
  10. Misha Blanos – The Airlock – Remus Edit

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Steve Mulder July 2018 Chart

Steve Mulder

  1. Christopher Coe – Let It Go (Steve Mulder Remix) (Awesome Soundwave)
  2. SAMA – The Beholder (Original Mix) (Kraftek)
  3. D.Mongelos – Gravity (Original Mix) (Orange Recordings)
  4. Torsten Kanzler – Iron (Steve Mulder Remix) (TKR)
  5. Balthazar & Jackrock – Physical Addiction (Original Mix) (Suara)
  6. Ramon Tapia – Club Pirate (Vinicius Honorio Rework) (Underground Audio)
  7. Wehbba – Catarse (Original Mix) (Drumcode)
  8. Danny Fontana, Lazar (IT) – Eclipse (Mars Bill Remix) (Orange Recordings)
  9. JSPR – Build Your Walls Around Me (Second State)
  10. UMEK – Amnesiac (Original Mix) (Filth On Acid)

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Punu July 2018 Chart


  1. Punu – Leviathan (Asymmetric Dip)
  2. Sam Shure – Theben (Stil Vor Talent)
  3. Punu – Scanners (Sintope Digital)
  4. Luis Junior – This is Now (Monaberry)
  5. Konstantin Sibold – Cyclone (Afterlife)
  6. Gui Boratto feat. BT – Hallucination (Kompakt)
  7. Myazisto – Emotional Blackmail (Stay True Sounds)
  8. Shimza – All Alone feat Argento Dust (MITH)
  9. Afriqua – Melamed (R&S Records)
  10. Darlyn Vlys – Faux Semblants (Upon You)

DJs, submit your top 10 chart along with a photo and we’ll publish.

5 Best Record Stores in Hong Kong, Singapore & Bangkok You Must Shop At, According to Blood Wine or Honey

White Noise Records Kowloon

Hong Kong-based electronic outfit Blood Wine or Honey — multi-instrumentalist/vocalist James Banbury (synths, bass, cello), Shane Aspegren (drums, synths, electronics), and Joseph von Hess (saxophone, wind instruments, percussion, etc) — champion a gloriously eclectic musical ethos.

After dropping their 2017 jam “Anxious Party People” (Plastic Pagan), they caused a stir on global dance floors. The trio channeled their anything-goes creativity into their recently released debut album, Fear & Celebration (Do Right Music), which incorporates styles including Afrobeat, soul and electro.

With so many genres of music influencing their percussion-driven sound, we asked the HK-based threesome to share some of their favorite spots to buy music. Continue Reading