Premiere: Scintii – Times New Roman (Palmistry Remix)


Those who watched Boiler Room’s Streaming from Isolation series will remember a captivating set from rising Shanghai-based Taiwanese singer/DJ/producer Stella Chung (a.k.a. Scintii).

During a 30-minute set, Chung, who performed flanked by a row of mannequins, presented her burgeoning electronic-fueled oeuvre drawing upon releases on Eternal Dragonz and SVBKVLT.

Ahead of the October 2 release of Chung’s Times New Roman EP — her debut on Houndstooth realized with guest producer Danny L Harle (PC Music, Charli XCX) — we’re thrilled to world premiere a cracking remix of the title track reimagined by Palmistry (a.k.a. Benjy Keating).

The South London-based singer/producer’s re-rub launches the post-pop song into an orbit of pitched-up (and slowed-down) helium-fueled vocals, glimmering synths and a rollercoaster of beats, breaks and basslines.

Hit the play button below and enjoy.

Image by Hailun Ma

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Brian Eno’s ‘Film Music 1976-2020’ Features Film & TV Work


Film Music 1976-2020, a 17-track compilation of electronic music pioneer Brian Eno’s compositions for film and television, will be released digitally on November 13, 2020, and on double-LP and 1CD on January 22, 2021.

The compendium spans the prolific master’s work over the past five decades (he’s composed hundreds of tracks for the big and small screen during his career), including classic selections such as “Late Evening In Jersey” from Michael Mann’s Heat and “Final Sunset” from Sebastiane.

In other Eno news, he’s signed up to take part in Earopener, a new online music masterclass series, presented by composer Paul Clark.

Film Music 1976-2020 Track-list:

  1. “Top Boy (Theme)” from Top Boy – Series 1, directed by Yann Demange, 2011
  2. “Ship In A Bottle” from The Lovely Bones, directed by Peter Jackson, 2009
  3. “Blood Red” from Francis Bacon’s Arena, directed by Adam Low, 2005
  4. “Under” from Cool World, directed by Ralph Bakshi, 1992
  5. “Decline And Fall” from O Nome da Morte, directed by Henrique Goldman, 2017
  6. “Prophecy Theme” from Dune, directed by David Lynch, 1984
  7. “Reasonable Question” from We Are As Gods, directed by David Alvarado / Jason Sussberg, 2020
  8. “Late Evening In Jersey” from Heat, directed by Michael Mann, 1995
  9. “Beach Sequence” from Beyond The Clouds, directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, 1995
  10. “You Don’t Miss Your Water” from Married to the Mob, directed by Jonathan Demme, 1988
  11. “Deep Blue Day” from Trainspotting, directed by Danny Boyle, 1996
  12. “The Sombre” from Top Boy – Series 2, directed by Jonathan van Tulleken, 2013
  13. “Dover Beach” from Jubilee, directed by Derek Jarman, 1978
  14. “Design as Reduction” from Rams, directed by Gary Hustwit, 2018
  15. “Undersea Steps” from Hammerhead, directed by George Chan, 2004
  16. “Final Sunset” from Sebastiane, directed by Derek Jarman, 1976
  17. “An Ending (Ascent)” from For All Mankind, directed by Al Reinert, 1989

Film Music 1976-2020

At Last! Beatport Recognizes Dance-Pop As a Genre


While DJs have been able to find some fairly niche categories on Beatport, dance-pop (or electro-pop) has always been served short shrift from the service — until now.

After expanding its techno category in february to include Techno [Peak Time/Driving/Hard] and Techno [Raw/Deep/Hypnotic], the U.S. based online music store will now include dance-pop as a genre category.

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Obligatory press release gush from Raphael Pujol, Head of Curation: “It’s always a great feeling when the community embraces the changes and improvements we want to make on our store. Much of the modern Electro Pop has been archived into Electronica over the years. Now, we’re expanding the scope of Dance to give this sound a proper home. We are very happy to bring Electro Pop on board as the amalgamation of electronic dance music and Pop has become increasingly evident over the years, with dance-oriented music entering the mainstream.”

Obligatory press release gush from TOKiMONSTA (pictured above): “I’m happy to see Beatport expand their categories to be more inclusive of styles of music that can’t easily be searched.”

To promote the addition of the new category to its store, Beatport is planning to host a global dance-pop live stream event on Twitch in the coming weeks.

Image via Facebook

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